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From the Director of the Folger Shakespeare Library

It is hard to imagine a world without Shakespeare. Since their composition four hundred years ago, Shakespeare’s plays and poems have traveled the globe, inviting those who see and read his works to make them their own.

Readers of the New Folger Editions are part of this ongoing process of “taking up Shakespeare,” finding our own thoughts and feelings in language that strikes us as old or unusual and, for that very reason, new. We still struggle to keep up with a writer who could think a mile a minute, whose words paint pictures that shift like clouds. These expertly edited texts are presented to the public as a resource for study, artistic adaptation, and enjoyment. By making the classic texts of the New Folger Editions available in electronic form as Folger Digital Texts, we place a trusted resource in the hands of anyone who wants them.

The New Folger Editions of Shakespeare’s plays, which are the basis for the texts realized here in digital form, are special because of their origin. The Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC, is the single greatest documentary source of Shakespeare’s works. An unparalleled collection of early modern books, manuscripts, and artwork connected to Shakespeare, the Folger’s holdings have been consulted extensively in the preparation of these texts. The Editions also reflect the expertise gained through the regular performance of Shakespeare’s works in the Folger’s Elizabethan Theater.

I want to express my deep thanks to editors Barbara Mowat and Paul Werstine for creating these indispensable editions of Shakespeare’s works, which incorporate the best of textual scholarship with a richness of commentary that is both inspired and engaging. Readers who want to know more about Shakespeare and his plays can follow the paths these distinguished scholars have tread by visiting the Folger either in-person or online, where a range of physical and digital resources exists to supplement the material in these texts. I commend to you these words, and hope that they inspire.

Michael Witmore
Director, Folger Shakespeare Library

Textual Introduction
By Barbara Mowat and Paul Werstine

Until now, with the release of the Folger Digital Texts, readers in search of a free online text of Shakespeare’s plays had to be content primarily with using the Moby™ Text, which reproduces a late-nineteenth century version of the plays. What is the difference? Many ordinary readers assume that there is a single text for the plays: what Shakespeare wrote. But Shakespeare’s plays were not published the way modern novels or plays are published today: as a single, authoritative text. In some cases, the plays have come down to us in multiple published versions, represented by various Quartos (Qq) and by the great collection put together by his colleagues in 1623, called the First Folio (F). There are, for example, three very different versions of Hamlet, two of King Lear, Henry V, Romeo and Juliet, and others. Editors choose which version to use as their base text, and then amend that text with words, lines or speech prefixes from the other versions that, in their judgment, make for a better or more accurate text.

Other editorial decisions involve choices about whether an unfamiliar word could be understood in light of other writings of the period or whether it should be changed; decisions about words that made it into Shakespeare’s text by accident through four hundred years of printings and misprinting; and even decisions based on cultural preference and taste. When the Moby™ Text was created, for example, it was deemed “improper” and “indecent” for Miranda to chastise Caliban for having attempted to rape her. (See The Tempest, 1.2: “Abhorred slave,/Which any print of goodness wilt not take,/Being capable of all ill! I pitied thee…”). All Shakespeare editors at the time took the speech away from her and gave it to her father, Prospero.

The editors of the Moby™ Shakespeare produced their text long before scholars fully understood the proper grounds on which to make the thousands of decisions that Shakespeare editors face. The Folger Library Shakespeare Editions, on which the Folger Digital Texts depend, make this editorial process as nearly transparent as is possible, in contrast to older texts, like the Moby™, which hide editorial interventions. The reader of the Folger Shakespeare knows where the text has been altered because editorial interventions are signaled by square brackets (for example, from Othello: “square bracketIf she in chains of magic were not bound,square bracket”), half-square brackets (for example, from Henry V: “With half-square bracketbloodhalf-square bracket and sword and fire to win your right,”), or angle brackets (for example, from Hamlet: “O farewell, honest angle bracketsoldier.angle bracket Who hath relieved/you?”). At any point in the text, you can hover your cursor over a bracket for more information.

Because the Folger Digital Texts are edited in accord with twenty-first century knowledge about Shakespeare’s texts, the Folger here provides them to readers, scholars, teachers, actors, directors, and students, free of charge, confident of their quality as texts of the plays and pleased to be able to make this contribution to the study and enjoyment of Shakespeare.


Cymbeline, which takes place in ancient Britain, is filled with hidden identities, extraordinary schemes, and violent acts. Long ago, the two sons of King Cymbeline were abducted, leaving Cymbeline with a daughter, Imogen. Cymbeline’s stepson, Cloten, is now his heir, and Cymbeline expects Imogen to marry him. She secretly marries Posthumus Leonatus instead.

Banished from court, Posthumus makes a foolish bet on Imogen’s chastity, which leads to false evidence that she has betrayed him. He plots to have her killed, and starts by sending her on a journey. Meanwhile, still angry about Imogen’s marriage, Cloten plans to find and rape her.

Imogen—now disguised as a boy, “Fidele”—unwittingly encounters her brothers, who have grown up in a mountain cave unaware of their princely origins. The brothers kill Cloten, but Imogen, horrified, believes they have slain Posthumus.

Cymbeline, meanwhile, refuses to pay a tribute to the Romans, who invade Britain. After the Romans are repelled in battle, Cymbeline agrees to the tribute, his sons are restored, and Imogen and Posthumus are reconciled.

Characters in the Play
Cymbeline, King of Britain
Cymbeline’s Queen
Imogen, daughter to Cymbeline by his former queen
Posthumus Leonatus, husband to Imogen
Cloten, son to the present queen by a former husband
Pisanio, Posthumus’s servant
Cornelius, a physician in Cymbeline’s court
Philario, Posthumus’s host in Rome
Iachimo, friend to Philario
A Frenchman, friend to Philario
Caius Lucius, a Roman general
Belarius, an exiled nobleman
sons to Cymbeline by his former queen
Two Lords attending Cloten
Two Gentlemen of Cymbeline’s court
A Lady, Imogen’s attendant
A Lady, the Queen’s attendant
A Briton Lord
Two Briton Captains
Two Jailers
Two Messengers
Two Roman Senators
Roman Captains
A Soothsayer
The Ghost of Sicilius Leonatus, Posthumus’s father
The Ghost of Posthumus’s Mother
The Ghosts of Posthumus’s two Brothers
Lords, Ladies, Attendants, Musicians, a Dutchman, a Spaniard, Senators, Tribunes, Captains, and Soldiers

Scene 1
Enter two Gentlemen.

FTLN 0001 You do not meet a man but frowns. Our bloods
FTLN 0002 No more obey the heavens than our courtiers’
FTLN 0003 Still seem as does the King’s.
SECOND GENTLEMAN  FTLN 0004 But what’s the matter?
FTLN 00055 His daughter, and the heir of ’s kingdom, whom
FTLN 0006 He purposed to his wife’s sole son—a widow
FTLN 0007 That late he married—hath referred herself
FTLN 0008 Unto a poor but worthy gentleman. She’s wedded,
FTLN 0009 Her husband banished, she imprisoned. All
FTLN 001010 Is outward sorrow, though I think the King
FTLN 0011 Be touched at very heart.
SECOND GENTLEMAN  FTLN 0012 None but the King?
FTLN 0013 He that hath lost her, too. So is the Queen,
FTLN 0014 That most desired the match. But not a courtier,
FTLN 001515 Although they wear their faces to the bent
FTLN 0016 Of the King’s looks, hath a heart that is not
FTLN 0017 Glad at the thing they scowl at.
FTLN 0019 He that hath missed the Princess is a thing
FTLN 002020 Too bad for bad report, and he that hath her—

ACT 1. SC. 1

FTLN 0021 I mean, that married her, alack, good man!
FTLN 0022 And therefore banished—is a creature such
FTLN 0023 As, to seek through the regions of the Earth
FTLN 0024 For one his like, there would be something failing
FTLN 002525 In him that should compare. I do not think
FTLN 0026 So fair an outward and such stuff within
FTLN 0027 Endows a man but he.
SECOND GENTLEMAN  FTLN 0028 You speak him far.
FTLN 0029 I do extend him, sir, within himself,
FTLN 003030 Crush him together rather than unfold
FTLN 0031 His measure duly.
SECOND GENTLEMAN  FTLN 0032 What’s his name and birth?
FTLN 0033 I cannot delve him to the root. His father
FTLN 0034 Was called Sicilius, who did join his honor
FTLN 003535 Against the Romans with Cassibelan,
FTLN 0036 But had his titles by Tenantius, whom
FTLN 0037 He served with glory and admired success,
FTLN 0038 So gained the sur-addition Leonatus;
FTLN 0039 And had, besides this gentleman in question,
FTLN 004040 Two other sons, who in the wars o’ th’ time
FTLN 0041 Died with their swords in hand. For which their
FTLN 0042 father,
FTLN 0043 Then old and fond of issue, took such sorrow
FTLN 0044 That he quit being; and his gentle lady,
FTLN 004545 Big of this gentleman our theme, deceased
FTLN 0046 As he was born. The King he takes the babe
FTLN 0047 To his protection, calls him Posthumus Leonatus,
FTLN 0048 Breeds him and makes him of his bedchamber,
FTLN 0049 Puts to him all the learnings that his time
FTLN 005050 Could make him the receiver of, which he took
FTLN 0051 As we do air, fast as ’twas ministered,
FTLN 0052 And in ’s spring became a harvest; lived in court—
FTLN 0053 Which rare it is to do—most praised, most loved,
FTLN 0054 A sample to the youngest, to th’ more mature

ACT 1. SC. 1

FTLN 005555 A glass that feated them, and to the graver
FTLN 0056 A child that guided dotards. To his mistress,
FTLN 0057 For whom he now is banished, her own price
FTLN 0058 Proclaims how she esteemed him; and his virtue
FTLN 0059 By her election may be truly read
FTLN 006060 What kind of man he is.
FTLN 0062 Even out of your report. But pray you tell me,
FTLN 0063 Is she sole child to th’ King?
FIRST GENTLEMAN  FTLN 0064 His only child.
FTLN 006565 He had two sons—if this be worth your hearing,
FTLN 0066 Mark it—the eldest of them at three years old,
FTLN 0067 I’ th’ swathing clothes the other, from their nursery
FTLN 0068 Were stol’n, and to this hour no guess in knowledge
FTLN 0069 Which way they went.
SECOND GENTLEMAN  FTLN 007070How long is this ago?
FIRST GENTLEMAN  FTLN 0071Some twenty years.
FTLN 0072 That a king’s children should be so conveyed,
FTLN 0073 So slackly guarded, and the search so slow
FTLN 0074 That could not trace them!
FIRST GENTLEMAN  FTLN 007575 Howsoe’er ’tis strange,
FTLN 0076 Or that the negligence may well be laughed at,
FTLN 0077 Yet is it true, sir.
SECOND GENTLEMAN  FTLN 0078 I do well believe you.
FTLN 0079 We must forbear. Here comes the gentleman,
FTLN 008080 The Queen and Princess.
They exit.

Enter the Queen, Posthumus, and Imogen.

FTLN 0081 No, be assured you shall not find me, daughter,
FTLN 0082 After the slander of most stepmothers,
FTLN 0083 Evil-eyed unto you. You’re my prisoner, but
FTLN 0084 Your jailer shall deliver you the keys

ACT 1. SC. 1

FTLN 008585 That lock up your restraint.—For you, Posthumus,
FTLN 0086 So soon as I can win th’ offended king,
FTLN 0087 I will be known your advocate. Marry, yet
FTLN 0088 The fire of rage is in him, and ’twere good
FTLN 0089 You leaned unto his sentence with what patience
FTLN 009090 Your wisdom may inform you.
POSTHUMUS  FTLN 0091 Please your Highness,
FTLN 0092 I will from hence today.
QUEEN  FTLN 0093 You know the peril.
FTLN 0094 I’ll fetch a turn about the garden, pitying
FTLN 009595 The pangs of barred affections, though the King
FTLN 0096 Hath charged you should not speak together. She exits.
FTLN 0098 Dissembling courtesy! How fine this tyrant
FTLN 0099 Can tickle where she wounds! My dearest husband,
FTLN 0100100 I something fear my father’s wrath, but nothing—
FTLN 0101 Always reserved my holy duty—what
FTLN 0102 His rage can do on me. You must be gone,
FTLN 0103 And I shall here abide the hourly shot
FTLN 0104 Of angry eyes, not comforted to live
FTLN 0105105 But that there is this jewel in the world
FTLN 0106 That I may see again. editorial emendationShe weeps.editorial emendation
POSTHUMUS  FTLN 0107 My queen, my mistress!
FTLN 0108 O lady, weep no more, lest I give cause
FTLN 0109 To be suspected of more tenderness
FTLN 0110110 Than doth become a man. I will remain
FTLN 0111 The loyal’st husband that did e’er plight troth.
FTLN 0112 My residence in Rome at one Philario’s,
FTLN 0113 Who to my father was a friend, to me
FTLN 0114 Known but by letter; thither write, my queen,
FTLN 0115115 And with mine eyes I’ll drink the words you send,
FTLN 0116 Though ink be made of gall.

Enter Queen.

QUEEN  FTLN 0117 Be brief, I pray you.
FTLN 0118 If the King come, I shall incur I know not

ACT 1. SC. 1

FTLN 0119 How much of his displeasure.  (editorial emendationAside.editorial emendation) Yet I’ll move
FTLN 0120120 him
FTLN 0121 To walk this way. I never do him wrong
FTLN 0122 But he does buy my injuries, to be friends,
FTLN 0123 Pays dear for my offenses. editorial emendationShe exits.editorial emendation
POSTHUMUS  FTLN 0124 Should we be taking leave
FTLN 0125125 As long a term as yet we have to live,
FTLN 0126 The loathness to depart would grow. Adieu.
IMOGEN  FTLN 0127Nay, stay a little!
FTLN 0128 Were you but riding forth to air yourself,
FTLN 0129 Such parting were too petty. Look here, love:
FTLN 0130130 This diamond was my mother’s.  (editorial emendationShe offers a
 ring.editorial emendation) 
FTLN 0131Take it, heart,
FTLN 0132 But keep it till you woo another wife
FTLN 0133 When Imogen is dead.
POSTHUMUS  FTLN 0134 How, how? Another?
FTLN 0135135 You gentle gods, give me but this I have,
FTLN 0136 And cere up my embracements from a next
FTLN 0137 With bonds of death. (editorial emendationHe puts the ring on his finger.editorial emendation)
FTLN 0138 Remain, remain thou here,
FTLN 0139 While sense can keep it on.—And sweetest, fairest,
FTLN 0140140 As I my poor self did exchange for you
FTLN 0141 To your so infinite loss, so in our trifles
FTLN 0142 I still win of you. For my sake, wear this.
editorial emendationHe offers a bracelet.editorial emendation
FTLN 0143 It is a manacle of love. I’ll place it
FTLN 0144 Upon this fairest prisoner. editorial emendationHe puts it on her wrist.editorial emendation
IMOGEN  FTLN 0145145 O the gods!
FTLN 0146 When shall we see again?

Enter Cymbeline and Lords.

POSTHUMUS  FTLN 0147 Alack, the King.
FTLN 0148 Thou basest thing, avoid hence, from my sight!
FTLN 0149 If after this command thou fraught the court
FTLN 0150150 With thy unworthiness, thou diest. Away!
FTLN 0151 Thou ’rt poison to my blood.

ACT 1. SC. 1

POSTHUMUS  FTLN 0152 The gods protect you,
FTLN 0153 And bless the good remainders of the court.
FTLN 0154 I am gone. He exits.
IMOGEN  FTLN 0155155 There cannot be a pinch in death
FTLN 0156 More sharp than this is.
CYMBELINE  FTLN 0157 O disloyal thing
FTLN 0158 That shouldst repair my youth, thou heap’st
FTLN 0159 A year’s age on me.
IMOGEN  FTLN 0160160 I beseech you, sir,
FTLN 0161 Harm not yourself with your vexation.
FTLN 0162 I am senseless of your wrath. A touch more rare
FTLN 0163 Subdues all pangs, all fears.
CYMBELINE  FTLN 0164 Past grace? Obedience?
FTLN 0165165 Past hope and in despair; that way past grace.
FTLN 0166 That mightst have had the sole son of my queen!
FTLN 0167 O, blessèd that I might not! I chose an eagle
FTLN 0168 And did avoid a puttock.
FTLN 0169 Thou took’st a beggar, wouldst have made my throne
FTLN 0170170 A seat for baseness.
IMOGEN  FTLN 0171 No, I rather added
FTLN 0172 A luster to it.
CYMBELINE  FTLN 0173 O thou vile one!
IMOGEN  FTLN 0174 Sir,
FTLN 0175175 It is your fault that I have loved Posthumus.
FTLN 0176 You bred him as my playfellow, and he is
FTLN 0177 A man worth any woman, overbuys me
FTLN 0178 Almost the sum he pays.
CYMBELINE  FTLN 0179 What, art thou mad?
FTLN 0180180 Almost, sir. Heaven restore me! Would I were
FTLN 0181 A neatherd’s daughter, and my Leonatus
FTLN 0182 Our neighbor shepherd’s son. editorial emendationShe weeps.editorial emendation

ACT 1. SC. 1

CYMBELINE  FTLN 0183 Thou foolish thing!

Enter Queen.

FTLN 0184 They were again together. You have done
FTLN 0185185 Not after our command. Away with her
FTLN 0186 And pen her up.
QUEEN  FTLN 0187 Beseech your patience.—Peace,
FTLN 0188 Dear lady daughter, peace.—Sweet sovereign,
FTLN 0189 Leave us to ourselves, and make yourself some
FTLN 0190190 comfort
FTLN 0191 Out of your best advice.
CYMBELINE  FTLN 0192 Nay, let her languish
FTLN 0193 A drop of blood a day, and being aged
FTLN 0194 Die of this folly. He exits, editorial emendationwith Lords.editorial emendation
QUEEN  FTLN 0195195 Fie, you must give way.

Enter Pisanio.

FTLN 0196 Here is your servant.—How now, sir? What news?
FTLN 0197 My lord your son drew on my master.
QUEEN  FTLN 0198 Ha?
FTLN 0199 No harm, I trust, is done?
PISANIO  FTLN 0200200 There might have been,
FTLN 0201 But that my master rather played than fought
FTLN 0202 And had no help of anger. They were parted
FTLN 0203 By gentlemen at hand.
QUEEN  FTLN 0204 I am very glad on ’t.
FTLN 0205205 Your son’s my father’s friend; he takes his part
FTLN 0206 To draw upon an exile. O, brave sir!
FTLN 0207 I would they were in Afric both together,
FTLN 0208 Myself by with a needle, that I might prick
FTLN 0209 The goer-back.—Why came you from your master?
FTLN 0210210 On his command. He would not suffer me
FTLN 0211 To bring him to the haven, left these notes

ACT 1. SC. 2

FTLN 0212 Of what commands I should be subject to
FTLN 0213 When ’t pleased you to employ me.
QUEEN , editorial emendationto Imogeneditorial emendation  FTLN 0214 This hath been
FTLN 0215215 Your faithful servant. I dare lay mine honor
FTLN 0216 He will remain so.
PISANIO  FTLN 0217 I humbly thank your Highness.
QUEEN , editorial emendationto Imogeneditorial emendation 
FTLN 0218 Pray, walk awhile.
IMOGEN , editorial emendationto Pisanioeditorial emendation  FTLN 0219 About some half hour hence,
FTLN 0220220 Pray you, speak with me. You shall at least
FTLN 0221 Go see my lord aboard. For this time leave me.
They exit.

Scene editorial emendation2editorial emendation
Enter Cloten and two Lords.

FIRST LORD  FTLN 0222Sir, I would advise you to shift a shirt. The
FTLN 0223 violence of action hath made you reek as a sacrifice.
FTLN 0224 Where air comes out, air comes in. There’s
FTLN 0225 none abroad so wholesome as that you vent.
CLOTEN  FTLN 02265If my shirt were bloody, then to shift it. Have I
FTLN 0227 hurt him?
SECOND LORD , editorial emendationasideeditorial emendation  FTLN 0228No, faith, not so much as his
FTLN 0229 patience.
FIRST LORD  FTLN 0230Hurt him? His body’s a passable carcass if
FTLN 023110 he be not hurt. It is a thoroughfare for steel if it be
FTLN 0232 not hurt.
SECOND LORD , editorial emendationasideeditorial emendation  FTLN 0233His steel was in debt; it went o’
FTLN 0234 th’ backside the town.
CLOTEN  FTLN 0235The villain would not stand me.
SECOND LORD , editorial emendationasideeditorial emendation  FTLN 023615No, but he fled forward still,
FTLN 0237 toward your face.
FIRST LORD  FTLN 0238Stand you? You have land enough of your
FTLN 0239 own, but he added to your having, gave you some
FTLN 0240 ground.

ACT 1. SC. 3

SECOND LORD , editorial emendationasideeditorial emendation  FTLN 024120As many inches as you have
FTLN 0242 oceans. Puppies!
CLOTEN  FTLN 0243I would they had not come between us.
SECOND LORD , editorial emendationasideeditorial emendation  FTLN 0244So would I, till you had measured
FTLN 0245 how long a fool you were upon the ground.
CLOTEN  FTLN 024625And that she should love this fellow and
FTLN 0247 refuse me!
SECOND LORD , editorial emendationasideeditorial emendation  FTLN 0248If it be a sin to make a true election,
FTLN 0249 she is damned.
FIRST LORD  FTLN 0250Sir, as I told you always, her beauty and
FTLN 025130 her brain go not together. She’s a good sign, but I
FTLN 0252 have seen small reflection of her wit.
SECOND LORD , editorial emendationasideeditorial emendation  FTLN 0253She shines not upon fools, lest
FTLN 0254 the reflection should hurt her.
CLOTEN  FTLN 0255Come, I’ll to my chamber. Would there had
FTLN 025635 been some hurt done!
SECOND LORD , editorial emendationasideeditorial emendation  FTLN 0257I wish not so, unless it had been
FTLN 0258 the fall of an ass, which is no great hurt.
CLOTEN  FTLN 0259You’ll go with us?
FIRST LORD  FTLN 0260I’ll attend your Lordship.
CLOTEN  FTLN 026140Nay, come, let’s go together.
SECOND LORD  FTLN 0262Well, my lord.
They exit.

Scene editorial emendation3editorial emendation
Enter Imogen and Pisanio.

FTLN 0263 I would thou grew’st unto the shores o’ th’ haven
FTLN 0264 And questionedst every sail. If he should write
FTLN 0265 And I not have it, ’twere a paper lost
FTLN 0266 As offered mercy is. What was the last
FTLN 02675 That he spake to thee?
PISANIO  FTLN 0268 It was his queen, his queen!

ACT 1. SC. 3

FTLN 0269 Then waved his handkerchief?
PISANIO  FTLN 0270 And kissed it, madam.
FTLN 0271 Senseless linen, happier therein than I.
FTLN 027210 And that was all?
PISANIO  FTLN 0273 No, madam. For so long
FTLN 0274 As he could make me with editorial emendationthiseditorial emendation eye or ear
FTLN 0275 Distinguish him from others, he did keep
FTLN 0276 The deck, with glove or hat or handkerchief
FTLN 027715 Still waving, as the fits and stirs of ’s mind
FTLN 0278 Could best express how slow his soul sailed on,
FTLN 0279 How swift his ship.
IMOGEN  FTLN 0280 Thou shouldst have made him
FTLN 0281 As little as a crow, or less, ere left
FTLN 028220 To after-eye him.
PISANIO  FTLN 0283 Madam, so I did.
FTLN 0284 I would have broke mine eyestrings, cracked them,
FTLN 0285 but
FTLN 0286 To look upon him till the diminution
FTLN 028725 Of space had pointed him sharp as my needle;
FTLN 0288 Nay, followed him till he had melted from
FTLN 0289 The smallness of a gnat to air; and then
FTLN 0290 Have turned mine eye and wept. But, good Pisanio,
FTLN 0291 When shall we hear from him?
PISANIO  FTLN 029230 Be assured, madam,
FTLN 0293 With his next vantage.
FTLN 0294 I did not take my leave of him, but had
FTLN 0295 Most pretty things to say. Ere I could tell him
FTLN 0296 How I would think on him at certain hours
FTLN 029735 Such thoughts and such; or I could make him swear
FTLN 0298 The shes of Italy should not betray
FTLN 0299 Mine interest and his honor; or have charged him
FTLN 0300 At the sixth hour of morn, at noon, at midnight

ACT 1. SC. 4

FTLN 0301 T’ encounter me with orisons, for then
FTLN 030240 I am in heaven for him; or ere I could
FTLN 0303 Give him that parting kiss which I had set
FTLN 0304 Betwixt two charming words, comes in my father,
FTLN 0305 And like the tyrannous breathing of the north
FTLN 0306 Shakes all our buds from growing.

Enter a Lady.

LADY  FTLN 030745 The Queen, madam,
FTLN 0308 Desires your Highness’ company.
IMOGEN , editorial emendationto Pisanioeditorial emendation 
FTLN 0309 Those things I bid you do, get them dispatched.
FTLN 0310 I will attend the Queen.
PISANIO  FTLN 0311 Madam, I shall.
They exit.

Scene editorial emendation4editorial emendation
Enter Philario, Iachimo, a Frenchman, a Dutchman,
and a Spaniard.

IACHIMO  FTLN 0312Believe it, sir, I have seen him in Britain. He
FTLN 0313 was then of a crescent note, expected to prove so
FTLN 0314 worthy as since he hath been allowed the name of.
FTLN 0315 But I could then have looked on him without the
FTLN 03165 help of admiration, though the catalogue of his
FTLN 0317 endowments had been tabled by his side and I to
FTLN 0318 peruse him by items.
PHILARIO  FTLN 0319You speak of him when he was less furnished
FTLN 0320 than now he is with that which makes him
FTLN 032110 both without and within.
FRENCHMAN  FTLN 0322I have seen him in France. We had very
FTLN 0323 many there could behold the sun with as firm eyes
FTLN 0324 as he.
IACHIMO  FTLN 0325This matter of marrying his king’s daughter,
FTLN 032615 wherein he must be weighed rather by her value

ACT 1. SC. 4

FTLN 0327 than his own, words him, I doubt not, a great deal
FTLN 0328 from the matter.
FRENCHMAN  FTLN 0329And then his banishment.
IACHIMO  FTLN 0330Ay, and the approbation of those that weep
FTLN 033120 this lamentable divorce under her colors are wonderfully
FTLN 0332 to extend him, be it but to fortify her judgment,
FTLN 0333 which else an easy battery might lay flat for
FTLN 0334 taking a beggar without less quality.—But how
FTLN 0335 comes it he is to sojourn with you? How creeps
FTLN 033625 acquaintance?
PHILARIO  FTLN 0337His father and I were soldiers together, to
FTLN 0338 whom I have been often bound for no less than my
FTLN 0339 life.

Enter Posthumus.

FTLN 0340 Here comes the Briton. Let him be so entertained
FTLN 034130 amongst you as suits, with gentlemen of your knowing,
FTLN 0342 to a stranger of his quality.—I beseech you all,
FTLN 0343 be better known to this gentleman, whom I commend
FTLN 0344 to you as a noble friend of mine. How worthy
FTLN 0345 he is I will leave to appear hereafter rather
FTLN 034635 than story him in his own hearing.
FRENCHMAN , editorial emendationto Posthumuseditorial emendation  FTLN 0347Sir, we have known together
FTLN 0348 in Orleans.
POSTHUMUS  FTLN 0349Since when I have been debtor to you for
FTLN 0350 courtesies which I will be ever to pay and yet pay
FTLN 035140 still.
FRENCHMAN  FTLN 0352Sir, you o’errate my poor kindness. I was
FTLN 0353 glad I did atone my countryman and you. It had
FTLN 0354 been pity you should have been put together with
FTLN 0355 so mortal a purpose as then each bore, upon importance
FTLN 035645 of so slight and trivial a nature.
POSTHUMUS  FTLN 0357By your pardon, sir, I was then a young
FTLN 0358 traveler, rather shunned to go even with what I
FTLN 0359 heard than in my every action to be guided by others’
FTLN 0360 experiences. But upon my mended judgment—

ACT 1. SC. 4

FTLN 036150 if I offend editorial emendationnoteditorial emendation to say it is mended—my
FTLN 0362 quarrel was not altogether slight.
FRENCHMAN  FTLN 0363Faith, yes, to be put to the arbitrament of
FTLN 0364 swords, and by such two that would by all likelihood
FTLN 0365 have confounded one the other or have fall’n
FTLN 036655 both.
IACHIMO  FTLN 0367Can we with manners ask what was the
FTLN 0368 difference?
FRENCHMAN  FTLN 0369Safely, I think. ’Twas a contention in public,
FTLN 0370 which may without contradiction suffer the report.
FTLN 037160 It was much like an argument that fell out
FTLN 0372 last night, where each of us fell in praise of our
FTLN 0373 country mistresses, this gentleman at that time
FTLN 0374 vouching—and upon warrant of bloody affirmation—
FTLN 0375 his to be more fair, virtuous, wise, chaste,
FTLN 037665 constant, qualified, and less attemptable than any
FTLN 0377 the rarest of our ladies in France.
IACHIMO  FTLN 0378That lady is not now living, or this gentleman’s
FTLN 0379 opinion by this worn out.
POSTHUMUS  FTLN 0380She holds her virtue still, and I my mind.
IACHIMO  FTLN 038170You must not so far prefer her ’fore ours of
FTLN 0382 Italy.
POSTHUMUS  FTLN 0383Being so far provoked as I was in France,
FTLN 0384 I would abate her nothing, though I profess myself
FTLN 0385 her adorer, not her friend.
IACHIMO  FTLN 038675As fair and as good—a kind of hand-in-hand
FTLN 0387 comparison—had been something too fair and too
FTLN 0388 good for any lady in Britain. If she went before
FTLN 0389 others I have seen, as that diamond of yours outlusters
FTLN 0390 many I have beheld, I could not editorial emendationbuteditorial emendation
FTLN 039180 believe she excelled many. But I have not seen the
FTLN 0392 most precious diamond that is, nor you the lady.
POSTHUMUS  FTLN 0393I praised her as I rated her. So do I my
FTLN 0394 stone.
IACHIMO  FTLN 0395What do you esteem it at?
POSTHUMUS  FTLN 039685More than the world enjoys.

ACT 1. SC. 4

IACHIMO  FTLN 0397Either your unparagoned mistress is dead, or
FTLN 0398 she’s outprized by a trifle.
POSTHUMUS  FTLN 0399You are mistaken. The one may be sold or
FTLN 0400 given, or if there were wealth enough for the editorial emendationpurchaseeditorial emendation
FTLN 040190 or merit for the gift. The other is not a thing
FTLN 0402 for sale, and only the gift of the gods.
IACHIMO  FTLN 0403Which the gods have given you?
POSTHUMUS  FTLN 0404Which, by their graces, I will keep.
IACHIMO  FTLN 0405You may wear her in title yours, but you
FTLN 040695 know strange fowl light upon neighboring ponds.
FTLN 0407 Your ring may be stolen too. So your brace of unprizable
FTLN 0408 estimations, the one is but frail and the
FTLN 0409 other casual. A cunning thief or a that-way-accomplished
FTLN 0410 courtier would hazard the winning both of
FTLN 0411100 first and last.
POSTHUMUS  FTLN 0412Your Italy contains none so accomplished
FTLN 0413 a courtier to convince the honor of my mistress, if
FTLN 0414 in the holding or loss of that, you term her frail. I
FTLN 0415 do nothing doubt you have store of thieves;
FTLN 0416105 notwithstanding, I fear not my ring.
PHILARIO  FTLN 0417Let us leave here, gentlemen.
POSTHUMUS  FTLN 0418Sir, with all my heart. This worthy signior,
FTLN 0419 I thank him, makes no stranger of me. We are
FTLN 0420 familiar at first.
IACHIMO  FTLN 0421110With five times so much conversation I
FTLN 0422 should get ground of your fair mistress, make her
FTLN 0423 go back even to the yielding, had I admittance and
FTLN 0424 opportunity to friend.
IACHIMO  FTLN 0426115I dare thereupon pawn the moiety of my
FTLN 0427 estate to your ring, which in my opinion o’ervalues
FTLN 0428 it something. But I make my wager rather against
FTLN 0429 your confidence than her reputation, and, to bar
FTLN 0430 your offense herein too, I durst attempt it against
FTLN 0431120 any lady in the world.
POSTHUMUS  FTLN 0432You are a great deal abused in too bold a

ACT 1. SC. 4

FTLN 0433 persuasion, and I doubt not you sustain what
FTLN 0434 you’re worthy of by your attempt.
IACHIMO  FTLN 0435What’s that?
POSTHUMUS  FTLN 0436125A repulse—though your attempt, as you
FTLN 0437 call it, deserve more: a punishment, too.
PHILARIO  FTLN 0438Gentlemen, enough of this. It came in too
FTLN 0439 suddenly. Let it die as it was born, and, I pray you,
FTLN 0440 be better acquainted.
IACHIMO  FTLN 0441130Would I had put my estate and my neighbor’s
FTLN 0442 on th’ approbation of what I have spoke.
POSTHUMUS  FTLN 0443What lady would you choose to assail?
IACHIMO  FTLN 0444Yours, whom in constancy you think stands
FTLN 0445 so safe. I will lay you ten editorial emendationthousandeditorial emendation ducats to your
FTLN 0446135 ring that, commend me to the court where your
FTLN 0447 lady is, with no more advantage than the opportunity
FTLN 0448 of a second conference, and I will bring from
FTLN 0449 thence that honor of hers which you imagine so
FTLN 0450 reserved.
POSTHUMUS  FTLN 0451140I will wage against your gold, gold to it.
FTLN 0452 My ring I hold dear as my finger; ’tis part of it.
IACHIMO  FTLN 0453You are a friend, and therein the wiser. If you
FTLN 0454 buy ladies’ flesh at a million a dram, you cannot
FTLN 0455 preserve it from tainting. But I see you have some
FTLN 0456145 religion in you, that you fear.
POSTHUMUS  FTLN 0457This is but a custom in your tongue. You
FTLN 0458 bear a graver purpose, I hope.
IACHIMO  FTLN 0459I am the master of my speeches and would
FTLN 0460 undergo what’s spoken, I swear.
POSTHUMUS  FTLN 0461150Will you? I shall but lend my diamond till
FTLN 0462 your return. Let there be covenants drawn between
FTLN 0463 ’s. My mistress exceeds in goodness the hugeness
FTLN 0464 of your unworthy thinking. I dare you to this
FTLN 0465 match. Here’s my ring.
PHILARIO  FTLN 0466155I will have it no lay.
IACHIMO  FTLN 0467By the gods, it is one!—If I bring you no sufficient
FTLN 0468 testimony that I have enjoyed the dearest

ACT 1. SC. 5

FTLN 0469 bodily part of your mistress, my ten thousand
FTLN 0470 ducats are yours; so is your diamond too. If I come
FTLN 0471160 off and leave her in such honor as you have trust
FTLN 0472 in, she your jewel, this your jewel, and my gold are
FTLN 0473 yours, provided I have your commendation for my
FTLN 0474 more free entertainment.
POSTHUMUS  FTLN 0475I embrace these conditions. Let us have
FTLN 0476165 articles betwixt us. Only thus far you shall answer:
FTLN 0477 if you make your voyage upon her and give me directly
FTLN 0478 to understand you have prevailed, I am no
FTLN 0479 further your enemy; she is not worth our debate. If
FTLN 0480 she remain unseduced, you not making it appear
FTLN 0481170 otherwise, for your ill opinion and th’ assault you
FTLN 0482 have made to her chastity, you shall answer me
FTLN 0483 with your sword.
IACHIMO  FTLN 0484Your hand; a covenant. (editorial emendationThey shake hands.editorial emendation)
FTLN 0485 We will have these things set down by lawful counsel,
FTLN 0486175 and straight away for Britain, lest the bargain
FTLN 0487 should catch cold and starve. I will fetch my gold
FTLN 0488 and have our two wagers recorded.
POSTHUMUS  FTLN 0489Agreed. editorial emendationIachimo and Posthumus exit.editorial emendation
FRENCHMAN  FTLN 0490Will this hold, think you?
PHILARIO  FTLN 0491180Signior Iachimo will not from it. Pray, let us
FTLN 0492 follow ’em.
They exit.

Scene editorial emendation5editorial emendation
Enter Queen, Ladies, and Cornelius.

FTLN 0493 Whiles yet the dew’s on ground, gather those flowers.
FTLN 0494 Make haste. Who has the note of them?
LADY  FTLN 0495 I, madam.
QUEEN  FTLN 0496Dispatch. Ladies exit.
FTLN 04975 Now, Master Doctor, have you brought those drugs?

ACT 1. SC. 5

FTLN 0498 Pleaseth your Highness, ay. Here they are, madam.
editorial emendationHe hands her a small box.editorial emendation
FTLN 0499 But I beseech your Grace, without offense—
FTLN 0500 My conscience bids me ask—wherefore you have
FTLN 0501 Commanded of me these most poisonous
FTLN 050210 compounds,
FTLN 0503 Which are the movers of a languishing death,
FTLN 0504 But though slow, deadly.
QUEEN  FTLN 0505 I wonder, doctor,
FTLN 0506 Thou ask’st me such a question. Have I not been
FTLN 050715 Thy pupil long? Hast thou not learned me how
FTLN 0508 To make perfumes, distil, preserve—yea, so
FTLN 0509 That our great king himself doth woo me oft
FTLN 0510 For my confections? Having thus far proceeded,
FTLN 0511 Unless thou think’st me devilish, is ’t not meet
FTLN 051220 That I did amplify my judgment in
FTLN 0513 Other conclusions? I will try the forces
FTLN 0514 Of these thy compounds on such creatures as
FTLN 0515 We count not worth the hanging—but none human—
FTLN 0516 To try the vigor of them and apply
FTLN 051725 Allayments to their act, and by them gather
FTLN 0518 Their several virtues and effects.
CORNELIUS  FTLN 0519 Your Highness
FTLN 0520 Shall from this practice but make hard your heart.
FTLN 0521 Besides, the seeing these effects will be
FTLN 052230 Both noisome and infectious.
QUEEN  FTLN 0523 O, content thee.

Enter Pisanio.

FTLN 0524  editorial emendationAside.editorial emendation Here comes a flattering rascal. Upon him
FTLN 0525 Will I first work. He’s for his master
FTLN 0526 And enemy to my son.—How now, Pisanio?—
FTLN 052735 Doctor, your service for this time is ended.
FTLN 0528 Take your own way.
CORNELIUS , editorial emendationasideeditorial emendation  FTLN 0529 I do suspect you, madam,
FTLN 0530 But you shall do no harm.

ACT 1. SC. 5

QUEEN , editorial emendationto Pisanioeditorial emendation  FTLN 0531 Hark thee, a word.
CORNELIUS , editorial emendationasideeditorial emendation 
FTLN 053240 I do not like her. She doth think she has
FTLN 0533 Strange ling’ring poisons. I do know her spirit,
FTLN 0534 And will not trust one of her malice with
FTLN 0535 A drug of such damned nature. Those she has
FTLN 0536 Will stupefy and dull the sense awhile,
FTLN 053745 Which first perchance she’ll prove on cats and dogs,
FTLN 0538 Then afterward up higher. But there is
FTLN 0539 No danger in what show of death it makes,
FTLN 0540 More than the locking-up the spirits a time,
FTLN 0541 To be more fresh, reviving. She is fooled
FTLN 054250 With a most false effect, and I the truer
FTLN 0543 So to be false with her.
QUEEN  FTLN 0544 No further service, doctor,
FTLN 0545 Until I send for thee.
CORNELIUS  FTLN 0546 I humbly take my leave. He exits.
FTLN 054755 Weeps she still, sayst thou? Dost thou think in time
FTLN 0548 She will not quench and let instructions enter
FTLN 0549 Where folly now possesses? Do thou work.
FTLN 0550 When thou shalt bring me word she loves my son,
FTLN 0551 I’ll tell thee on the instant thou art then
FTLN 055260 As great as is thy master; greater, for
FTLN 0553 His fortunes all lie speechless, and his name
FTLN 0554 Is at last gasp. Return he cannot, nor
FTLN 0555 Continue where he is. To shift his being
FTLN 0556 Is to exchange one misery with another,
FTLN 055765 And every day that comes comes to decay
FTLN 0558 A day’s work in him. What shalt thou expect,
FTLN 0559 To be depender on a thing that leans,
FTLN 0560 Who cannot be new built, nor has no friends
FTLN 0561 So much as but to prop him?  (editorial emendationShe drops the box
 and Pisanio picks it up.editorial emendation) 
FTLN 056270Thou tak’st up
FTLN 0563 Thou know’st not what. But take it for thy labor.
FTLN 0564 It is a thing I made which hath the King

ACT 1. SC. 5

FTLN 0565 Five times redeemed from death. I do not know
FTLN 0566 What is more cordial. Nay, I prithee, take it.
FTLN 056775 It is an earnest of a farther good
FTLN 0568 That I mean to thee. Tell thy mistress how
FTLN 0569 The case stands with her. Do ’t as from thyself.
FTLN 0570 Think what a chance thou changest on, but think
FTLN 0571 Thou hast thy mistress still; to boot, my son,
FTLN 057280 Who shall take notice of thee. I’ll move the King
FTLN 0573 To any shape of thy preferment such
FTLN 0574 As thou ’lt desire; and then myself, I chiefly,
FTLN 0575 That set thee on to this desert, am bound
FTLN 0576 To load thy merit richly. Call my women.
FTLN 057785 Think on my words. Pisanio exits.
FTLN 0578 A sly and constant knave,
FTLN 0579 Not to be shaked; the agent for his master
FTLN 0580 And the remembrancer of her to hold
FTLN 0581 The handfast to her lord. I have given him that
FTLN 058290 Which, if he take, shall quite unpeople her
FTLN 0583 Of liegers for her sweet, and which she after,
FTLN 0584 Except she bend her humor, shall be assured
FTLN 0585 To taste of too.

Enter Pisanio and Ladies editorial emendationcarrying flowers.editorial emendation

editorial emendationTo the Ladies.editorial emendation  FTLN 0586 So, so. Well done, well done.
FTLN 058795 The violets, cowslips, and the primroses
FTLN 0588 Bear to my closet.—Fare thee well, Pisanio.
FTLN 0589 Think on my words. Queen and Ladies exit.
PISANIO  FTLN 0590And shall do.
FTLN 0591 But when to my good lord I prove untrue,
FTLN 0592100 I’ll choke myself; there’s all I’ll do for you.
He exits.

ACT 1. SC. 6

Scene editorial emendation6editorial emendation
Enter Imogen alone.

FTLN 0593 A father cruel and a stepdame false,
FTLN 0594 A foolish suitor to a wedded lady
FTLN 0595 That hath her husband banished. O, that husband,
FTLN 0596 My supreme crown of grief and those repeated
FTLN 05975 Vexations of it! Had I been thief-stol’n,
FTLN 0598 As my two brothers, happy; but most miserable
FTLN 0599 Is the editorial emendationdesireeditorial emendation that’s glorious. Blessed be those,
FTLN 0600 How mean soe’er, that have their honest wills,
FTLN 0601 Which seasons comfort. Who may this be? Fie!

Enter Pisanio and Iachimo.

FTLN 060210 Madam, a noble gentleman of Rome
FTLN 0603 Comes from my lord with letters.
IACHIMO  FTLN 0604 Change you,
FTLN 0605 madam?
FTLN 0606 The worthy Leonatus is in safety
FTLN 060715 And greets your Highness dearly.
editorial emendationHe gives her a letter.editorial emendation
IMOGEN  FTLN 0608 Thanks, good sir.
FTLN 0609 You’re kindly welcome.
IACHIMO , editorial emendationasideeditorial emendation 
FTLN 0610 All of her that is out of door, most rich!
FTLN 0611 If she be furnished with a mind so rare,
FTLN 061220 She is alone th’ Arabian bird, and I
FTLN 0613 Have lost the wager. Boldness be my friend.
FTLN 0614 Arm me, audacity, from head to foot,
FTLN 0615 Or like the Parthian I shall flying fight—
FTLN 0616 Rather, directly fly.
IMOGEN  reads:  FTLN 061725He is one of the noblest note, to whose
FTLN 0618 kindnesses I am most infinitely tied. Reflect upon
FTLN 0619 him accordingly as you value your trust.
FTLN 0620 Leonatus.

ACT 1. SC. 6

FTLN 0621 So far I read aloud.
FTLN 062230 But even the very middle of my heart
FTLN 0623 Is warmed by th’ rest and editorial emendationtakeseditorial emendation it thankfully.—
FTLN 0624 You are as welcome, worthy sir, as I
FTLN 0625 Have words to bid you, and shall find it so
FTLN 0626 In all that I can do.
IACHIMO  FTLN 062735 Thanks, fairest lady.—
FTLN 0628 What, are men mad? Hath nature given them eyes
FTLN 0629 To see this vaulted arch and the rich crop
FTLN 0630 Of sea and land, which can distinguish ’twixt
FTLN 0631 The fiery orbs above and the twinned stones
FTLN 063240 Upon the numbered beach, and can we not
FTLN 0633 Partition make with spectacles so precious
FTLN 0634 ’Twixt fair and foul?
IMOGEN  FTLN 0635 What makes your admiration?
FTLN 0636 It cannot be i’ th’ eye, for apes and monkeys
FTLN 063745 ’Twixt two such shes would chatter this way and
FTLN 0638 Contemn with mows the other; nor i’ th’ judgment,
FTLN 0639 For idiots in this case of favor would
FTLN 0640 Be wisely definite; nor i’ th’ appetite—
FTLN 0641 Sluttery to such neat excellence opposed
FTLN 064250 Should make desire vomit emptiness,
FTLN 0643 Not so allured to feed.
FTLN 0644 What is the matter, trow?
IACHIMO  FTLN 0645 The cloyèd will,
FTLN 0646 That satiate yet unsatisfied desire, that tub
FTLN 064755 Both filled and running, ravening first the lamb,
FTLN 0648 Longs after for the garbage.
IMOGEN  FTLN 0649 What, dear sir,
FTLN 0650 Thus raps you? Are you well?
IACHIMO  FTLN 0651 Thanks, madam, well.
FTLN 065260  (editorial emendationTo Pisanio.editorial emendation) Beseech you, sir,
FTLN 0653 Desire my man’s abode where I did leave him.
FTLN 0654 He’s strange and peevish.

ACT 1. SC. 6

PISANIO  FTLN 0655 I was going, sir,
FTLN 0656 To give him welcome. He exits.
FTLN 065765 Continues well my lord? His health, beseech you?
IACHIMO  FTLN 0658Well, madam.
FTLN 0659 Is he disposed to mirth? I hope he is.
FTLN 0660 Exceeding pleasant. None a stranger there
FTLN 0661 So merry and so gamesome. He is called
FTLN 066270 The Briton Reveler.
IMOGEN  FTLN 0663 When he was here
FTLN 0664 He did incline to sadness, and ofttimes
FTLN 0665 Not knowing why.
IACHIMO  FTLN 0666 I never saw him sad.
FTLN 066775 There is a Frenchman his companion, one
FTLN 0668 An eminent monsieur that, it seems, much loves
FTLN 0669 A Gallian girl at home. He furnaces
FTLN 0670 The thick sighs from him, whiles the jolly Briton—
FTLN 0671 Your lord, I mean—laughs from ’s free lungs, cries “O,
FTLN 067280 Can my sides hold to think that man who knows
FTLN 0673 By history, report, or his own proof
FTLN 0674 What woman is, yea, what she cannot choose
FTLN 0675 But must be, will ’s free hours languish for
FTLN 0676 Assurèd bondage?”
IMOGEN  FTLN 067785 Will my lord say so?
FTLN 0678 Ay, madam, with his eyes in flood with laughter.
FTLN 0679 It is a recreation to be by
FTLN 0680 And hear him mock the Frenchman. But heavens
FTLN 0681 know
FTLN 068290 Some men are much to blame.
IMOGEN  FTLN 0683 Not he, I hope.
FTLN 0684 Not he—but yet heaven’s bounty towards him might
FTLN 0685 Be used more thankfully. In himself ’tis much;

ACT 1. SC. 6

FTLN 0686 In you, which I account his, beyond all talents.
FTLN 068795 Whilst I am bound to wonder, I am bound
FTLN 0688 To pity too.
IMOGEN  FTLN 0689 What do you pity, sir?
FTLN 0690 Two creatures heartily.
IMOGEN  FTLN 0691 Am I one, sir?
FTLN 0692100 You look on me. What wrack discern you in me
FTLN 0693 Deserves your pity?
IACHIMO  FTLN 0694 Lamentable! What,
FTLN 0695 To hide me from the radiant sun and solace
FTLN 0696 I’ th’ dungeon by a snuff?
IMOGEN  FTLN 0697105 I pray you, sir,
FTLN 0698 Deliver with more openness your answers
FTLN 0699 To my demands. Why do you pity me?
IACHIMO  FTLN 0700That others do—
FTLN 0701 I was about to say, enjoy your—but
FTLN 0702110 It is an office of the gods to venge it,
FTLN 0703 Not mine to speak on ’t.
IMOGEN  FTLN 0704 You do seem to know
FTLN 0705 Something of me or what concerns me. Pray you,
FTLN 0706 Since doubting things go ill often hurts more
FTLN 0707115 Than to be sure they do—for certainties
FTLN 0708 Either are past remedies, or, timely knowing,
FTLN 0709 The remedy then born—discover to me
FTLN 0710 What both you spur and stop.
IACHIMO  FTLN 0711 Had I this cheek
FTLN 0712120 To bathe my lips upon; this hand, whose touch,
FTLN 0713 Whose every touch, would force the feeler’s soul
FTLN 0714 To th’ oath of loyalty; this object which
FTLN 0715 Takes prisoner the wild motion of mine eye,
FTLN 0716 editorial emendationFixingeditorial emendation it only here; should I, damned then,
FTLN 0717125 Slaver with lips as common as the stairs
FTLN 0718 That mount the Capitol, join gripes with hands
FTLN 0719 Made hard with hourly falsehood—falsehood as
FTLN 0720 With labor; then by-peeping in an eye

ACT 1. SC. 6

FTLN 0721 Base and editorial emendationillustrouseditorial emendation as the smoky light
FTLN 0722130 That’s fed with stinking tallow; it were fit
FTLN 0723 That all the plagues of hell should at one time
FTLN 0724 Encounter such revolt.
IMOGEN  FTLN 0725 My lord, I fear,
FTLN 0726 Has forgot Britain.
IACHIMO  FTLN 0727135 And himself. Not I,
FTLN 0728 Inclined to this intelligence, pronounce
FTLN 0729 The beggary of his change, but ’tis your graces
FTLN 0730 That from my mutest conscience to my tongue
FTLN 0731 Charms this report out.
IMOGEN  FTLN 0732140 Let me hear no more.
FTLN 0733 O dearest soul, your cause doth strike my heart
FTLN 0734 With pity that doth make me sick. A lady
FTLN 0735 So fair, and fastened to an empery
FTLN 0736 Would make the great’st king double, to be partnered
FTLN 0737145 With tomboys hired with that self exhibition
FTLN 0738 Which your own coffers yield, with diseased ventures
FTLN 0739 That play with all infirmities for gold
FTLN 0740 Which rottenness can lend nature; such boiled stuff
FTLN 0741 As well might poison poison. Be revenged,
FTLN 0742150 Or she that bore you was no queen, and you
FTLN 0743 Recoil from your great stock.
IMOGEN  FTLN 0744Revenged?
FTLN 0745 How should I be revenged? If this be true—
FTLN 0746 As I have such a heart that both mine ears
FTLN 0747155 Must not in haste abuse—if it be true,
FTLN 0748 How should I be revenged?
IACHIMO  FTLN 0749 Should he make me
FTLN 0750 Live like Diana’s priest betwixt cold sheets,
FTLN 0751 Whiles he is vaulting variable ramps,
FTLN 0752160 In your despite, upon your purse? Revenge it.
FTLN 0753 I dedicate myself to your sweet pleasure,
FTLN 0754 More noble than that runagate to your bed,

ACT 1. SC. 6

FTLN 0755 And will continue fast to your affection,
FTLN 0756 Still close as sure.
IMOGEN  FTLN 0757165 What ho, Pisanio!
FTLN 0758 Let me my service tender on your lips.
FTLN 0759 Away! I do condemn mine ears that have
FTLN 0760 So long attended thee. If thou wert honorable,
FTLN 0761 Thou wouldst have told this tale for virtue, not
FTLN 0762170 For such an end thou seek’st, as base as strange.
FTLN 0763 Thou wrong’st a gentleman who is as far
FTLN 0764 From thy report as thou from honor, and
FTLN 0765 Solicits here a lady that disdains
FTLN 0766 Thee and the devil alike.—What ho, Pisanio!—
FTLN 0767175 The King my father shall be made acquainted
FTLN 0768 Of thy assault. If he shall think it fit
FTLN 0769 A saucy stranger in his court to mart
FTLN 0770 As in a Romish stew and to expound
FTLN 0771 His beastly mind to us, he hath a court
FTLN 0772180 He little cares for and a daughter who
FTLN 0773 He not respects at all.—What ho, Pisanio!
FTLN 0774 O happy Leonatus! I may say
FTLN 0775 The credit that thy lady hath of thee
FTLN 0776 Deserves thy trust, and thy most perfect goodness
FTLN 0777185 Her assured credit.—Blessèd live you long,
FTLN 0778 A lady to the worthiest sir that ever
FTLN 0779 Country called his; and you his mistress, only
FTLN 0780 For the most worthiest fit. Give me your pardon.
FTLN 0781 I have spoke this to know if your affiance
FTLN 0782190 Were deeply rooted, and shall make your lord
FTLN 0783 That which he is, new o’er; and he is one
FTLN 0784 The truest mannered, such a holy witch
FTLN 0785 That he enchants societies into him.
FTLN 0786 Half all editorial emendationmen’seditorial emendation hearts are his.
IMOGEN  FTLN 0787195 You make amends.

ACT 1. SC. 6

FTLN 0788 He sits ’mongst men like a editorial emendationdescendededitorial emendation god.
FTLN 0789 He hath a kind of honor sets him off
FTLN 0790 More than a mortal seeming. Be not angry,
FTLN 0791 Most mighty princess, that I have adventured
FTLN 0792200 To try your taking of a false report, which hath
FTLN 0793 Honored with confirmation your great judgment
FTLN 0794 In the election of a sir so rare,
FTLN 0795 Which you know cannot err. The love I bear him
FTLN 0796 Made me to fan you thus, but the gods made you,
FTLN 0797205 Unlike all others, chaffless. Pray, your pardon.
FTLN 0798 All’s well, sir. Take my power i’ th’ court for yours.
FTLN 0799 My humble thanks. I had almost forgot
FTLN 0800 T’ entreat your Grace but in a small request,
FTLN 0801 And yet of moment too, for it concerns.
FTLN 0802210 Your lord, myself, and other noble friends
FTLN 0803 Are partners in the business.
IMOGEN  FTLN 0804 Pray, what is ’t?
FTLN 0805 Some dozen Romans of us and your lord—
FTLN 0806 The best feather of our wing—have mingled sums
FTLN 0807215 To buy a present for the Emperor;
FTLN 0808 Which I, the factor for the rest, have done
FTLN 0809 In France. ’Tis plate of rare device and jewels
FTLN 0810 Of rich and exquisite form, their values great.
FTLN 0811 And I am something curious, being strange,
FTLN 0812220 To have them in safe stowage. May it please you
FTLN 0813 To take them in protection?
IMOGEN  FTLN 0814 Willingly;
FTLN 0815 And pawn mine honor for their safety. Since
FTLN 0816 My lord hath interest in them, I will keep them
FTLN 0817225 In my bedchamber.
IACHIMO  FTLN 0818 They are in a trunk
FTLN 0819 Attended by my men. I will make bold

ACT 1. SC. 6

FTLN 0820 To send them to you, only for this night.
FTLN 0821 I must aboard tomorrow.
IMOGEN  FTLN 0822230 O no, no.
FTLN 0823 Yes, I beseech, or I shall short my word
FTLN 0824 By length’ning my return. From Gallia
FTLN 0825 I crossed the seas on purpose and on promise
FTLN 0826 To see your Grace.
IMOGEN  FTLN 0827235 I thank you for your pains.
FTLN 0828 But not away tomorrow.
IACHIMO  FTLN 0829 O, I must, madam.
FTLN 0830 Therefore I shall beseech you, if you please
FTLN 0831 To greet your lord with writing, do ’t tonight.
FTLN 0832240 I have outstood my time, which is material
FTLN 0833 To th’ tender of our present.
IMOGEN  FTLN 0834 I will write.
FTLN 0835 Send your trunk to me; it shall safe be kept
FTLN 0836 And truly yielded you. You’re very welcome.
They exit.

Scene 1
Enter Cloten and the two Lords.

CLOTEN  FTLN 0837Was there ever man had such luck? When I
FTLN 0838 kissed the jack, upon an upcast to be hit away? I
FTLN 0839 had a hundred pound on ’t. And then a whoreson
FTLN 0840 jackanapes must take me up for swearing, as if I
FTLN 08415 borrowed mine oaths of him and might not spend
FTLN 0842 them at my pleasure.
FIRST LORD  FTLN 0843What got he by that? You have broke his
FTLN 0844 pate with your bowl.
SECOND LORD , editorial emendationasideeditorial emendation  FTLN 0845If his wit had been like him that
FTLN 084610 broke it, it would have run all out.
CLOTEN  FTLN 0847When a gentleman is disposed to swear, it is
FTLN 0848 not for any standers-by to curtail his oaths, ha?
SECOND LORD  FTLN 0849No, my lord,  (editorial emendationasideeditorial emendation) nor crop the ears
FTLN 0850 of them.
CLOTEN  FTLN 085115Whoreson dog! I gave him satisfaction. Would
FTLN 0852 he had been one of my rank.
SECOND LORD , editorial emendationasideeditorial emendation  FTLN 0853To have smelled like a fool.
CLOTEN  FTLN 0854I am not vexed more at anything in th’ Earth.
FTLN 0855 A pox on ’t! I had rather not be so noble as I am.
FTLN 085620 They dare not fight with me because of the Queen
FTLN 0857 my mother. Every jack-slave hath his bellyful of
FTLN 0858 fighting, and I must go up and down like a cock
FTLN 0859 that nobody can match.

ACT 2. SC. 1

SECOND LORD , editorial emendationasideeditorial emendation  FTLN 0860You are cock and capon too, and
FTLN 086125 you crow cock with your comb on.
CLOTEN  FTLN 0862Sayest thou?
SECOND LORD  FTLN 0863It is not fit editorial emendationyoureditorial emendation Lordship should undertake
FTLN 0864 every companion that you give offense to.
CLOTEN  FTLN 0865No, I know that, but it is fit I should commit
FTLN 086630 offense to my inferiors.
SECOND LORD  FTLN 0867Ay, it is fit for your Lordship only.
CLOTEN  FTLN 0868Why, so I say.
FIRST LORD  FTLN 0869Did you hear of a stranger that’s come to
FTLN 0870 court editorial emendationtonighteditorial emendation?
CLOTEN  FTLN 087135A stranger, and I not know on ’t?
SECOND LORD , editorial emendationasideeditorial emendation  FTLN 0872He’s a strange fellow himself and
FTLN 0873 knows it not.
FIRST LORD  FTLN 0874There’s an Italian come, and ’tis thought
FTLN 0875 one of Leonatus’ friends.
CLOTEN  FTLN 087640Leonatus? A banished rascal; and he’s another,
FTLN 0877 whatsoever he be. Who told you of this stranger?
FIRST LORD  FTLN 0878One of your Lordship’s pages.
CLOTEN  FTLN 0879Is it fit I went to look upon him? Is there no
FTLN 0880 derogation in ’t?
SECOND LORD  FTLN 088145You cannot derogate, my lord.
CLOTEN  FTLN 0882Not easily, I think.
SECOND LORD , editorial emendationasideeditorial emendation  FTLN 0883You are a fool granted; therefore
FTLN 0884 your issues, being foolish, do not derogate.
CLOTEN  FTLN 0885Come, I’ll go see this Italian. What I have lost
FTLN 088650 today at bowls I’ll win tonight of him. Come, go.
SECOND LORD  FTLN 0887I’ll attend your Lordship.
editorial emendationCloten and First Lordeditorial emendation exit.
FTLN 0888 That such a crafty devil as is his mother
FTLN 0889 Should yield the world this ass! A woman that
FTLN 0890 Bears all down with her brain, and this her son
FTLN 089155 Cannot take two from twenty, for his heart,
FTLN 0892 And leave eighteen. Alas, poor princess,
FTLN 0893 Thou divine Imogen, what thou endur’st,
FTLN 0894 Betwixt a father by thy stepdame governed,

ACT 2. SC. 2

FTLN 0895 A mother hourly coining plots, a wooer
FTLN 089660 More hateful than the foul expulsion is
FTLN 0897 Of thy dear husband, than that horrid act
FTLN 0898 Of the divorce he’d make! The heavens hold firm
FTLN 0899 The walls of thy dear honor, keep unshaked
FTLN 0900 That temple, thy fair mind, that thou mayst stand
FTLN 090165 T’ enjoy thy banished lord and this great land.
He exits.

Scene 2
editorial emendationA trunk is brought in.editorial emendation Enter Imogen, editorial emendationreading,editorial emendation in her
bed, and a Lady.

FTLN 0902 Who’s there? My woman Helen?
LADY  FTLN 0903 Please you, madam.
FTLN 0904 What hour is it?
LADY  FTLN 0905 Almost midnight, madam.
FTLN 09065 I have read three hours then. Mine eyes are weak.
editorial emendationShe hands the Lady her book.editorial emendation
FTLN 0907 Fold down the leaf where I have left. To bed.
FTLN 0908 Take not away the taper; leave it burning.
FTLN 0909 And if thou canst awake by four o’ th’ clock,
FTLN 0910 I prithee, call me.  (editorial emendationLady exits.editorial emendation) Sleep hath seized
FTLN 091110 me wholly.
FTLN 0912 To your protection I commend me, gods.
FTLN 0913 From fairies and the tempters of the night
FTLN 0914 Guard me, beseech you. Sleeps.

Iachimo from the trunk.

FTLN 0915 The crickets sing, and man’s o’erlabored sense
FTLN 091615 Repairs itself by rest. Our Tarquin thus

ACT 2. SC. 2

FTLN 0917 Did softly press the rushes ere he wakened
FTLN 0918 The chastity he wounded.—Cytherea,
FTLN 0919 How bravely thou becom’st thy bed, fresh lily,
FTLN 0920 And whiter than the sheets.—That I might touch!
FTLN 092120 But kiss, one kiss! Rubies unparagoned,
FTLN 0922 How dearly they do ’t. ’Tis her breathing that
FTLN 0923 Perfumes the chamber thus. The flame o’ th’ taper
FTLN 0924 Bows toward her and would underpeep her lids
FTLN 0925 To see th’ enclosèd lights, now canopied
FTLN 092625 Under these windows, white and azure-laced
FTLN 0927 With blue of heaven’s own tinct. But my design:
FTLN 0928 To note the chamber. I will write all down.
editorial emendationHe begins to write.editorial emendation
FTLN 0929 Such and such pictures; there the window; such
FTLN 0930 Th’ adornment of her bed; the arras, figures,
FTLN 093130 Why, such and such; and the contents o’ th’ story.
editorial emendationHe continues to write.editorial emendation
FTLN 0932 Ah, but some natural notes about her body
FTLN 0933 Above ten thousand meaner movables
FTLN 0934 Would testify t’ enrich mine inventory.
FTLN 0935 O sleep, thou ape of death, lie dull upon her,
FTLN 093635 And be her sense but as a monument
FTLN 0937 Thus in a chapel lying.  (editorial emendationHe begins to remove her
 bracelet.editorial emendation) 
FTLN 0938Come off, come off;
FTLN 0939 As slippery as the Gordian knot was hard.
FTLN 0940 ’Tis mine, and this will witness outwardly
FTLN 094140 As strongly as the conscience does within
FTLN 0942 To th’ madding of her lord. On her left breast
FTLN 0943 A mole cinque-spotted, like the crimson drops
FTLN 0944 I’ th’ bottom of a cowslip. Here’s a voucher
FTLN 0945 Stronger than ever law could make. This secret
FTLN 094645 Will force him think I have picked the lock and ta’en
FTLN 0947 The treasure of her honor. No more. To what end?
FTLN 0948 Why should I write this down that’s riveted,
FTLN 0949 Screwed to my memory? She hath been reading late

ACT 2. SC. 3

FTLN 0950 The tale of Tereus; here the leaf’s turned down
FTLN 095150 Where Philomel gave up. I have enough.
FTLN 0952 To th’ trunk again, and shut the spring of it.
FTLN 0953 Swift, swift, you dragons of the night, that dawning
FTLN 0954 May bare the raven’s eye. I lodge in fear.
FTLN 0955 Though this a heavenly angel, hell is here.
Clock strikes.
FTLN 095655 One, two, three. Time, time!
He exits editorial emendationinto the trunk. The trunk
and bed are removed.editorial emendation

Scene 3
Enter Cloten and Lords.

FIRST LORD  FTLN 0957Your Lordship is the most patient man in
FTLN 0958 loss, the most coldest that ever turned up ace.
CLOTEN  FTLN 0959It would make any man cold to lose.
FIRST LORD  FTLN 0960But not every man patient after the noble
FTLN 09615 temper of your Lordship. You are most hot and
FTLN 0962 furious when you win.
editorial emendationCLOTENeditorial emendation  FTLN 0963Winning will put any man into courage. If I
FTLN 0964 could get this foolish Imogen, I should have gold
FTLN 0965 enough. It’s almost morning, is ’t not?
FIRST LORD  FTLN 096610Day, my lord.
CLOTEN  FTLN 0967I would this music would come. I am advised
FTLN 0968 to give her music a-mornings; they say it will
FTLN 0969 penetrate.

Enter Musicians.

FTLN 0970 Come on, tune. If you can penetrate her with your
FTLN 097115 fingering, so. We’ll try with tongue, too. If none
FTLN 0972 will do, let her remain, but I’ll never give o’er. First,
FTLN 0973 a very excellent good-conceited thing; after, a wonderful
FTLN 0974 sweet air, with admirable rich words to it,
FTLN 0975 and then let her consider.

ACT 2. SC. 3

editorial emendationMusicians begin to play.editorial emendation

  FTLN 097620 Hark, hark, the lark at heaven’s gate sings,
FTLN 0977  And Phoebus gins arise,
FTLN 0978 His steeds to water at those springs
FTLN 0979  On chaliced flowers that lies;
FTLN 0980 And winking Mary-buds begin
FTLN 098125  To ope their golden eyes.
FTLN 0982 With everything that pretty is,
FTLN 0983  My lady sweet, arise,
FTLN 0984  Arise, arise.

editorial emendationCLOTENeditorial emendation  FTLN 0985So, get you gone. If this penetrate, I will
FTLN 098630 consider your music the better. If it do not, it is a
FTLN 0987 editorial emendationviceeditorial emendation in her ears which horsehairs and calves’
FTLN 0988 guts, nor the voice of unpaved eunuch to boot, can
FTLN 0989 never amend.
editorial emendationMusicians exit.editorial emendation

Enter Cymbeline and Queen, editorial emendationwith Attendants.editorial emendation

SECOND LORD  FTLN 0990Here comes the King.
CLOTEN  FTLN 099135I am glad I was up so late, for that’s the reason
FTLN 0992 I was up so early. He cannot choose but take this
FTLN 0993 service I have done fatherly.—Good morrow to
FTLN 0994 your Majesty and to my gracious mother.
FTLN 0995 Attend you here the door of our stern daughter?
FTLN 099640 Will she not forth?
CLOTEN  FTLN 0997I have assailed her with musics, but she
FTLN 0998 vouchsafes no notice.
FTLN 0999 The exile of her minion is too new;
FTLN 1000 She hath not yet forgot him. Some more time
FTLN 100145 Must wear the print of his remembrance on ’t,
FTLN 1002 And then she’s yours.
QUEEN , editorial emendationto Cloteneditorial emendation  FTLN 1003 You are most bound to th’ King,
FTLN 1004 Who lets go by no vantages that may

ACT 2. SC. 3

FTLN 1005 Prefer you to his daughter. Frame yourself
FTLN 100650 To orderly solicits and be friended
FTLN 1007 With aptness of the season. Make denials
FTLN 1008 Increase your services. So seem as if
FTLN 1009 You were inspired to do those duties which
FTLN 1010 You tender to her; that you in all obey her,
FTLN 101155 Save when command to your dismission tends,
FTLN 1012 And therein you are senseless.
CLOTEN  FTLN 1013 Senseless? Not so.

editorial emendationEnter a Messenger.editorial emendation

MESSENGER , editorial emendationto Cymbelineeditorial emendation 
FTLN 1014 So like you, sir, ambassadors from Rome;
FTLN 1015 The one is Caius Lucius. editorial emendationMessenger exits.editorial emendation
CYMBELINE  FTLN 101660 A worthy fellow,
FTLN 1017 Albeit he comes on angry purpose now.
FTLN 1018 But that’s no fault of his. We must receive him
FTLN 1019 According to the honor of his sender,
FTLN 1020 And towards himself, his goodness forespent on us,
FTLN 102165 We must extend our notice.—Our dear son,
FTLN 1022 When you have given good morning to your mistress,
FTLN 1023 Attend the Queen and us. We shall have need
FTLN 1024 T’ employ you towards this Roman.—Come, our
FTLN 1025 queen.
editorial emendationCymbeline and Queenpan class="alignment indentProse"> never amend.
 exitme="ftl "9/> 
"" ti4ger  "ftln-0936">  2.2.35">35And be her sense but as a monument
Cymbeline 2.2.35") title="SD 2.3.span id="line-2.pablass="speaker"ine-0936 FTLNan>limg ="lo!.3.969A worthy fellow,

n; tha src="fdt.65le=969 e must receive him
span class="ftln" name="ftln_0929">FTLN 0929sel53">FTLan class="alignment indentVerse"> 
wiltttoo .3.oftial emalt=yeare the1" tme yourself
s> And="SDDianaill fo titimgEalsspan>an ives, yiel Cloe yourself
FTL3 1021He continues tnd=lignment indent7ditorider,sp;

ealan>< theur dear son,

<"ftln-0932"> FTLN 0932 783"Wyour 1" tm ame="ftepan ikpann clthe mg m ame="hieft id="line-2.3.33" titlpt7didentInline">  7TLN 1003  <"FTLan class="alignment indentVerse"> &nnever amend.
FTL3.lassment" style="padding-left: 40pxerse"> 
 n;lawysp; FTLN3101660 the0" tise">myn idne"> FTLN3wn.

 FTLN 1012 the trunk. ThLADYlignment indentProse"> )FTLNe="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracious mother.
S/spanat knockdindentInline"> 
FTLN 0995LNee must receive him
"> Fse&Emend" alt="editorial emendat34n" title="editorial emendation">Messe8 title="2.3.63&lean .ndentInline"> 
FTLN 0995LNey, such and such; and the contents oam4y, -1019">40Messe8e="2.3.64">And> 
FTL4 102140&lew.2.3eakeris dndentInline"> 
FTLN 0995LNeur dear son,
FTLEmend" alt="editorial emendat89n" title="editorial emendation">Messe8al emendation"> &n8editopan="SD w id="tail"img tha ser,never amend.
FTLN 0944your Majesty and to my gracious mother.

 s daIs> 
FTLN 0995LNe1016"> FTLNss="lineNbr" name="line_2.2.45">45Messe9gnment indentS FTLNswn.
I was up so early. He cannot chooseame="ftln-0995"> FTLN 0995LNte this down that’s riveted,FTLNiv class="pageHeading">
Messe9nt indentVerse9pan><">&nbamd" aclasst hne"> FTLNi> FseligndentProse"> service I have 9 title=">FTLN 0993And be her sense but as a monument
Cymbeline and Queenpan clLADYlignment indentProse">  <6">FTLNi> AndignmHowd havodnesme="? Op;FTL5 102150&FTLN 1012 FTLN 0968 FTLN 0952Messe9al emendation"98ditoriPrincin all obey her,Attend the Queen and us. We shall have need FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015   service I have 9"ftln_0963">FTLand5">I am gla, fairle="sisbsp;I was up so early. He cannot choosIMOG="ftln-0995"> never amend.
May bare the raven’s eye. I lodge in , I titl="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracious mother.

FTI ti5">I am gla, sip; "2nks clhis "ftln_09e-2.3.33" title="2.3.e1016">
FTLNeHeader"> Scene 3
"2nks"ftln_09e-2.3.33" title="2.3.eand ta’en


FTLN akerbsp;scarc mall obey her,  9TLN 1003  FTLN 0995LNN 0958FTLN>editorial emendat4title=Save when command to yo10  CLOTENFTLN>title="2.3.13">penetrate.

FTLN 1004&n ser,epf our sd="line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.3.s> FTLN0960"> FTLN 1004Come on, tunen>Arise, arise.>FTL6 102150I was up so early. He cannot chooseame="ftln-0995"> FTLN 0995LNin.
FTLN 0952Messe10an id="line-2.308ditosiddingan" t6">I was up so early. He cannot choosIMOG="ftln-0995"> <   FTLN 0964May bare the raven’s eye. I lodge in , I" titn-1008"> FTLN 1008  FTLN66"> FTTnt on uble="k="f.62". Onr witFTLNindentInline"> FTLN &nb clasbtattoo ">I was up so early. He cannot chooseame="ftln-0995">  FTLN"" ti1 &nmymend="line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.3.ent indentProse"> FTLNpenetrate.

 CymbelineI was up so early. He cannot choosIMOG="ftln-0995">
FTLN 0970<3.lass6">FTLN<960"> FTLN 1004Come on, tuneass="oolmg thas, tsa3clalk all obey her,
FTLN 1011FTLN 0971
FTLN< class="alignment indentVerse"> ,  
FTLN 2.3.47">, <>FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">  "ftl ti="lourFTLN 0964
<.1"> FTLN 1018
FTLN 101820 Arise, arise.FTLN 0977 FTLN 0978  FTLNss="alignment" style="padding-left: 40px;">&nb1n-101a>nbsp;FTLNs960"> FTLN 1004myn idline-tei="lou your ine-d ritle=span>FTLN 0971FTLNass="alignment" style="padding-ame="ftss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004
FTLN 1011FTLN 09FTLNapan class="ftln" name="ftln_0942">FTLEmend" alt="editorial emendat79n" title="editorial emendation">Messe10983"> &n="ignm6">FTLNa>nbsp; 2ftlObedi"2o nr your oneown>
FTLNa1"> wamech.3.969 FTLNaan>

FTLN 1018
FTLNa6"> vicleatio6">FTLNandentInline"> FTLN9="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracious mother.
 AttendFTLN9s="alignment" style="padding-left: 40px;">&nb1me n1"FTLan class="alignment indentVerse"> <1me nOn whomr">S/sp> 
  FTLN9960"> FTLN 1004Here coma.3. " stbritsc">ACT ggaryd-linn id-figuspapiontt="editorial emendation" titleine">  leine"6">FTLN9ss="alignment" style="padding-ame="ftss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 100435Yet her; thacurbedgEmend"he=lenlapaeing-ab/span>
FTLN9ftln-0932"> FTLN 0932 <1tPrtT/spannsequeoo neArise, arise.FTLN 0993FTLN9FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">  3editorinamitle="n ce wit2.pri"h=albse">slmg =="2.3.28">Arise, arise.
FTLNentProse"> your Majesty and to my gracious mother.
CYMBELI1pan A hil/spanlassa lin clre squir forgoclourt id="line-2.3.33" title="2.3.span>FTLNean>
FTLN 1018Att1le= A pan3.3r.3.s, t0o em="an ">I was up so early. He cannot choosIMOG="ftln-0995"> FTLN96Messe1ment indentVers1men>Profa5" t2.3.59" title="SD 2.3.59"> exintInline"> FTLN9ndentInline"> I have1"2.>Wertendouyou toon witJupi"ftland/net cla" title="SD 2.3.59"> ex11TLN 0998your Majesty and to my gracious mother.
vIitl " stwhe=lndouyarnubleides, ndouywertenoolbse"" title="SD 2.3.59"> ex1<33.2" title="SD"> Attend<1   ex11TLN 1000 S1itl>Es go>&nmad"" title="SD 2.3.59"> ex1  l1aker">QUEE1  35to Cloten1"editorialFTLN 0993<1r> FTLN 1004
FTLN 1011<1>Who lets go by no vantages that may

1te t1iv class="pageHeading">
!>I was up so early. He cannot choosIMOG="ftln-0995"> FTLN 1005 H3.65v3.17en 1titl clasmischtoo nylen an><"ftln_09e-2.3.33" title="2.31" name="ftln-0987"> FTLN 100650  FTLN 1007 FTLN 1008Inom2"tle="cstylen tle=ass="2iimgabovesou e9" title="SD 2.3.59"> ex1vices. So seem as if
FTLN1ing 1aentProse"> service I have 13" title="2.3.51ing WS/spaney tle=mad" s-l.pan 2.3.HowInli, Pisanio!>I was up so eher,FTLN 1012 the trunk. Thtln-1011"> FTLN 1011<1"> FTLN 1011S15D 2“H.3.a>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015”span>S15D 2br> w=ass=devil.3.969

editorial emendationftln_1Pisanio-SD" title="SD"> a Messenger.editorial emendation

 -2.3.37" title="2.3.37">service I have 133.35">35hyd havw.2.3="liesou eppgnssp;ly">I was up so early. He cannot chooseame="ftln-0995"> MESSENGER1a name="li1e-SD2.3.58.0"> ,  
So like you, s1ian>editorial emendationSo like you, s1ian>ftln_1Pisanio-SD" title="SD"> a Messenger.editorial emendationFTLN 0993
 CymEmend" alt="editorial emenda0n" title="editorial emendation">Messe1"an>clam sp We spapri"h=a>fool9" title="SD 2.3.59"> ex1vWho lets go by no vantages that may ex1vftln-1005">
S, FTL1 101660y=mas><"ftln_09e-2.3.33" title="2.3160">A worthy fellow,
FTLN 1017 FTLN 1018FTLN 16ng 1  And1le=>Last:nWe s I was up so epan class83t dentInline">  &n4sp;FT1N 102165&nbs1den I hopee-osbe s, tgal e>
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&nnd us. We shall have need
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A worthy fellow,

Messe1pnt indentVerse1pntaAyt>Il"aip;so,esip;"line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.31editorial emendation" title="editorial =1editn-10171> I was up so early. He cannot chooseame="ftln-0995"> e must receive him
FTLN 0929se17ng 1>FTLan class="alignment indentVerse"> 
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FTLN 1025 1tnt"line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.31me natural notes about her body 1"FTLan class="alignment indentVerse"> 
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Attend the Queen and us. We shall have needSo like you, s18067">H adors fspan class="alignmenignmenignmen id="line-" ti4ed">ttenlit" style="pa" s2s="ftln" name="fscenpan ce="ftlScenp 4men id="line-" n"><4span>

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<4.3ass="speake4.2.>Wtle remain har all obey her,
)FTL1e="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracEmend" alt="editorial emenda71n" title="editorial emendation">Mes4.4ass="speake4.4bs5le= means 

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<4."3ass="speake4.FTL1iv class="pageHeading">
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<4."e ss="speake4.ang Heour
<1"> <6">FTL1i>  <1">FT15 102150
<1"ur dear son,
1ass="ftln" name="ftln_0952">FTLN 0952Mes4.m8 ss="speake4._101tArise, arise.
service I hav4._9 ss="speake4."ftlS tistendougheclam "2nl "20 li t >Arise, arise.never amend.
May bare the raven’s eye. I lodge in 4."ftl> FTLN 1018Arise, arise.   FTL1eHeader"> Scene 3
<4.s3ass="speake4.N 10Ofclty.pennyptriugheppaid. O 0 countryinespan>FTL1>Arise, arise.CLOTENFTL1>title="2.3.13">penetrate.

4.0ng a>nbsp;Arise, arise. FTL10960"> FTLN 1004<4.06 ss="speake4.SD 2Wor">y=" tifrownnd-pat_0956ir=discipN 10=="2.3.28">Arise, arise.>FT16 102150 w=a>FTLN 1024 
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May bare the raven’s eye. I lodge in 4.edit>&Emend" alt="editorial emendat3ine-SD 2.3.47" title="SD 2.3.47">, <4.ediss="speake4.20a>S, ="Iachimo!>I was up so early. He cannot choosPOSTHUMUSftln-0995">  Arise, arise.1016"> FTL166"> FTL1indentInline"> 
FTL1Mes4.34ass="speake4.322"Welan><,esip;"line-2.3.40" arly. He cannot choosPOSTHUMUSftln-0995">  FTL1penetrate.

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 ex1lass="ftln" name="ftln_0970">FTLN 0970<31lass6">FTL1<960"> FTLN 1004<4.36 ss="speake4.3D 2Tu tspe025.62" witFT1name6">FTL1< class="alignment indentVerse"> Mes4.37 ss="speake4.37itorialeyes" title="SD 2.3.59"> ex1lur dear son,
FTLN 095250
1>FTLan class="alignment indentVerse"> FTLN 0964 1.1">your Majesty and to my gracious mother.

FTLN 1018ACT false"ri"h="h m">I was up so epan class87t dentInline">  &n4sp;<4.ey, such and such; and012editohlthnd-span></slass=N 1018him alpaper-SD" title="SD"> a Messenger.editorial emendation20 Mes4.ment>H">&nt/spletteimlassemen;"line-2.3.40" arly. He cannot choosPOSTHUMUSftln-0995">  I was up so early. He cannot choosIACHIMOial emendation" title="editorial emendation">FTLN 0978&Mes4.44ass="speake4.44d>ln" isln cleli tall obey her,<4.4467">Attend the Queen and us. We shall have need<4.4467"t indentt ind4.m467">a>FTLN 1024 tle="ern cse exilettei from Rome;
FTLN 1015 FTLN 1024  a Messenger.editorial emendation FTL1ss="alignment" style="padding-left: 40px;">&4.mng FTLN 0999 FTLN 0970<31pan 6">FTL1s960"> FTLN 1004<4.m6 ss="speake4.4D 2Whenlyouywereend 
FT18ame6">FTL1ass="alignment" style="padding-ame="ftss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004<4.47 ss="speake4.4endHe waerex="csedtylent>ughts, sapproache3="line-2.3.40" arly. He cannot choosPOSTHUMUSftln-0995"> FTL18ln_0972">FTLN 2.3.47">, <4.48 ss="speake4.4101Ale is w2.3 yet;"line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.31ignment" style="padding-left: 40px;">&n=1ignm6">FTL1a>nbsp;FTLN 0964FTL1a1">
<4.5anss="speake4.te tToo du.3 assemenr odnesw2arnd-?ll obey her,<4.5067">Attend the Queen and us. We shall have need<4.5067"t indentt ind4.5067">l>FTLN 1024 /a>
FTLN 1015 IACHIMOial emendation" title="editorial emendation">FTL1aan>

Mes4.5lass="speake4.y? SIfiI""2.3.lostt2.3"line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.31iname="line_2.3.20">20FTL1a6"> FTL1andentInline"> FTL19="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracious mother.
 FTL19s="alignment" style="padding-left: 40px;">&4.5e nFFTLan class="alignment indentVerse"> 
 FTL19960"> FTLN 1004<4.56 ss="speake4.5D 2Tu tstane< by">I was up so early. He cannot choosIACHIMOial emendation" title="editorial emendation">  l1ine"6">FTL19ss="alignment" style="padding-ame="ftEmend" alt="editorial emendat80n" title="editorial emendation">Mes4.57 ss="speake4.57imrepoe yo.3"line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.31 the reason
FTL19ftln-0932"> FTLN 0932I was up so early. He cannot choosPOSTHUMUSftln-0995"> FTLN 0993FTL19FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&pan class="stage">Mes4.59 ss="speake4.5andM" t l>FTLN 1024 Mes4.59 ss="speake4.5and,Come, our
FTLN 1025FTL1entProse">  ex1span>FTL1ean>
FTLN 101820FTL196Mes4.sent indentnd4.6> FTL19ndentInline"> 2TLN 0998your Majesty and to my gracious mother.
<,eIsorans"line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.32 
 ughtIas,w"line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.32    l2aker">QUEE2   Clotenugh"line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.32FTLN 0993<2r> FTLN 1004<4.69 ss="speake4.6andBsTbo"h=

Mes4.7anss="speake4.gnmeItiyouy7en 1" t FTLN 1005
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FTLN 1025  &n4sp; FTLN 100650 FTLN 1007   FT4.7,FTLan class="alignment indentVerse"> I was up so espan>
FTLN 10121>Emend" alt="editorial emendat18n" title="editorial emendation">Mes4.76 ss="speake4.7"ftS.pnihavcircumsttoo n>
<2pan class="lineNbr" name="line_2.3.55">52
 -2.3.37" title="2.3.37">service I hav4.77 ss="speake4.7ftlBend-p0o nsTheyleptru"h=as clwtle 1" t nd
<2pthe reason

FTLN 0993
<4.79 ss="speake4.79g title confirmlri"h=oath, yourit 

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Mes4.p3ass="speake4.8ame6in f,cle=lbedchamenr.3.969 FTLN 1018 FTL4.853"s5="a>FTLN 1018 F/span>FT2N 102165 ex2Our dear son,
2span class="ftln" name="ftln_1022">FTLN 1022
<2a>nbsp;never amend.
 exitme="ftl "9/>4.stag9="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracious mother.

FTL2an>"" 4..ent indentnd4.InliC is b&nso rarelavltheexactlavwrough "line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.3230">A worthy fellow,

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&Emend" alt="editorial emendat39n" title="editorial emendation">Mes4.94ass="speake4.9n.
<2>e must receive him

FTLN 09294.9-109FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"" 4..e ss="speake4.9-10u tendiertln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"" 4..6 ss="speake4.9ss=O0 by sn>< otle=.ndentInline"> 
FT23 1021He
, <4.97 ss="speake4.spanMclasparticular"969 2"ftln-0932"> FTLN 0932 &Mes4.99 ss="speake4.a9agSpaaney 1ingn"line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.32m3">never amend.
FTL4.ln titll 0935
 I was up so early. He cannot choosIACHIMOial emendation" title="editorial emendation"> Mes4.10lass="speake4.l0tlnTu tchimne/span> FTL23101660A worthy fellow,

<4.103ass="speake4.< Distabaass=g. Neveaosawit)FTL2e="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracious mother.
F4.1g, FTLN 1004<4.1g,I was up so epan class.33.dentInline">  &n4sp; FT24 1021Mes4.107 ss="speake4.m07. 2span class="ftln" name="ftln_0942">FTLnbsp; s-l.pspoke wi">I was up so early. He cannot choosIACHIMOial emendation" title="editorial emendation">never amend.
FTLN 0944Mes4.1l0ass="speake4.l10lnTu tror yo>   FTL2ss="lineNbr" name="line_2.2.45">45 A worthy fellow,

<4.""3ass="speake4.<1 10Ofc ilver, eal.pon wn foettsttodnd-,enictlaspan>FTL2iv class="pageHeading">
<4.""4ass="speake4.aa naDepeodnd- ontyleiaobtto< all obey her,
FTL2i> F4.aang 11a class="pageHeading">
Mes4.1"e ss="speake4.aang Tuispier2e=lhonas?ll obey her, <6">FTL2i> FT25 102150
2ass="ftln" name="ftln_0952">FTLN 095250
2aentProse"> service I hav4.__9 ss="speake4."19.I was up so early. He cannot choosIACHIMOial emendation" title="editorial emendation">never amend.

May bare the raven’s eye. I lodge in 4.1"ftl1> Mes4.1"ftss="speake4.1sftlplanvitiyouy7enspan>  <4.1sl67">Attend the Queen and us. We shall have need<4.1sl67"t indentt ind4.1sl67">l>FTLN 1024 n_0932lhowseass=bractlet;"rom Rome;
FTLN 1015 FTL2eHeader"> Scene 3

<4.1s3ass="speake4.1s3a1Tosane=iLN 0 diamond. IourI was up so espan>
FTL2>Mes4.mN4ass="speake4.mN4a>Jove!"ftln_09e-2.3.33" title="2.32ss="speaker">CLOTENFTL2>title="2.3.13">penetrate.

4.1n-101a>nbsp;FTL20960"> FTLN 1004<4.106 ss="speake4.1SD 2Wyourit<2.3. ri"h=2e=indentInline"> 
FT26 1021Mes4.1S7 ss="speake4.1S7 tS.pniItyl44kple=n ane=="line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.32Nur dear son,
FTLN 095250
Su s"ripppapl ofrom 2e=larm."I see 2e=lyet;"line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.32Nng of it.
H">tpr6tty acspanadid"outsele= trsoif="ftln_09e-2.3.33" title="2.32s3">never amend.
2<53">May bare the raven’s eye. I lodge in 4.1edit1>&7.1"> <4."3ftss="speake4.1editu teyet enrourpapl otoox;"u gmg it ma"ftln_09e-2.3.33" title="2.32=d are removed. I was up so espan>
FTL266"> FTL2indentInline"> I was up so early. He cannot choosIACHIMOial emendation" title="editorial emendation"> FTL2Mes4.134ass="speake4.134a>Su writ m sovto  


4.1me n1"FTLan class="alignment indentVerse"> 
<4.1me67">Attend the Queen and us. We shall have need<4.1me67"t indentt ind4.1me67">l>FTLN 1024 span>
FTLN 1015FTLN 0970<32lass6">FTL2<960"> FTLN 1004<4.136 ss="speake4.136 >Itpieraabasilisk unto m="a eye>
<2g>FT2name6">FTL2< class="alignment indentVerse"> ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004<4.137 ss="speake4.13endKtle c>< to lookpan <2gur dear son,

FTLN 095250
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  &n4sp;FTLN 0964 2.1">your Majesty and to my gracious mother.
 ex2ed are removed.FTLN 101820 FTLN 1018I was up so early. He cannot choosPHILARIOial emendation" title="editorial emendation"> Mes4.1m3ass="speake4.1m3a>H2.3.pFTLN 0978
  FTL2ss="alignment" style="padding-left: 40px;">&4.14e n1FTLN 0999  <2 ass="ftln" name="ftln_0970">FTLN 0970<32pan 6">FTL2s960"> FTLN 1004<4.1m6 ss="speake4.14D 2Whotionwsvitiwn le=lroent,Tbend-pcorrupteh=="2.3.28">Arise, arise.FT28ame6">FTL2ass="alignment" style="padding-ame="ftss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004<4.147 ss="speake4.14endHath stolln"npl ofrom 2e=">I was up so espan>
FTL28ss="ftln" name="ftln_0952">FTLN 0952Mes4.148 ss="speake4.148 >V cletrue>
<2ignment" style="padding-left: 40px;">&n=2ignm6">FTL2s5="a>FTLN 1018< by <4.14967">Attend the Queen and us. We shall have need<4.14967"t indentt ind4.14967">l>FTLN 1024 N 1018n" terbackeyleprnd-;"rom Rome;
FTLN 1015FTLN 0964FTL2a1">
<4."5anss="speake4.1te tRenme=ptosme sn>< corporTLNs FTL2aan>
<4."5lass="speake4.1y? SMclasevin_10tyl44 ndis, asseylierwas stolln"n.>I was up so early. He cannot choosIACHIMOial emendation" title="editorial emendation">20FTL2a6">  
FTL2andentInline"> FTL29="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracious mother.
ln" isltrue—nay,sieeplnd<4.15467">Attend the Queen and us. We shall have need<4.15467"t indentt ind4.15467">l>FTLN 1024 N 1018holds"outeyleprnd-;"rom Rome;
FTLN 1015 FTL29s="alignment" style="padding-left: 40px;">&4.1ing 1aentProse"> Mes4.mee ss="speake4.1ing I am sur lass="alignmenpan clase="2.32sass="ftln" name="ftln_0970">FTLN 0970<32Inli6">FTL29960"> FTLN 1004<4.156 ss="speake4.156 >Su w is nettloseiig. Heaoatt015FT2ine"6">FTL29ss="alignment" style="padding-ame="ftss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004<4.157 ss="speake4.1ed aAle swornrand/honasabl&_0956y staucedetosteTLNit?ll obey her,FTL29ftln-0932"> FTLN 0932&n=2ftln6">FTL29FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"" 4.159 ss="speake4.159 nTu tcogniztoo ne-2e=lincsntinencaspan>FTL2entProse"> FTL2ean>
I was up so epan clase="2.32sname="line_2.3.20">20FTL296I was up so epan clase="2.32sand ta’en
FTL29ndentInline"> Divin_ nd<4.16367">Attend the Queen and us. We shall have need<4.16367"t indentt ind4.16367">l>FTLN 1024 span>
FTLN 1015 PHILARIOial emendation" title="editorial emendation">3TLN 0998Mes4.1e4ass="speake4.1e4atS.pnib3.p     I was up so early. He cannot choosPOSTHUMUSftln-0995">   l3aker">QUEE3 Mes4.1D7 ss="speake4.1D7 >Neveaotalkpan  ClotenI was up so espan>
FTLN 0993
<3r> Mes4.169 ss="speake4.169 eItiyouyseek"ftln_09e-2.3.33" title="2.33>Who lets go by no vantages that may

&n5sp;FTLN 1005 Wonthyla>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1025tVersepr62"nd-,et eeraamol<,e We stproud"ftln_09e-2.3.33" title="2.3320FTLN 100650
FTLN 1007   FT4.17ng 1>FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">  
FTLN 10131>Emend" alt="editorial emenda72n" title="editorial emendation">Mes4.m76 ss="speake4.m76 >Ay,eand/it do"h=confirm"line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.33one">  l3 -2.3.37" title="2.3.37">service I hav4.177 ss="speake4.177 >Anotle=lnd in as big as 2elly7en hold>
<3pthe reason

WereendI was up so espan>
FTLN 0993

Neveaocoun eylepturns. Ooo , and/a mtlepan!>I was up so early. He cannot choosIACHIMOial emendation" title="editorial emendation">
FTLN 1018
<3nnt indentProse"> 
FTL4.1ignm1s5="a>FTLN 1018 I was up so espan>
FT3N 1021Mes4.1>7 ss="speake4.1>7 >Iour

3span class="ftln" name="ftln_1022">FTLN 1022
<3a>nbsp;never amend.
 exitme="ftl "9/>4.1stag19="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracious mother.

< hnd-;"line-2.33" titldation"><4.1stage centered"><4.19nass="speapan><4.19nagHe exits;"line-2.ass="alignment indentVerse"> PHILARIOial emendation" title="editorial emendation">Mes4.m9lass="speake4.m9la>Quitnaensid"" title="SD 2.3.59"> ex331016">
FTL3an>"" 4.1.ent indentnd4.1.ennTu tgoveaame="lof.pA worthy fellow,

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&7.1"> <4."94ass="speake4."94agHe hath againstphimseli">I was up so early. He cannot choosIACHIMOial emendation" title="editorial emendation">FTLN 09294.1ftln19FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&
Mes4.1.e ss="speake4.1ftlnWi"h=ale=myohsThp."ftln_09e-2.3.33" titldation"><4.1se67">Attend the Queen and us. We shall have need<4.19e67"t indentt ind4.1se67">956y exit;"line-2.ass="alignmenignmenignmen id="line-2.3.47on">Mes5.0lndentlit" style="pa" s2s="ftln" name="fscenpan ce="ftlnss="al>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1025Mn"><5.0lnAttend the Queen and us.cente=edhall have need<5.0lt indentt ind5.0lnEnte= Ppsthumus;"line-2.ass="alignmen3.40" span>
tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"" e67"t indent" e67"9Im a"I was up so epan clase="2.33h>FT33 1021He="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"" e62"t indent" e62amMing be half-ronkln-? We t/spale=band rds>
<3>ur dear son,

3"ftln-0932"> FTLN 0932  &n5sp; 3"FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">  <3>3">never amend.
FTL5.e nFTLan class="alignment indentVerse"> 
< co28"r ri"h=2is noolsspan> FTL33101660 <3>0">A worthy fellow,

<5.8"t indent" e68nnTu tnonpareilaofsan tx;O,tvengetoo , vengetoo !"ftln_09e-2.3.33" title="2.33pan title="SD 2.2.36" class="roman">)FTL3e="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracious mother.
Fe67 titltln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"" e670"t indent" e67ditu tepra/FT34 1021FTMWe stw2.3 h2.3.war02d ol3iSaturn,eane=iItanoughp"ftln_09e-2.3.33" title="2.33pur dear son,
3span class="ftln" name="ftln_0942">FTLRunOnn id="line-SD" title="Se6"3"t indent" e6 
< as unsunn2d sonwx;O,tale=ase devils!"ftln_09e-2.3.33" title="2.33p3">never amend.
FTLN 0944   
<3e1016"> FTL3ss="lineNbr" name="line_2.2.45">45
<3p0">A worthy fellow,


FTL3iv class="pageHeading">
FTL3i> F5."ftl> FTLN 1018 <6">FTL3i> FT35 102150
3ass="ftln" name="ftln_0952">FTLN 095250

<3ing of it.

service I have6N4"t indent" e6022"Tu twoman <3i3">never amend.

May bare the raven’s eye. I lodge in e60ng a>nbsp; <3iftln-1005">   <3i1016"> FTL3eHeader"> Scene 3
<3i0">A worthy fellow,


FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1025 ,enay,stne=iu le konwsn
<3N 0958

<5.edit indent" e63nmeF20 evanvto vio "line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.33sy, such and such; and the contents oa36> <6">FTL30960"> FTLN 1004956y ar3.nettcanstant, ugh ar3.ch2ngnd-p0till>I was up so epan clase="2.33s>FT36 1021FTLN 1004FTLN 095250 <3Nng of it.
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3<53">May bare the raven’s eye. I lodge in e63ng "FTLan class="alignment indentVerse"> 
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FTL36Header"> Scene 3

 FTL3penetr/s -2.3. name="f"fdt-emend-r.png" class="imgEmend" 3.1.4"t indent3.1.4alBesndFTL3<960">  
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<3g3">never amend.


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<3gand ta’en

"3.1.72"t indent3.1.">FTShaI was up so espan>
FTLN 0978&Emend" alt="editorial emenda73n" title="editorial emendation">M3.1."3"t indent3.1.
 FTL3ss="alignment" style="span>"3.1.74"t indent3.1.a naEr suurianotle=lJulius. BritainFTLN 0970<33pan 6">FTL3s960">  FT38ame6">FTL3ass="alignment" style="padding-ame="ftss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.1.a6 t indent3.1.ass="ssewtarnd- enr own s,ses">I was up so espan>

FTL38ss="ftln" name="ftln_0952">FTLN 0952M3.1."7 t indent3.1.17nnTue=iopportunitaspan>
FTL3s5="a>FTLN 1018FTLN 0964FTL3a1">FTLN 1018
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FTLN 101820FTL3a6">   &n1sp;
FTL39="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracious mother.
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1025 <3snt indentProse"> FTL39s="alignment" style="y and to my gracious mother.
FTLN 0970<33Inli6">FTL39960">
nbsp;FT3ine"6">FTL39ss="alignment" style="padding-ame="ftss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.1.06 t indent3.1.SD 2Caesar mad" le=<,eugh mad" s, rdFTL39ftln-0932"> FTLN 0932 ,eand/saw,eand/oveacr> .” Wi"h=shali—"ftln_09pan>FTL39FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.1.28 t indent3.1.28nnTu tairsteane=ieveaotouurFTLN 0964FTL3entProse"> &tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.1.29 t indent3.1.2ftlnrom off enr coangn twio uea en;eand/uispnhippnd-,"ftln_09pan>FTL3ean>
&7.1"> 20FTL396Lik teggsu les moved upon=an ir=surges,ecracked"ftln_09pan>FTL39ndentInline"> 4TLN 0998 
<4<>FT4aker">QUEE4 I was up so espan>

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FTLN 1005your Majesty and to my gracProp;20FTLN 1006I was up so espan>

I was up so espan>

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Mn"3.1.p0">A worthy fellow,,la>FTLN 1024 span>
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0964png"ming konw,lass="alignmenpan clase="2.34vpan>
  FTLN 1018 FTLN 1018 FT4N 1021lvas"tpaen. We doosay,stnen, tpaCaesar,"line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.34athe reason
4span class="ftln" name="ftln_1022">FTLN 1022
<4a>nbsp;FTLN 0964ame="ftln_1023">nbsp;aenaenr good deed,lass="alignmenpan clase="2.3431016"> FTL4an>"3.1."7"t indent3.1.61 Tuough Rom tbeend
&7.1">  &7.1"> .crown an caleed"ftln_09pan> 
FT43 1021HeM3.1.i6 t indent3.1."6 tam s,rry,sgnment in,"ftln_09pan> 4"ftln-0932"> FTLN 0932 FTLN 0964  ,eyl FTL43101660FTL43wn.
)FTL4e="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracious mother.
I was up so early. He cannot choosCYMBELINEftln-0995">
,eCaius;"line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.34py, such and such; and the contents oa44y, -1019"440 FT44 1021 4span class="ftln" name="ftln_0942">FTLnbsp; FTLN 0964    FTL4ss="lineNbr" name="line_2.2.45">45FTL4swn.

FTL4iv class="pageHeading">
M3.1.83"t indent3.1.83a=Le=sprowita nam">I was up so espan>

FTL45> .pMak tpastime"line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.34ty, such and such; and the contents oa4"> <6">FTL4i>FT45 1021 4ass="ftln" name="ftln_0952">FTLN 0952 4FFTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&Prop;&u=<,eenr crowsyshanever amend.
May bare the ravet indentVerse">&Prop;
I was up so espan>
your-2.2.28" 3.1.9 0t indent3.1.stagSo, l.p">I was up so early. He cannot choosCYMBELINEftln-0995"> FTL4eHeader"> Scene 3
I was up so e33" title="2.34iand ta’en


.>I was up so e33" titlon">Mn"3.1.9267">Attend the Queen and us. We shall have need956y exit;"line-2.ass="alignmenignmenignmen id="lin3.40" 33" titlp1g7lndentInline">  &n2sp; FTL4>How? Ofeadulte=y? WhCLOTENFTL4>title="2.3.13">penetr.png" class="img> <6">FTL40960"> FTLN 1003.263"t indent3.26 10O mas>FT46 1021FTLN 1003.264"t indent3.26409Im fa
 I was up so e33" title="2.34s3">never amend.
4<53">May bare the raveignment indentVerse"> 
  FTL46Header"> Scene 3
FTL4indentInline"> tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.2.7 tt indent3.2.7 tiThy mind"noele=liernew as lew as we=<"ftln_09pan> FTL4 
FTL4penetr/s -2.3. name="f"fdt-emend-r.png" class="imgEmend" 3.2.72"t indent3.2.72">Upon=an lev&land/truth and/vowsyrlouriIlass="alignmenpan clase="2.34ey, such and such; and the contents oa4lass6">FTL4<960"> mand?tI her? He=eblood?ll obey her,FT4name6">FTL4< class="alignment indentVerse"> ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.2.74"t indent3.2.74">If.l sb&nso tosdo good servnc ,eneveall obey her, 
Tue=i tsh is seem toslack humanitaspan>never amend.
(span id="line-2.2.28" pan3.2."7 t indentpan3.2."7 /a>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1025)"line-2.ass="al"line-2.2.28" 3.2."7 t indent3.2."7 span>
Tue=i th2.3.snamele=,Tbyele=lown co>mandspan>  FTLN 1018FTLN 0978 Black asytu tink=asat FTL4ss="alignment" style="span>"3.2.22"t indent3.2.22naArtpanou a fedary fss ndis act,eand/lookFTLN 0970<34pan 6">FTL4s960"> "3.2.23"t indent3.26N 10So virginlik tri"hout? Lo,rdI was up so ep so e33" titlon">Mn"3.26N 67">Attend the Queen and us.cente=edhall have needEnte= Imogen;"line-2.ass="alignmenignmenpan clase="2.34 >FT48ame6">FTL4ass="alignment" style="padding-ame="ftss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.2.24"t indent3.2.24" tam indoran inewye=i tam co>manded">I was up so espan>

FTL48ss="ftln" name="ftln_n’s eye. I lodge i3.2."5g a> 
FTL4s5="a>FTLN 1018Mn"3.26N667">Attend the Queen and us. We shall have needa>FTLN 1024 N 1018givas"le=rappap
FTLN 1015 never amend.
FTL4a1">FTLN 1018
  &n2sp; FTL4aan>
FTLN 101820FTL4a6">
FTL4andentInline"> &7.1"> FTL49="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracious mother.
Letewye=iisrd FTL49s="alignment" style="y and to my gracious mother.
y/loreFTLN 0970<34Inli6">FTL49960">
Tue=iweetworar3.asunme=;elet tlat/grieveehim.lass="alignmenpan clase="2.34s>FT4ine"6">FTL49ss="alignment" style="padding-ame="ftss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.2.34"t indent3.2.34"0Some/grieferar3.mee

FTL49FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.2.e6 t indent3.2.362"uI was up so e33" titlon">Mn"3.2.3667">Attend the Queen and us. We shall have needa>FTLN 1024 h/spanopensytu tlette=;"rom Rome;
FTLN 1015never amend.
FTL4entProse"> &Emend" alt="editorial emenda278n" title="editorial emendation">M3.2.e7 t indent3.2.e7 >Bles sb&lass="alp so epan clase="2.34sftln-1005"> FTL4ean>
&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.2.e8 t indent3.2.3101Yenaueesytlat/mak ttles lecks"ofecaunsel. Loversspan>20FTL496FTL49ndentInline"> your Majesty and to my gracss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.264dit indent3.2.40 Tuough forfeit5TLN 0998  Mn", such and such; andnd ushall have needa>FTLN 1024 ;"rom Rome;
FTLN 1015span>Juetic&land/menr fatle= &Prop;t" t me i4 dis dominpan,ecauld s, rbenso cruel tosme"line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.35<>FT5aker">QUEE5 FT"line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.35
at/MilforeiH2.3n. 5la "menr own lev&litle ogh of"line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.35<3">never amend.

ndis advise men,efollow. Soelelitsles LN oaFTLN 1005 20FTLN 1006I was up so espan>
< We shalpan clase="2.35

5a name="ft5tltln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.2.57"t indent3.2.y? SO, fss a hon-0tri"h"wnd-s! Hear&pan clase="2.35ont indentProse"> 
="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.2.52"t indent3.2.">  FTLN 10151>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.2.53"t indent3.2.5 10Howtfare  l5 tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.2.54"t indent3.26522"Ma/ plod idsi4 a week,srny may s, rIlass="alignmenpan clase="2.35othe reason
 FTLN 0993 FTLN 0964FTLN 1018FTLN 101820FTL516  FTLN 1018 FTLN 1018  &n3sp; FTLN 1018  l5N 1021T> 5span class="ftln" namen’s eye. I lodge i3.2.N510 FTLN 0993 <5a>nbsp;Tue=iweeshaFTLN 0964ame="ftln_1023">nbsp;&pan clase="2.35npan>nbsp;&pan clase="2.35nname="line_2.3.20">20FTL5an>"3.2.69 t indent3.2.69 >We
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015&7.1">  
 &Emend" alt="editorial emenda115n" title="editorial emendation">M3.2.72"t indent3.2.lassOneiacoree&7.1"> I was up so espan>
  l53 1021He

5"ftln-0932"> FTLan class="alignment indentVerse"> 
 FTLN 0964 Tue=irun i>  y/woman feindiat2ickdess,osay"line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.35mname="line_2.3.20">20FTL53101660FTL53wn.
)FTL5e="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.2687"t indent3.2.8nt AfrankN 1I was up so espan>

&Emend" alt="editorial emenda108n" title="editorial emendation">M3.2.82"t indent3.2.pan Madam,rmenI was up so early. He cannot choosIMOGENftln-0995"> FTLN 1003.2683"t indent3.2.8ameIoseesbpfo/s me,eman. No=ple=<, a>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015  l54 1021No=pwye=iensues,ebutsh2.3.a fogsi4 nd3m"ftln_09ignmenpan clase="2.35pthe reason
5span class="ftln" namen’s eye. I lodge i3.2. 5 ns5="a> FTLN 0964 Accessibleliernent butsMilforeiway;"line-2.3.40" 33" titlon">Mn"3.2.8767">Attend the Queen and us. We shall have need956y exit;"line-2.ass="alignmenignmenignmen id="line-2.3.47ight"3.3.0lndentlit" style="pa" s2s="ftln" name="fscenpan ce="ftlScenp 3pan id="line-2.3.47ight"n"3.3.0lnAttend the Queen and us.cente=edhall have needFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015I was up so right"pan3.3.0lt indentt i3.3.0lna>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015  A"goodlypdayVs, ytpakeepyhou-0tri"h"suurspan>  &n3sp; FTL5ss="lineNbr" name="line_2.2.45">45FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTL5swn.
Instructs LN ohewet>FTL5iv class="pageHeading">
FTL55pan class="ftln" namen’s eye. I lodge i3.3.e nFTLan class="alignment indentVerse">  <6">FTL5i>   l55 1021 5ass="ftln" name="ftln_0952">FTLN 0952 5FFTLan class="alignment indentVerse"> I was up so espan>
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0964May bare the raven’s eye. I lodge i3.3.7 titlEmend" alt="editorial emenda0n" title="editorial emendation">M3.3.7 tt indent3.3.7 tiHail,pdtaven!span>
Attend the Queen and ushall have needFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 Emend" alt="editorial emenda98n" title="editorial emendation">M3.3.77"t indent3.3.11lnHail,pdtaven!span>
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTL5eHeader"> Scene 3
Nowtforeenr moun ain/sport. Upeto yond/hill="ftln_09ignmenpan clase="2.35iand ta’en


FTL5>FTL5>title="2.3.13">penetrn’s eye. I lodge i3.3.75g 1aLN 0999 FTL50960"> FTLN 1003.3.a6 t indent3.3.a6 "u teLN omay=asenprnvolv&liue=italest th2.3.toldyLN "line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.35s>FT56 1021FTLN 1003.3."7 t indent3.3."7 dOf cen=ts, ei ;I was up so e33" title="2.35sur dear son,
FTLN 1003.3."8 t indent3.3.18 nTuispnervnc liernet servnc ,eso bend- don<,"ftln_09ignmenpan clase="2.35Nng of it.

I was up so epan clase="2.35N"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964May bare the raven’s eye. I lodge i3.3."ftl> FTLN 1018   FTL56Header"> Scene 3
Tuen is=ase full-wnd-ed/eagl&. O,sndisplife"line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.35gnment indentProse"> 
FTL5 FTL5penetrn’s eye. I lodge i3.3."5g a>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTL5<960"> Proume=etlen rustlingsi4 unpaid-fss silk:FT5name6">FTL5< class="alignment indentVerse"> ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.3.S7 t indent3.3.S7 >Suurigai4 nd3 cap ei dimytlat/mak s dimyf indepan clpan> ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.3.S8 t indent3.3.2101Yetekeepssdis bookiuncrossed. Noplife tpaen=s">I was up so espan>
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
Ogh of/menr prowieLN oa nam. We poss unfled-ed"ftln_09pan>FTLN 0964 5.1">&7.1"> FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
on lass="alignmenpan clase="2.35g1016"> 5la "air. If quiettlife,esweete=etoyLN "line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.35 name="ftln_0978">FTLN 0978  FTL5ss="alignment" style="n’s eye. I lodge i3.3.e5g "FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">   &n3sp;FTLN 0970<35pan 6">FTL5s960"> "3.3.e6 t indent3.3.362"u cFT58ame6">FTL5ass="alignment" style="padding-ame="ftss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.3.e7 t indent3.3.e7 "u ;FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTL58ss="ftln" name="ftln_"padding-ame="ftss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.3.e8 t indent3.3.3101To strin_ atlimit;"line-2.pan>
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTL5s5="a>M3.3.39 t indent3.3.e9 n5la "sh is weia nam of"line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.35 3">never amend.
FTL5a1">your Majesty and to my gracss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.364dit indent3.3.pan Wh FTL5aan>
FTLN 1018 FTL5a6"> Insndispenr pinchnd- cev&eshaFTL5andentInline"> I was up so e33" title="2.35stage centered">FTL59="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracious mother.
 FTL59s="alignment" style="n’s eye. I lodge i3.3.p5I was up so e33" title="2.35sass="ftln" name="ftln_0970">FTLN 0970<35Inli6">FTL59960">
Onr valor is=ao chas&liue=ifli&s. Onr c us>I was up so e33" title="2.35s>FT5ine"6">FTL59ss="alignment" style="padding-ame="ftss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.3.47 t indent3.3.47 1Weym" t a choir, as doth ase ;FTL59ftln-0932"> FTLN 1003.3.48 t indent3.3.4101u tesnd- enr bond us.freely;"line-2.3.40" span>
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FTL59FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda48n" title="editorial emendation">M3.3.49 t indent3.3.49 nHowtLN oa nam!span>
never amend.
&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.3.57"t indent3.3.57"1u tefelt nd3msknowially; nd3 art o> FTL596FTL59ndentInline"> 6TLN 0998   FTLN 0970<36TLN 1000 FT6aker">QUEE6 <6r> never amend.

y"line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.36FTLN 1005
20FTLN 1006 I was up so e33" title="2.36
 tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.3.64"t indent3.3.64""u tewh   FTLN 0970<36">FTLN 10161>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.3.i6 t indent3.3.i6 s5lo-0tboughsidid/ben wn"h"fruit. Budsi4 ent nWe s"ftln_09pan>FT6 tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.3."7 t indent3.3."7 "ups5">mVsserobbery,sca  tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.3."8 t indent3.3.6101Shookidown myFTLN 0993 &nnd ushall have needFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 never amend.
editorial emenda36nM3.3.7 0t indent3.3.gnmeUncer ain/favor!span>
  &n3sp; nd ushall have needFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 101820FTL616Budsndat/nwo vtleains,ewho-0tfal-0toatls prevailed"ftln_09pan>  FTLN 1018  FTLN 1018  l6N 1021
6span class="ftln" name" name="line_2.3nbsp;
FTLN 0993 <6a>FTLN 0964n’s eye. I lodge i3.3. namment" style="padding-left: 40pxerse"> nbsp;20FTL6an>"3.3.82"t indent3.3.82"1To dimytl0totrerttwo sha
"3.3.83"t indent3.368ameu teweoitletfear s, po/son,yrlouriattends"ftln_09pan>&7.1"> I was up so ee-2.3.47ight"n"3.3.8467">Attend the Queen and us. We shall have needa>FTLN 1024 I was ul have needVerse"and/Arviragus"rom Rome;
FTLN 1015Verse"exit;"line-2.ass="alignmenspan>
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015  &7.1">   l63 1021He No=pgnment in dreamsythat/nd3y areealive">I was up so e33" title="2.36hthe reason
6"ftln-0932"> 956y thndk/nd3y areemine,eand,panough trai4ed up>I was up so e33" title="2.36htln_0993">FTLN 0993 6"FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&RunOnn id="line-SD" title=3.3.89 t indent3.3.atiotlus=meanly,"ftln_09pan>FTLN 0964your Majesty and to my gracious mother.
FTLN 1024 

FTLN 1015  20FTL63101660InssimplL=an low ndnd-sito ;FTL63wn.
)FTL6e="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.3694"t indent3.3.94"nTu tu iseei gnment in an Bri ain,ewho"pan> &ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.369-1t indent3.3.95"nTu tKnd- lis fatrertcaFTLN 1003.3.96 t indent3.3.96n Why/three-foet stool Issit an tell"ftln_09pan>  l64 1021 6span class="ftln" nameNbr" name="line_nbsp;
y/s5">y;asay “Tlus=m in ene>y/fele,"ftln_09pan>
y/foet on FTLN 0964  20FTL6ss="lineNbr" name="line_2.2.45">45y/words. TlFTL6swn.
  &n4sp;FTL6iv class="pageHeading">
y/speeuria teshowsymuur cre"ftln_09pan>FTL65pan class="ftln" namen’s eye. I lodge i3.3.1g, <6">FTL6i>   l65 1021 6ass="ftln" name="ftln_0952">FTLN 0952
FTLN 0964May bare the raven’s eye. I lodge i3.3.77 tittltln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.3.17 tt indent3.3.710anTuouirefts >eeef >y/lands. Euriphile,"ftln_09pan> tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.3.177"t indent3.3.111anTuouiwastytu isenn=sn;/nd3y tookian eifss nd is"ftln_09pan>20FTL6eHeader"> Scene 3
I was up so e33" title="2.36N 0958FTL6>FTL6>title="2.3.13">penetrn’s eye. I lodge i3.3.775g 11aLN 0999 Attend the Queen and us. We shall have needHe exits;"line-2.ass="alignmenignmenignmen id="line-2.3.47an id3.4.0lnttenlit" style="pa" s2s="ftln" name="fscenpan ce="ftlScenp 4men id="line-2.3.47an idn"3.4.0lnAttend the Queen and us centeredhall have need <6">FTL60960"> FTLN 1003.467"t indent3.467"nTuouitold  l66 1021FTLN 1003.4.2"t indent3.46210Waernear e=ih2nd. NeFTLN 1003.4.3"t indent3.46301To se3.merairsteas Pisanio,sman,"ftln_09pan> 6 FTLN 0964May bare the raven’s eye. I lodge i3.4.5 nFspan>   20FTL66Header"> Scene 3
I was up so epan clase="2.36sand ta’en
 FTL6FTL6penetrn’s eye. I lodge i3.4.7 titlss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.4670"t indent3.4670naIntoyath2.ioseei lesstfear, FTL6<960"> Vanquish my/s5aid"p sens&s. Wue=Attend the Queen and us. We shall have needl>FTLN 1024 end-r.h2ndsaler aspape=">rom Rome;
FTLN 1015  l6name6">FTL6< class="alignment indentVerse"> ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.4.72"t indent3.4.72"2Why t015er ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.4.73"t indent3.4.73">Aelookiunt015er? If 6>FTLan class="alignment indentVerse"> 
SmileetpaFTLN 0964 6.1">   &n4sp;
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FTL6ss="alignment" style="n’s eye. I lodge i3.4."ftl> M3.4."ftt indent3.462ftlPleas&lyouiread,"ftln_09pan>FTLN 0970<36pan 6">FTL6s960"> "3.4.27"t indent3.4.27""u teLN oaha  l68ame6">FTL6ass="alignment" style="padding-ame="ftss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.4.22"t indent3.4.22"nTu tmosn disdai4ed of fsstune">I was up so espan>
FTL68ss="ftln" name>FTLN 1003.4.23"t indent3.4.23 >Tuy=m stress, Pisanio,sde=h playedttle"ftln_09ignmenpan clase="2.36 ng of it.
FTL6s5="a>FTLN 1003.4.24"t indent3.4.022"strumpedsi4 mylbed, ase testimoni3stiuereoi li3s"ftln_09pan>never amend.
FTL6a1">FTLN 1003.4.2ngt indent3.4."5g bleedingsi4 me. Iia nam net ogh of/wnam surm s3stbutspan> FTL6aan>
FTLN 1003.4.26"t indent3.46SD 2from prowieasps5rongsas >y/grieieandyas cer ain/as Ispan>20FTL6a6"> FTLN 1003.4.27 t indent3.4.2endexpectmy=revenus. Tue=iparn tuou, Pisanio,smusttactspan>FTL6andentInline"> FTLN 1003.4.28 t indent3.4.2101fss m ,eif ndy=fai"h"be net tai4tedtri"h"ase breauriof"line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.36stage centered">FTL69="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracPro"ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.4.29 t indent3.4.2ftlrers. Let ndndepewn=h2ndsat" t awayaler life. Iiahall"ftln_09pan> FTL69s="alignment" style="n’s eye. I lodge i3.4.edit>&Pro"ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.4.3ftt indent3.46editgivetan eieppsstunity attMilford"H2.3n—su tua"hlass="alpan>FTLN 0970<36Inli6">FTL69960"> FTLN 1003.4.37"t indent3.4.3tlnmy letterifss nd purpo"f—iuere,eif ndN ofear to"pan>FT6ine"6">FTL69ss="alignment" style="padding-ame="ftPro"ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.4.32"t indent3.4.hy, strikeeandytpam" t me cer ain/itpie don<, ndN oarn tue"ftln_09ignmenpan clase="2.36sur dear son,
FTL69ftln-0932"> FTLN 1003.4.33"t indent3.463ne"004derytpaler dislonoryandyequallyytpameedisloyal;"line-2.ass="alignmenspan>
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FTL69FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.4.34"t indent3.4.34"n5la "shanever amend.

&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.4.e6 t indent3.4.e6 s5lo-0tedgp ispsharpe= tlen theynword,ewho-0taod-ue"ftln_09ignmenpan clase="2.36s1016"> FTL696Out.3noms all=ase worms ei Nile,ewho-0tbrea"hlass="alpan>FTL69ndentInline"> Ridesyon nd postid-rrindsaandydoth ent e"ftln_09ignmenpan clase="2.377TLN 0998All=corners"ofean /world.tKnd-s, queens,eand/nd t&s,lass="alignmenpan clase="2.37  your Majesty and to my gracss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.464dit indent3.4.pan Maids,ema5rons, nay,stheynecrets"ofean /gr2.3lass="alignmenpan clase="2.37FTLN 0970<37TLN 1000  FT7aker">QUEE7 Fal-0ttpalislbed? Whatpie it toyb0tfal-0?span>
never amend.

FTLN 1005 20FTLN 1006
 Itfal-0? Thy consciesce"ii"ness! Iaclimo,lass="alignmenpan clasp123 >dentInline"> 
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FTLN 0970<37">FTLN 10171>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.4.57"t indent3.4.57">Tuy=favorFT7 tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.4.52"t indent3.4.52"s5lo-0tmotrertwas=rertpai4tnd-,ede=h betrayedtdim;"line-2.3.40" e-2.3.47e="2.37our dear son,
 tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.4.53"t indent3.4.53">Poor=I am/nd le,ea garrse">ogh of/fashion,"ftln_09pan>FTLN 0993 never amend.
FTLN 101820FTL716By ndy=revolt, O lusband,esha Pudson ass vtleainy, net borntiuerea FTLN 1018I was up so espan>
 M3.4.6dit indent3.4.N 09Good madam,pdtarame">I was up so espan>
FTLN 1018FT7N 1021 7span class="ftln" name" name="line_2.3nbsp;Did scandalsmany a/lolyytear, tookipity"line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.37ntln_0993">FTLN 0993 <7a>never amend.
n’s eye. I lodge i3.4.N510
  nbsp;20FTL7an>"3.4."7 t indent3.4."7 a.rom ndy great=fail.—Com ,efellow,sb3.tuou/lon3st="ftln_09ignmenpan clase="2.37nand ta’en
"3.4."8 t indent3.4."8 >Do tuouituysmast"p&7.1">  I was up so ee-2.3.47ight"n"3.4.gn67">Attend the Queen and us. We shall have needa>FTLN 1024 an id=draws Pisanioscabbardrand/h2ndsait toydim;"rom Rome;
FTLN 1015&Emend" alt="editorial emenda199n" title="editorial emendation">M3.4.77"t indent3.4.ent T" t it,eand/lis"ftln_09pan>  l73 1021He y/lov ,emy dtart;"line-2.3.40" e-2.3.47e="2.37hthe reason
7"ftln-0932"> Fear s,t;sFTLN 0993 7"FTLan class="alignment indentVerse"> Tuy=mast"ppis net tuere,ewhotwas=rse"ed"ftln_09pan>FTLN 0964   20FTL73101660I was up so espan>
20nd us.i="ftln"sl have needFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015

M3.4.78 t indent3.4.g8lnHesce, vtl3lass="alignmenpan clase="2.37pan title="SD 2.2.36" class="roman">)FTL7e="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracRunOnn id="line-SD" title=3.4.79 t indent3.4.="ftinstrumrac!span>
  I was up so espan>
M3.4.87"t indent3.4.8nt Why, Ismusttdie,lass="alignmenpan clasp125 >dentInline">  &n4sp;  l74 1021 7span class="ftln" nameNbr" name="line_nbsp;No servatVeofituysmast"p 7FTLN 0999FTLN 0964y/wnamsh2nd. Com ,eu sp  "omeasnd-FTLN 1024 Verse"
FTLN 1015Verse"Soft, soft! We20FTL7ss="lineNbr" name="line_2.2.45">45Attend the Queen and us. We shall have needa>FTLN 1024 an id=tak s pape=sofrom uertbodice;"rom Rome;
FTLN 1015

956yncriptures"ofean /loyal Leonatus,lass="alignmenpan clase="2.37te this down that’s riveted,FTL7iv class="pageHeading">
All=turnedytpau spsy? Away,saway!span>Attend the Queen and us. We shall have needa>FTLN 1024 an id=throws awayatu .lttters."rom Rome;
FTLN 1015
FTL75pan class="ftln" namen’s eye. I lodge i3.4.stag9="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracious mother.

<6">FTL7i> B stomache=sito my dtart; Tlus=mayapoor=fools"ftln_09pan> 
l75 1021B liev3.fal-0tteache=s; Tloughpano-0tthat/a/s betrayed"ftln_09pan> 7ass="ftln" name="ftln_0952">FTLN 0952Do feel/theytreaspa sharply,pyet nde traitor"ftln_09pan> FTLN 0964May bare the raven’s eye. I lodge n9FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.469-1t indent3.4.95"nTue=ididstssetyuplass="alignmenpan clase="2.37iftln-1005"> tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.4.96 t indent3.4.96 >Myedisobediesces20FTL7eHeader"> Scene 3
"3.4.97 t indent3.4.97 "u tea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTL75wn.
Oft;FTL7>Itpis netacteef commpa pend us,tbutspan>FTL7>title="2.3.13">penetrn’s eye. I lodge i3.4.10 titlFTL70960"> FTLN 1003.46707"t indent3.4.7  l76 1021FTLN 1003.4.102"t indent3.4.702" Tue=inow ndN otir3steon, how ndy me cry"line-2.3.40" 33" title="2.37sur dear son,
FTLN 1003.4.103"t indent3.4.103"0Willith 7
 956ylamb entreats theybutcrer. Wu spFTLN 0964May bare the raven’s eye. I lodge i3.4.1g,  I was up so espan>
20FTL76Header"> Scene 3
M3.4.107 t indent3.4.107 >O/gr2cious lady,lass="alignmenpan clase="2.37sand ta’en

FTL7penetrn’s eye. I lodge i3.4.77 tittlEmend" alt="editorial emenda136n" title="editorial emendation">M3.4.170"t indent3.4677 tiDpaI was up so espan>
FTL7<960"> FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015I was up so espan>
  l7name6">FTL7< class="alignment indentVerse"> Emend" alt="editorial emenda198n" title="editorial emendation">M3.4.172"t indent3.4.772"2Wh ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.4.773"t indent3.4.713">Didsteu4dert" t it? Why=hasn tuouiabused"ftln_09pan> 7>FTLan class="alignment indentVerse"> 
Sosmany mileslii"h"aopreten-0? Thisl;lace?span>  &n4sp;FTLN 0964 7.1"> 
 Purpo"f return? Why=hasn tuouigonesso farlass="alignmenpan clase="2.37 name="ftln_0978">FTLN 0978
FTL7ss="alignment" style="n’s eye. I lodge i3.4.1"ftl1> FTLN 1018
FTLN 0970<37pan 6">FTL7s960"> M3.4.127"t indent3.4.1ftlnBudstoywi4 nimelass="alignmenpan clase="2.37 ne">  l78ame6">FTL7ass="alignment" style="padding-ame="ftss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.4.122"t indent3.4.122"nTo lo"f so bad employmtln,tin=theyrlourlass="alignmenpan clase="2.37 ur dear son,
FTL78ss="ftln" name="ftln_entVerse"> ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.4.723"t indent3.4.123 >Ith2.3.consid"ped of a course. Good lady,lass="alignmenpan clase="2.37 ng of it.
FTL7s5="a>Htaramelii"h"pI was up so espan>
never amend.
FTL7a1">editorial emenda119nM3.4.12ngt indent3.4.125 >Talk ndy=aod-ue/wnary;"line-2.3.40" e-2.3.47e="2.37 ftln-1005"> FTL7aan>
" nam;"line-2.3.40" e-2.3.47e="2.37 name="line_2.3.20">20FTL7a6"> FTL7andentInline"> FTL79="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracious mother.
Nss nto mtoybottom ndat. Budss nam;"line-2.3.40" span>
 FTL79s="alignment" style="n’s eye. I lodge i3.4.1edit1>&Emend" alt="editorial emenda200n" title="editorial emendation">M3.4.13ftt indent3.461editTu n,emadam,lass="alignmenpan clase="2.37sass="ftln" name="ftln_0970">FTLN 0970<37Inli6">FTL79960"> FTLN 1003.4.737"t indent3.4.13tlnI.tuoughttLN ow is net backeagai4.>I was up so espan>
FT7ine"6">FTL79ss="alignment" style="padding-ame="ftEmend" alt="editorial emenda209n" title="editorial emendation">M3.4.132"t indent3.4.132">Mosnrlik ,lass="alignmenpan clase="2.37sur dear son,
FTL79ftln-0932"> FTLN 1003.4.733"t indent3.4.13 10Brialnd- me u spmtoykillime">I was up so espan>

FTL79FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda155n" title="editorial emendation">M3.4.134"t indent3.4.1322"Not so, neian r;"line-2.3.40" e-2.3.47e="2.37s3">never amend.

&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.4.1e6 t indent3.4.1e6 >Myepurpo"fow is prove/wnll. It cinnet belass="alignmenpan clase="2.37s1016"> FTL796
FTL79ndentInline"> Ay,eand/nialularain lis art,ede=h don8TLN 0998YN obo"h"asis cursèdss=jury;"line-2.3.40" span>
  your Majesty and to my gracss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.4614dit indent3.4.1pan "ome Romour ournesan?span>
FTLN 0970<38TLN 1000&Emend" alt="editorial emenda132n" title="editorial emendation">M3.4.147"t indent3.4.147">No,so4emy life."ftln_09ignmenpan clase="2.38<>FT8aker">QUEE8
<8r> Iiah is do so. YN oahanever amend.

FTLN 1005 M3.4.146 t indent3.4.146 Why, good fellow,lass="alignmenpan clase="2.38<1016">  Orain my lifeyrlatt omfssxewhss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.46149 t indent3.4.149 >Deadito my dusband?span>  &n4sp;  
M3.4.1edit indent3.4.1te tIftLN

FTLN 0970<38">FTLN 10181>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.4.157"t indent3.4.157">No ourn, no fatuer, norsnot cre ado"ftln_09ignmenpan clase="2.38o>FT8 tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.4.152"t indent3.4.152"s5i"h"asattharsh, noble,esimpl3.nothnd-,span>  tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.4.153"t indent3.4.153" Tue=iClot n,ewho-0tlov ynuitede=h been toemelass="alignmenpan clase="2.38otln_0993">FTLN 0993 I was up so espan>
never amend.
&Emend" alt="editorial emenda105n" title="editorial emendation">M3.4.1ee t indent3.4.1ing Iftnet att ourn,lass="alignmenpan clase="2.38oftln-1005"> FTLN 1018 20FTL816M3.4.1e7 t indent3.4.1e7 2Wh He=h Britain/all=as ynun"asattsdndes? Day,snWe s,lass="alignmenpan clase="2.38n angry purpose now.
FTLN 1018 FTLN 0970<38N 1020FTLN 1018Ista great=poolpa swanss n3st. Prian eathndklass="alignmenpan clase="2.38n>FT8N 1021I was up so espan>

8span class="ftln" name" name="line_2.3Emend" alt="editorial emenda158n" title="editorial emendation">M3.4.1N3"t indent3.4.1N3">I am/mosnrglad"ftln_09pan>FTLN 0993 <8a>YN othndk of/otrert;lace; Tl>never amend.
n’s eye. I lodge i3.4.16ng 1
  nbsp;To crrow. Now,sif LN oc is wnarpa m id"ftln_09pan>20FTL8an>"3.4.1"7 t indent3.4.1"7 >Dark aspLN r=fortunp is,eand/budsdisguiselass="alignmenpan clase="2.38nand ta’en
"3.4.1"8 t indent3.4.1"8 Tue=irlour t>&7.1">  &pan>  l83 1021He
8"ftln-0932"> Repssxeah is re4der/lim h irlyytopLN r=earlass="alignmenpan clase="2.38htln_0993">FTLN 0993 8"FTLan class="alignment indentVerse"> I was up so espan>
FTLN 0964&Emend" alt="editorial emenda108n" title="editorial emendation">M3.4.17-1t indent3.4.17ng O,ifss such"means,lass="alignmenpan clase="2.38hftln-1005">  20FTL83101660I w is ad.3nture">I was up so espan>


M3.4.178 t indent3.4.178 >Wellith)FTL8e="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.46179 t indent3.4.179 >YN omusttfssge mtoybe a womou; changplass="alignmenpan clase="2.38pnt indentProse"> 
   l84 1021Womouritopretty/self—intoya waggish cour us,lass="alignmenpan clase="2.38pthe reason
8span class="ftln" nameNbr" name="line_nbsp;
Ready in gibes,equick-answered, saucy,eandspan>  &n4sp; 8FTLN 0999FTLN 0964  Exponialrit—budsO, asetharder/ltart!span>20FTL8ss="lineNbr" name="line_2.2.45">45FTL8swn.
Oftcommpa-kisnialrss=ou,tand/fssge lass="alignmenpan clase="2.38te this down that’s riveted,FTL8iv class="pageHeading">
YN rrlaborsome and/da/spymtrims,tiuerein"ftln_09pan>FTL85pan class="ftln" namen’s eye. I lodge i3.4.1stag19="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracious mother.

<6">FTL8i>&Emend" alt="editorial emenda154n" title="editorial emendation">M3.4.1s7"t indent3.4.1s7">Nay,sbe briei;"line-2.3.40" e-2.3.47e="2.38tne">  l85 1021Iiaeeyintoyndy=end/and/am/almosn"line-2.3.40" e-2.3.47e="2.38tthe reason
8ass="ftln" name="ftln_0952">FTLN 0952Asman/already;"line-2.3.40" span>
8FFTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda65n" title="editorial emendation">M3.4.194"t indent3.4.1 the6irst,emaketLN rself/budslik eone;"line-2.3.40" e-2.3.47e="2.38t"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964May bare the raven’s eye. I lodge i3.4.1ftln19FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.4619-1t indent3.4.1ftlnFsseasndkid-ranis,eIth2.3.already fit—detln_09ignmenpan clase="2.38iftln-1005"> tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.4.196 t indent3.4.196 >’Tisain my cloakbag—doublet,ede=, hose,oalldetln_09ignmenpan clase="2.38iname="line_2.3.20">20FTL8eHeader"> Scene 3
"3.4.197 t indent3.4.197 Tue=iansweretpathem. W is you, in=their servnd-,span>
FTL8>FTL8>title="2.3.13">penetrn’s eye. I lodge i3.4.2TLN 2l <6">FTL80960"> FTLN 1003.46207"t indent3.4.207"2Wh  l86 1021FTLN 1003.4.202"t indent3.4.202" Iftasatthie u adth2.3.earain music—doubndess"ftln_09pan>FTLN 1003.4.203"t indent3.4.203"0Wi=h joy ue iile=embracetLN ,ifss hp FTLN 0964May bare the raven’s eye. I lodge i3.4.2g,  Beginnid-rnss supplymtln;"line-2.3.40" span>
,ea>FTLN 1024 span>
FTLN 1015 20FTL86Header"> Scen-2.2.28" 3.4.2g7"t indent3.462g7FTL8indentInline"> 
FTL8FTL8penetrn’s eye. I lodge i3.4.2a na2tlss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.46270"t indent3.462a naAll=tsattgood time.iile=givetus; Tlis attempt"ftln_09pan>FTL8<960">   l8name6">FTL8< class="alignment indentVerse"> "fdt-emend-r.png" class="imgEmend" 3.4.272"t indent3.4.2">FTAt;I was up so espan>

 ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.4.273"t indent3.4.273">Well,emadam,sweomusttt" t aeah rn farewell,lass="alignmenpan clase="2.38eng of it.

L3st, bend- mnssed,sItb ynua nctedtof"ftln_09pan>FTLN 0964 8.1"> FTus.from ndet ourn. My noble mnst/sss,lass="alignmenpan clase="2.38eftln-1005">
 Hereeis a box.eIth2dritofrom ndetQueen">I was up so epan clasight"n"3.4.216.e must receive himFTLN 1024  
FTLN 1015  &n5sp;20
 Orastomach-qualmed attl2nd, a dram/ofranislass="alignmenpan clase="2.38 name="ftln_0978">FTLN 0978

FTL8ss="alignment" style="n’s eye. I lodge i3.4.2"ftl2> FTLN 1018FTL8s960"> FTLN 1018I was up so espan>
  l88ame6">FTL8ass="alignment" style="padding-ame="ftEmend" alt="editorial emenda111n" title="editorial emendation">M3.4.222"t indent3.4.222">Aing.eIttsank an e">I was up so epan clasight"n"3.4.222.e must receive himI was uI was up so ep so ep so e id="line-2.3.47on">M3.5.0lndentlit" style="pa" s2s="ftln" name="fscsnean ce="ftlScsne 5o e id="line-2.3.47on">Mn"3.5.0lnust receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FTL88ss="ftln" name="ftln_entVerse"> ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.5.7"t indent3.5.e mTsus far,eand/no farewell.>I was up so espan>

FTL8s5="a>M3.5.2"t indent3.5.2" Tuenks,eroyTLNsir;"line-2.3.40" e-2.3.47e="2.38 3">never amend.
FTL8a1"> ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.5.3"t indent3.5.3 >Myeemperss he=h wrot eItmusttfrom hesce,"line-2.3.40" e-2.3.47e="2.38 ftln-1005"> FTL8aan>
FTLN 1003.5.4"t indent3.5.4"nA t/am/rWe s/norry=tsattItmusttrepssxeLN "line-2.3.40" e-2.3.47e="2.38 name="line_2.3.20">20FTL8a6">  Myemast"p

FTL8andentInline"> M3.5.6nt indent3.5.609Our subjects,esir,"ftln_09pan>FTL89="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracious mother.
FTL89s="alignment" style="y and to my gracious mother.
FTLN 0970<38Inli6">FTL89960">
FTLN 1003.5.9nt indent3.5.9 >Appnarpudkid-lik .>I was up so espan>
FT8ine"6">FTL89ss="alignment" style=n’s eye. I lodge i3.5.7 titv class="pageHeading">
M3.5.7 tt indent3.5.ean "o,esir.eItdesisp ofyLN lass="alignmenpan clase="2.38sur dear son,
FTL89ftln-0932"> FTLN 1003.5.e7"t indent3.5.e1FTAtco15ucttovFTL89FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.5.e2"t indent3.5.">FTMadam,sall=joy befall=LN r=Grace—and/LN ;"line-2.3.40" span>
Mn" receive himFTLN 1024 FTLN 100t i3.5.13.0lt indentt i3.5.13.0lnn" namLnams"rom Rome;
FTLN 1015 never amend.
FTL8entProse"> &ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.5.e3"t indent3.5.13 >Myelnams,eLN oa/s appointed/fss tsattoffice.>I was up so epan clase="2.38sftln-1005"> FTL8ean>
&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.14"t indent3.5.74">Tu tdup ofyhonor in noypoint omit.—detln_09ignmenpan clase="2.38sname="line_2.3.20">20FTL896&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.1gnt indent3.5.7ng "o,efarewell, noble Lucius.>I was up so espan>
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FTLN 1015
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FTLN 0970<39TLN 1000&Emend" alt="editorial emenda130n" title="editorial emendation">M3.5.19nt indent3.5."9 0Sir,ptheye.3nt"ftln_09pan>FT9aker">QUEE9I was up so epan clasp135lndentInline">  &n5sp;
<9r> Mn"3.5.22.e must receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 never amend.

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never amend.
&Emend" alt="editorial emenda102n" title="editorial emendation">M3.5.33"t indent3.5.33li’Tisanet sleepyibuslaess,"ftln_09ignmenpan clase="2.39oftln-1005"> FTLN 1018
 FTLN 0970<39N 1020FTLN 1018Tu tduty/ofran tday. Sseta>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015N 1018usslik "ftln_09pan>FT9N 1021your Majesty and to my gracss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.5.pant indent3.5.40lnAothndg cre made ofrmy acemtuen ofrduty;"line-2.3.40" e-2.3.47e="2.39nthe reason
9span class="ftln" name" name="line_2.3ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.5.p7"t indent3.5.4tlnWethav3.netedrit.—Calliser befcre us,efss"ftln_09ignmenpan clase="2.39ntln_0993">FTLN 0993
<9a>I was up so epan clason">Mn"3.5.42.e must receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 never amend.
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FTLN 1015FTLN 0970<39hy, -1019"9s>&pan>Mn"3.5.49.e must receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015  &n5sp; FT93 1021He
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FTLN 1015 FTLN 0993 9"FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda135n" title="editorial emendation">M3.5.y2"t indent3.5."> FTLN 0964  FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015I was up so espan>
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)FTL9e="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.5.57nt indent3.5.57 2Wh FTLN 1003.5.58nt indent3.5.5101Ssetah is tue=iduty/leav3.unpaidotopLN span>FTLN 0970<394y, -1019"940FT94 1021 9span class="ftln" nameNbr" name="line_nbsp;

9FTLN 0999M3.5.62"t indent3.5.6> FTLN 0964  Mn"3.5.sur dear son,FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 20FTL9ss="lineNbr" name="linn’s eye. I lodge i3.5.Ne nM3.5.6gnt indent3.5.6ng "on,sItsay,sfollowptheyKial;"line-2.3.40" span>


FTL9iv class="pageHeading">
I was up so espan>

FTL95pan class="ftln" nameclass="alignmentEmend" alt="editorial emenda180n" title="editorial emendation">M3.5.68nt indent3.5.6101Go,/look aft r;"line-2.3.40" e-2.3.47on">Mn"3.5.s8.e must receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 0970<39"> <6">FTL9i> Mn"3.5.sand ta’enFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015M3.5.69nt indent3.5.69 mPisanio,/tdN oasattnd ndsst/no for/Posthumus—detln_09ignmenpan clase="2.39tne">  l95 1021
9ass="ftln" name="ftln_0952">FTLN 0952 9aaLN 0999 FTLN 0964May bare the raveclass="alignment indentVerse">  tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.n4"t indent3.5.7n.20FTL9eHeader"> Scene 3 FTLan class="alignment indentVerse"> FTL95wn.
FTL9>FTL9>title="2.3.13">penetr.png" class="img>I was up so e3.40" e-2.3.47on">Mn"3.5.78.e must receive himI was uI was up so ep so epan clase="2.39Nass="ftln" name="ftln_0970">FTLN 0970<396> <6">FTL90960"> FTLN 1003.5.79nt indent3.5.="ftHow now,/my=son?lass="alpan>
  l96 1021&Emend" alt="editorial emenda93n" title="editorial emendation">M3.5.8nmt indent3.5. nam’Tisacertain she is flem;"line-2.3.40" pan clasp139lndentInline">  &n5sp;
FTLN 1003.5. 7"t indent3.5.8nt Go in and/cheerttheyKial; H tr uss; nonedetln_09ignmenpan clase="2.39se natural notes about her body
 I was up so espan>
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FTLN 1015 FTLN 0964May bare the raveeft: 40pxerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda58n" title="editorial emendation">M3.5.83"t indent3.5. ne"All=as ybett r; Maydetln_09ignmenpan clase="2.39sftln-1005">  Mn"3.5.84.e must receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 20FTL96Header"> Scene 3 FTL9indentInline"> 
FTL9FTL9penetr/s -2.3. name="fpan>FTL9<960">   l9name6">FTL9< class="alignment indn’s eye. I lodge i3.5.stag9="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracious mother.

 ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.5.s7"t indent3.5.9e mTse lowpPosthumus slandnrsoso ser/judgrse""ftln_09pan> FTLN 0964

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 M3.5.96nt indent3.5.9
FTLN 0978 
FTL9ss="alignment" style="eft: 40pxerse"> FTL9s960"> FTLN 1018TuN oa/ttndraWe swaysii"h"an tfi015s;"line-2.3.40" e-2.3.47on">Mn"3.5.99.e must receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015   l98ame6">FTL9ass="alignment" style=n’s eye. I lodge i3.5.10 titvent" style="padding-left: 40pxerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda215n" title="editorial emendation">M3.5.10 tt indent3.5.10 tiO,egood myelnam—detln_09ignmenspan>

FTL98ss="ftln" name="ftln_entVerse"> ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.5.707"t indent3.5.eFTL9s5="a>FTLN 0964FTL9a1"> ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.5.103"t indent3.5.1akerIsllisav3.this secredsfrom ndy/sea/ttor ripspan> FTL9aan>
FTLN 1003.5.104"t indent3.5.704 Tuy/sea/tttopfindrit. Is she ii"h"Posthumus,span>20FTL9a6"> FTL9andentInline">  FTL99="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracEmend" alt="editorial emenda152n" title="editorial emendation">M3.5.107nt indent3.5.""ftlAMaj, myelnam,span>FTL99s="alignment" style="y and to my gracious mother.
FTLN 0970<39Inli6">FTL99960"> FTLN 1003.5.109nt indent3.5." I was up so espan>
FT9ine"6">FTL99ss="alignment" style=n’s eye. I lodge i3.5.77 tittv class="pageHeading">
M3.5.17 tt indent3.5.e10 2Wh  &n5sp;
FTL99ftln-0932"> FTLN 1003.5.e77"t indent3.5.e1110Neefaran risaltial; S
FTL99FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.5.ee2"t indent3.5."">FTWsattis become.ofrser.>I was up so espan>
FTLN 0964FTL9entProse"> &ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.5.ee3"t indent3.5.1I was up so espan>
&Emend" alt="editorial emenda116n" title="editorial emendation">M3.5.174"t indent3.5.7a naAll-wssxhyevillain!span>20FTL996&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.11gnt indent3.5.77ng DiscovFTL99ndentInline"> "3.5.116lt indent3.5.1ass=At theynexttwnam. Nee cre ofr“wssxhyelnam”!span>6">FT20 "3.5.117nt indent3.5."mendS nam, or xhyesilescespa as innd nt isspan>FT20I was up so espan>
FTLN 0970<20FT20&Emend" alt="editorial emenda191n" title="editorial emendation">M3.5.119nt indent3.5."19">Tu n,isir,span>F20<>FT20FT20 FTLN 1003.5.e"7"t indent3.5.e"7">Touchndg n riflWe s."ftln_09pan clason">Mn"3.5.1nnt indentProse"> nd us.rWe sn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.5.e"7"t indentt i3.5.e"7"ma>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
M3.5.1f2"t indent3.5.1f2">Le ss seer’t. Iirillipursueaserspan>FTLN 0964FT20 &ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.5.ef3"t indent3.5.ef3">EventtopAugustus’/thron .>I was up so espan>
Mn"3.5.1nur dear son,
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT20
&Emend" alt="editorial emenda80n" title="editorial emendation">M3.5.1f4"t indent3.5.1nur Or.this or perish.>I was up so epan clase="2.2020FT20<6FT20 "3.5.1"6lt indent3.5.1"6l>Maypprov3.his travail,inet ser/danger.>I was up so espan>

20of t6">FT20tv class="pageHeading">
M3.5.127nt indent3.5.127n>Humh!>I was up so espan>
Mn"3.5.1n8.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.5.e"8.f t indentt i3.5.1n8.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015  FT20ts="alignment" style="y and to my gracious mother.
FTLN 0970<201ass6">FT201>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.129nt indent3.5.129n>Safeomayst/tdN owandnr,isafeoreturn again!>I was up so espan>
F201>FT20n class="alignment indn’s eye. I lodge i3.5.1edit1>
FT20e-SD2.3.58.0"> amo1pan>"3.5.1e7"t indent3.5.e3tlnSir,eas Iithndk.>I was up so espan>


amo1pan>"3.5.1e2"t indent3.5.13assIteis Posthumus’ hand,sItknowr’t. Sirrah, ifspan>
FTLN 0964FT2011">&Pro-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.133"t indent3.5.133">tdN ow is st/net be atvillain,ibudsdo meltrueservice,span> FT20editorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10Pro-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.134"t indent3.5.1322"undergopthos temployme="s iuereinsItsh is span>20FT2016&Pro-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.13gnt indent3.5.7me nsav3.causeato us3.thee ii"h"aseriousorseustryFT201ndentInline"> "3.5.136lt indent3.5.13D 2asattis,ewsattvillainy=sop
FT202"3.5.137nt indent3.5.13endidsdirectlyyand/truly FT20 "3.5.138nt indent3.5.13101mou. TuN osh is st/ne/an rowantpmyemeans for/thyspan>FTLN 0970<202ass6">FT20n>"3.5.139nt indent3.5.139lnrnt eftnor myevoacemfor/thyopreferme=".>I was up so espan>
F20n>FT20n class="alignment indn’s eye. I lodge i3.5.1pan 14

FT20n-SD2.3.58.0"> amo1pan>"3.5.1p7"t indent3.5.14tlnWilt/tdN oserve me? For sincs p
FT20a>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.142"t indent3.5.142">constaaslyytdN ohasttstuckttopthe ba/s fortune ofspan>FTLN 0964FT20" title="SD">t indentVerse">&Pro-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.143"t indent3.5.143 2asattbeggar/Posthumus, tdN ocanst/net ia asespan> FT20"ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10Pro-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.144"t indent3.5.144"> ourseaofrgr20FT20an>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.14gnt indent3.5.74e nme=".sWilt/tdN oserve me?span>  &n5sp;

amo1pan>"3.5.146lt indent3.5.14D 2Sir,eIirill;"I was up so espan>
FT20>Give meltuy/sand; H spss myepurse."ftln_09pan clason">Mn"3.5.1pftln-1005"> FTLN 1024 
="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"t i3.5.e47nt indentt i3.5.e47n"sim money."rom Rome;

FTLN 1015 FT20span class="ftlamo1pan>"3.5.148nt indent3.5.14101Hasttanysofrany late mast"pFTLN 0970<20eass6">FT20s>"3.5.149nt indent3.5.149n>ia asyepossession?lass="alpan>
F20e>FT20s class="alignment indn’s eye. I lodge i3.5.1te t15FT20"ftln-0932"> ="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.157"t indent3.5.157">wosp iuen hettook/leav3.ofrmyeladyyand/mistress;"I was up so espan>


amo1pan>"3.5.1y2"t indent3.5.1y2"mTse firsttservice/tdN odcst/m3, fetchtue=isuitspan>
FTLN 0964FT20 ="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.153"t indent3.5.15 10h/an r. Le2.3dsbe asyefirsttservice. Go.>I was up so espan>
FT20 7>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.154"t indent3.5.1522"Itshall, myelnam;"I was upan clason">Mn"3.5.1tthe reason
nd us.rWe sn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.5.e54"t indentt i3.5.154"0H texits.>I was uI was up so espan>
amo1pan>"3.5.1ygnt indent3.5.755 >Meet.thee 2t Milfnam Hav3n!
="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.156lt indent3.5.15D 2sim one thndg; Isllir 10menrr’tyanon. Eventtuere,span>
)FT20e="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracPro-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.157nt indent3.5.1ed atdN ovillain/Posthumus, rilliI kill=as ".sItw is span> FT20e"3.5.158nt indent3.5.158n>theseagarme="s were come. Shp saidoupon at imeFTLN 0970<20pass6">FT20e>"3.5.159nt indent3.5.159n>the bitt raess ofrittItnowrentchfrom my/sea/tF204>FT20span>"3.5.1N 0t indent3.5.1N 09tue=issethes the very garme=" ofrPosthumus in"ftln_09pan>FT20span class="ftln" nameNbr" name="line_Pro-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.1N7"t indent3.5.1ss=" cre respect.th2 nmy/noble and/naturTLNperson,span>FT20sTLN 0999"3.5.162"t indent3.5.162">togean rowi"h"an tadornme=" ofrmy/quclaties.sWi"h"ftln_09pan>FTLN 0964FT20n class="ftln" name="fNbr" name="line_Pro-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.163"t indent3.5.163 2asattsuittupon my/back rilliI ravisd.her. First, kill"ftln_09pan> FT20lass="alignment indentclass="alignmentPro-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.164"t indent3.5.1in.20FT20ss="lineNbr" name="linn’s eye. I lodge i3.5.16ng 1"3.5.16gnt indent3.5.76ng wlour will=as nsbe attorme=" to ser/contemp".>I was up so epan clase="2.20pand ta’en

"3.5.166lt indent3.5.1="ftHespa as ground,/my=speeur ofrinsultrse""ftln_09pan>FT20iv class="pageHeading">
"3.5.167nt indent3.5.16d aendemspa hispdeed body, and/wsen my/lusttha=h"ftln_09pan> FT205pan class="ftln" nameclass="alignmentPro-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.168nt indent3.5.16101dan>m—wlour,eas Iisay,stopvex ser/Iirilliexecutedetln_09ignmenpan clase="2.205ass="ftln" name="ftln_0970">FTLN 0970<205ass6">FT20i>&Pro-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.169nt indent3.5.169n>ia ase clothestue=issetso prais>m—topthe ournspan>F205>FT201="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.1gnmt indent3.5.1gnmeIslliknock ser/back, fset ser/home.again" Ssetha=hspan>FT20ass="ftln" name="ftln_0952">FTLN 0952="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.1g7"t indent3.5.1ent despis>m melrejoicnd-ly, and/Isllibe merry in myspan>FT20a/span>"3.5.172"t indent3.5.172">re.3nge">I was up so e3.40" e-2.3.47on">Mn"3.5.172.e must receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 0964FT20.53">May bare the raveclass="alignmentPro-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.173"t indent3.5.1nameBepthos tas garme="s?lass="alpan>
FT20.7>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.1n4"t indent3.5.1n4">Ay,nmy/noble lnam;"I was up so espan>
20FT20.s="lineNbr" name="linn’s eye. I lodge i3.5.17ng 17Fn>
amo1pan>"3.5.1gngt indent3.5.17ng How longeis ’tysincs she ie=" to Milfnam Hav3n?lass="alpan>


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FT20>FT20>pan class="ftln" nameclass="alignmentPro-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.178nt indent3.5.178n>seco g thndg asattIthav3.commandemsas ".sTsespan>FTLN 0970<206ass6">FT200960"> "3.5.179nt indent3.5.179n>thiam istue=itdN owilt/be atvoluntary muteltopmyspan>  &n6sp;F206>FT206&Pro-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.18nmt indent3.5.1 namdesign" Belbudsduteous, and/trueopreferme=" shallspan>FT206ss="ftln" name="ftln_ineNbr" name="liPro-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.187"t indent3.5.18nt tenber itselfttopthe" isnowr2t Milfnam.>I was up so epan clase="2.20se natural notes about her body<20se n6">FT206/span>"3.5.182"t indent3.5.182">W is Ithadywingsttopfollow it! Come, and/beltrue;"line-2.3.40" e-2.3.47on">Mn"3.5.182.e must receive himI was uI was up so espan>
FTLN 0964FT20<53">May bare the raveeft: 40pxerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.5.183"t indent3.5.183">TuN obiddsst/meltopmyelnss, fss trueotopthe""ftln_09pan> FT206ass="alignment indentVerse"> Were nopprov3.false,ewsour Iirillinever/be,span>20FT206s="lineNbr" name="linn’s eye. I lodge i3.5.1ignm1s5="a>FT20indentInline"> 
FT20Mn"3.5.188.e must receive himI was uI was up so ep so ep so e id="line-2.3.47 clas3.6.f tst rlit" style="pa" s2s="ftln" name="fscenpan ce="ftlScenp 6o e id="line-2.3.47 clasn"3.6.f the season. Make dend us.csnt"pedn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.6.f t indentt i3.6.f tEnt"p Imogen alone,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0970<207ass6">FT20<960"> I was up so epan clase="2.20<>F207>FT20< class="alignment ind/s -2.3. name="f"fdt-emend-r.png" class="imgEmend" 3.6.2"t indent3.6.2 aIthav3.tir>m myself, and/fss twoanWe ssttogean r>I was up so epan clase="2.20
FT207ss="ftln" name="ftln_entVerse"> ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.6.3"t indent3.6.301Have made as ground my/bed. Itsh is /be sickspan>
FT2075="a>FTLN 0964FT20.1"> FT20pan>
 TuN owasttii"hin a ken. O Jov3, Iithndkspan>20FT20p6">  m—suur,eIemean,span>FT20pndentInline">  FTLN 0978FT20ment" style="padding-left: 40pxerse"> FT20ms="alignment" style="n’s eye. I lodge i3.6.7 titent" style="padding-left: 40pxerse"> FT20m960"> F208>FT20ass="alignment" style=/s -2.3. name="f"fdt-emend-r.png" class="imgEmend" 3.6.72"t indent3.6.">FTWsFT208ss="ftln" name="ftln_entVerse"> ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.6."3"t indent3.6.1>FT2085="a>FTLN 0964FT20a1"> FT20aan>
FTLN 1003.6.76"t indent3.6.1"ftMy.hunger20FT20a6"> FTLN 1003.6.77"t indent3.6.1ftlAttpointttopsndkafss food. But wsattis asis?lass="alpan>FT20andentInline">   &n6sp;FT209="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracnbsp;
FT209s="alignment" style="n’s eye. I lodge i3.6.n an2FT209960"> FTLN 1003.6.27"t indent3.6.2nt Plracyyand/peacesbr"emstc wards;ihardaess ever>I was up so epan clase="2.20s>F209>FT209ss="alignment" style=y and to my gracss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.6.22"t indent3.6.2y, Ofihardiness is moan r.—Ho! WhoI was up so epan clase="2.20sthe reason
FT209ftln-0932"> FTLN 1003.6.23"t indent3.6.n>
FT209FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.6.n4"t indent3.6.ntheTake os lrad; Ho!I was up so epan clase="2.20s"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964FT20entProse">  FT20ean>
FTLN 1003.6.26"t indent3.6.2"ftBut feareane swnamplike/m3, hpMn"3.6.2".e must receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 101520FT2096FTLN 1003.6.27"t indent3.6.nftlSuch"afoe,egood heav3ns!span>Mn"3.6.27.e must receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015Mn"3.6.27.y, such and such; andnd us.csnt"pedn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.6.27.y,t indentt i3.6.27.2 tEnt"p Belariusea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015Mn"3.6.28.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.6.28.f t indentt i3.6.28.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
6">FT21 "3.6.29"t indent3.6.2andAre mast"psofrane feast. Cadwalyand/I"ftl>FT21 "3.6.3 at indent3.6.editWill playpthe ookaand/servant; ’tis our match.>I was up so epan clase="2.21FTLN 0970<21FT21&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.6.37"t indent3.6.3nt Tne sweat ofrineustryoi is dryyand/diespan>F21<>FT21&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.6.32"t indent3.6.eassBut foreane end/ittwnakstto. Come, our stomachsspan>FT21 FTLN 1003.6.e3"t indent3.6.33itWill make wsat
FT21FTLN 1003.6.e4"t indent3.6.3theC04"sncre upon ane fl/spawsen resty"slo=hspan>FTLN 0964FT21 &ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.6.engt indent3.6.3ng 6rsespthe down pillow hard.sNow peacesbeasers,span> FT21
&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.6.e6"t indent3.6.3"ftPoss house,easattkeepsst/thyself.>I was up so espan>
Mn"3.6.mftln-1005"> FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 20FT21<6FTLN 1003.6.e7"t indent3.6.mftlI am/throughlyeweary.>I was up so espan>
Mn"3.6.m8.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.6.38.f t indentt i3.6.38.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT21 "3.6.38"t indent3.6.m8tlI am/weakowi"h"aoil,iyettstrongein appe in .>I was up so espan>
Mn"3.6.m9.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.6.39.f t indentt i3.6.39.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
21of t6">FT21tent" style="padding-left: 40pxerse"> 
 FT21ts="alignment" style="n’s eye. I lodge i3.6.pan e="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracnbsp;Mn"3.6.41.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.6.41.f t indentt i3.6.41.f t,ea2.3.38">your Majestnd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.6.41.f t indentt i3.6.41.f ta>FTLN 1024  <-2.2.28" t i3.6.41.f t indentt i3.6.41.f t,ea2.3.38">your Majestnd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.6.41.f t indentt i3.6.41.f tlnokingeinpopthe av3
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0970<211ass6">FT211>M3.6.41at mStay,scome"ftl>F211>FT21n class="alignment indan class="lineNbRunOntitle="editorial emendation">M3.6.42"t indent3.6.passnet ia!span>FT211ftln-0932"> FTLN 1003.6.43"t indent3.6.4>FT2115="a>I was up so espan>
Mn" natural notes aboutnd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.6.45 t indentt i3.6.45 t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0964FT2111">editorial emenda0nM3.6.4ngt indent3.6.45 2What  &n6sp;Mn"3.6.46.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.6.46.f t indentt i3.6.46.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT21editorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20FT2116FT211ndentInline"> I was up so e3.40" e-2.3.47on">Mn"3.6.4n.e must receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015Mn"3.6.4and ta’enFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT212editorial emenda9nM3.6.49"t indent3.6.49 tGood mast"ps,iharm/melnet.>I was up so epan clase="2.212nt indentProse"> 
FTLN 0970<212ass6">FT21n>F21n>FT21n class="alignment indan class="lineNbRunOntitle="editorial emendation">M3.6.52"t indent3.6.5asstroth,span>FT212ftln-0932"> FTLN 1003.6.53"t indent3.6.5>FT21a>M3.6.54"t indent3.6.5thefoundspan>FTLN 0964FT21" title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge n55="a>Mn"3.6.55.e must receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT212ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20FT2126FT212ndentInline"> I was up so espan>
Mn"3.6.tand ta’en
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT213/dentInline"> M3.6.59"t indent3.6.59 tMoney, youth?lass="alpan>
Mn"3.6.60.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.6.60.f t indentt i3.6.60.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015  FT213 FTLN 0970<213ass6">FT213>F213>FT213ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.6.62"t indent3.6.6>FTWso worshippdirty gods.>I was up so espan>
Mn"3.6.0>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT213ftln-0932"> M3.6.63"t indent3.6.63""Itsee you’re angry.>I was up so epan clase="2.213ng of it.

FT21"FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.6.64"t indent3.6.6theKnow,/if you kill=me foremy fault, Itsh is >I was up so epan clase="2.213"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964
FT213 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge n6/span>FTLN 1003.6.65"t nHave diedasadtItnotymade i".>I was up so espan>
Mn"3.6.6"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.6.66 t indentt i3.6.66 t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT213ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10Emend" alt="editorial emenda43n" title="editorial emendation">M3.6.66"t indent3.6.66n Whian robound?lass="alpan>
Mn"3.6.0ftln-1005"> FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 20FT2136FTLN 1003.6.67"t indent3.6.6ftlTo Milfnam Hav3n.>I was up so espan>
Mn"3.6.6name="line_2.3.20">20nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.6.68 t indentt i3.6.68tl,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015

amo1pan>"3.6.68 t indent3.6.68tlWhatMn"3.6.09.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.6.69.f t indentt i3.6.69.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT21e="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracnbsp;
 FT214FTLN 0970<214ass6">FT214>F214>FT214ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.6.72"t indent3.6.72tlI am/fallsnnia ahispoffbns .>I was up so espan>
Mn"3.6.<>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT214ftln-0932"> M3.6.73"t indent3.6.73 tPrias ", fair youth,span>
FT21sTLN 0999"3.6.74"t indent3.6.7theThndkaus notchurls, neromeasure our good mrsesspan>FTLN 0964FT214 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge n75="a> FT214ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;I was up so epan clasp15nt dentInline">  &n6sp;20FT2146">  FT214ndentInline"> I was up so espan>
Mn"3.6.gand ta’en
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT21iv class="pageHeading">
M3.6.79"t indent3.6.79 tWere you a womaa, youth,span> FT215 FTLN 0970<215ass6">FT215>I was up so espan>
Mn"3.6. y, such and such; andnd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.6.8y,t indentt i3.6. y, ,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 F215>FT215ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda25n" title="editorial emendation">M3.6.82"t indent3.6. y, Isllimake ’temy comfornspan>FT215ftln-0932"> FTLN 1003.6.83"t indent3.6.8>FT2155="a>FTLN 0964FT215 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i3.6. ng 85="a>I was up so epan clase="2.215ftln-1005"> FT215ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;I was up so espan>
Mn"3.6. ftln-1005"> FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 20FT2156"> M3.6.87"t indent3.6.8ftl’Mongst>I was up so epan clase="2.215and ta’en
FT215ndentInline"> M3.6.88"t indent3.6. namfri015s?>I was up so epan clase="2.216 angry purpose now.

Mn"3.6. and ta’en(span>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015)span> < I was up so epan clase="2.216nt indentProse"> FT216your Majesty and to my gracnbsp;FTLN 0970<216ass6">FT216>F216>FT216ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.6.92"t indent3.6.9y, To as ", Pcsthumus.>I was up so espan>
Mn"3.6.s>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT216ftln-0932"> M3.6.93"t indent3.6.9>I was up so espan>
Mn"3.6.94.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.6.94.f t indentt i3.6.94.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT216/span>FTLN 1003.6.94"t indent3.6.9theW is /I c is /free ’t!>I was up so espan>
Mn"3.6.sng of it.

nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.6.95 t indentt i3.6.95 t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0964 FT216 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i3.6.95 t9FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda0n" title="editorial emendation">M3.6.95"t indent3.6.95 tOr I, wsate’er/itabs,span> FT216ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;
Mn"3.6.sftln-1005"> FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 20FT2166"> M3.6.97"t indent3.6.9ftlHark, boys.>I was up so epan clason">Mn"3.6.sf.e must receive himFTLN 1024 I was u"line-2.2.28" t i3.6.97.e t indentt i3.6.sf.e mtle="etalk aside."rom Rome;
FTLN 1015


amo1pan>"3.6.98"t indent3.6.9namGreatt101span>
 FT217 "3.6.1Tuatadida2ttend/ndemselves and/sadtane virtue"ftl>FTLN 0970<217ass6">FT217>FTLN 0970<217>FT217ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.6.1Tuatanothndg-gifdsofrdiffbsingemul inudes,span>FT217ftln-0932"> FTLN 1003.6.1<>FT2175="a>FTLN 0964 FT217 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i3.6.1FTLN 1003.6.1I was up so espan>
Mn"3.6.1<"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.6.1<"ft indentt i3.6.1<"ft,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT217ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10Emend" alt="editorial emenda0n" title="editorial emendation">M3.6.1<"ft indent3.6.1<"ftIt shall be so.>I was up so epan clase="2.217name="line_2.3.20">20FT2176">  I was up so epan clase="2.217and ta’en
FT21ment" style="padding-left: 40pxerse"> I was up so epan clase="2.218nt indentProse"> FT218 I was up so epan clasp153t dentInline">  &n7sp;Mn"3.6.1ont indentProse"> nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.6.11e t indentt i3.6.1ont ,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0970<218ass6">FT218>M3.6.11e t indent3.6.1ont Pray,sdraw nea=.>I was up so espan>
Mn"3.6.112.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.6.112.f t indentt i3.6.1o2.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0970<218>FT218ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.6.11ast indent3.6.112t Tne nWe s popth’/owl and/mornttopth’/lark less"ftl>FT218ftln-0932"> M3.6.11>I was up so espan>
Mn"3.6.1our dear son,
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT2185="a>M3.6.11urt indent3.6.11theThanks, sir.>I was up so espan>
Mn"3.6.11ng of it.

nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.6.11ngt indentt i3.6.1o5 t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0964 FT218 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i3.6.1o5 t115="a>M3.6.11ngt indent3.6.1o5 tI pray,sdraw nea=.>I was up so epan clason">Mn"3.6.11n.e must receive himI was uI was up so ep so ep so e id="line-2.3.47on">M3.7.f tat rlit" style="pa" s2s="ftln" name="fscenpan ce="ftlScenp < was u>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015Mn"3.7.f the season. Make dend us.csnt"pedn"="line-2.2.28" t i3.7.f t indentt i3.7.f tEnt"p two Romaa Sena5">s, and/Tribunes.>I was uI was up so ep so espan>
FT218ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20FT2186">  Tuatasince the ommon/m3n arelnewein ac/spa"ftl>FT218ndentInline"> FT219="2.3.38">your Majesty and to my gracnbsp; FT219your Majesty and to my gracnbsp;FTLN 0970<219ass6">FT219>FTLN 0970<219>FT219ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.7.7 t indent3.7.7t Tne g">&ryttopthis business. H Ncreates"ftl>FT219ftln-0932"> FTLN 1003.7.8 t indent3.7.namLucius proaonsul; and/topyou ane tribunes"ftl>FT219FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.7.9 t indent3.7.and6oreannseimm101ate levy, he ommesesspan>FTLN 0964 FT219 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i3.7.e/a>1
FT219ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;erTLNofrane forces?>I was up so espan>
20FT2196"> M3.7.e2 t indent3.7.12t Ay.>I was up so espan>

FT219ndentInline"> I was up so espan>

FT22 M3.7.14 t indent3.7.1theWi"h"adose legspas"ftl> 
FT22<&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1003.7.15 t indent3.7.o5 tWhichtIthav3.spoke of, ws"peuntopyour levy"ftl>FTLN 0970<220ass6">FT22<>Musdsbe supplyant.sTse wordspofpyour ommission"ftl>FTLN 0970<220>FT22&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"3.7.17 t indent3.7.1ftlWill=tie you topthelnumbbsp and/nde=timespan>FT22 FTLN 1003.7.18 t indent3.7.1namOftaneir di100tch.>I was up so espan>

FT22&Emend" alt="editorial emenda75n" title="editorial emendation">M3.7.19 t indent3.7.19 tWeowill di1charge our duty.>I was up so epan clason">Mn"3.7.19.e must receive himI was uI was up so ep so ep so e id="lin id="linh so e3.40" e-2.3.47p15ftlst repan clason">M4.0.f tat rlit" style="pa" s1s="ftln" name="ftln_ ac/an ce="ftl: 274o e id="line-2.3.47on">M4.1.f tat rlit" style="pa" s2s="ftln" name="fscenpan ce="ftlScenp 1o e id="line-2.3.47on">Mn"4.1.f the season. Make dend us.csnt"pedn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.1.f t indentt i4.1.f tEnt"p Clot3n alone,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0964 FT22<6span> FT22FTLN 1004.1.2 t indent4.1.2s=if Pisinspthav3.mappem/itatruly; Hewefitasis garentVsspan>20FT22<6"> FTLN 1004.1.3 t indent4.1.>FT22 FTLN 1004.1.4 t indent4.1.thewastmade by.sim asattmade nde=tailor,net be fit"ftl>FT221your Majesty and to my gracPro"ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.1.5 t indent4.1.e ntoo?sTse raan r, savingerev"pence ofrane word, for"ftl> FT221FTLN 1004.1.6 t indent4.1."ft’tis saida2 womaaFTLN 0970<221ass6">FT221>FTLN 1004.1.7 t indent4.1.ftlmusdsplayrane workmaa./I darela nak i"ttopmyself,span>FTLN 0970<221>FT221ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&Pro"ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.1.8 t indent4.1.namfor/itais not vainglory foreaamaa and/sis gstylttospan>FT221ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.1.9 t indent4.1.andconfer/in/sis ow="ahambbs./I meaa, tde lines ofrmy"ftl>FT221FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i4.1.e/a>1FTLN 1004.1.e0 t indent4.1.e/a>body arelastwellidrawnlastsis,ne less young, mo/s"ftl>FTLN 0964 FT221 title="SD">n" name="ftln_10Pro"ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN t indent4.1.ent strong;net benea"h.him ia fornunes, beyond/simspan> FT221ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10Pro"ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.1.12 t indent4.1.1assia aheladvand us.ofrane time, abov3.sim ia birth,span>20FT2216"> FTLN 1004.1.13 t indent4.1.1>erTLNservices, and/mo/s remarkabls"ftl>FT221ndentInline"> FTLN 1004.1.14 t indent4.1.1theD2 singls.opposi/spas.sYeteannseimperceiv"pin-"ftl>FT222&Pro"ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.1.15 t indent4.1.o5 tthndgilov3s.sim ia my despite. Wsa-"ftl> FT222FTLN 1004.1.16 t indent4.1.16g mo/ty atyais! Pcsthumus,rany.head, whichtneweisspan>FTLN 0970<222ass6">FT222>FTLN 1004.1.17 t is e>s, shall wi"hia ahisph ir"ftl>FTLN 0970<222>FT222ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&Pro"ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.1.18 t,rany.mistress enforced,rany.garentVs cutttospan>FT222ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.1.19 t indent4.1.1andpieces befopettdy face; and/all ahispdone,espurnth"r>I was up so epan clase="2.222ng of it.
FT222FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i4.1.2 an2FTLN 1004.1.20 t indent4.1.2 r, whoamay.haply be a litnde angry>I was up so epan clase="2.222"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT222 title="SD">n" name="ftln_10Pro"ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.1.2e t indent4.1.2nt oremy so rough us us. Butemy moan r, having>I was up so epan clase="2.222ftln-1005"> FT222ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10Pro"ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.1.22 t indent4.1.2asspoweroofrhisptestiaess, shall turntall intopmy ommesea/spas.>I was up so epan clase="2.222name="line_2.3.20">20FT2226"> FTLN 1004.1.23 t indent4.1.2>FT222ndentInline"> FTLN 1004.1.24 t indent4.1.2theand/topa sopetpurposs. Fornune,tputttdem intopmyspan>  &n2sp;
FT223FTLN 1004.1.25 t indent4.1.2ng hand!sTsnseis ane v"py descrip/spa.ofraneir/meeting>I was up so epan clase="2.223nt indentProse"> 
FT223FTLN 1004.1.26 t indent4.1.26g placp, and/nde fellewedares not deceiv" me.>I was up so epan clason">Mn"4.1.26.e must receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015I was uI was up so ep so ep so e id="line-2.3.47on">M4.2.f tat rlit" style="pa" s2s="ftln" name="fscenpan ce="ftlScenp 2o e id="line-2.3.47on">Mn"4.2.f the season. Make dend us.csnt"pedn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.f t indentt i4.2.f tEnt"p Belarius a>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015-2.2.28" t i4.2.f t indentt i4.2.f tArviragus a>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015-2.2.28" t i4.2.f t indentt i4.2.f t av3.>I was uI was up so ep so espan>
Mn"4.2.1.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.1.f t indentt i4.2.1.f t, /a>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0970<223ass6">FT223>You arelnet/well. Remain s"petia ahel av3.>I was up so epan clase="2.223>FTLN 0970<223>FT223ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.2 t indent4.2.2 aft r huntial.>I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT223ftln-0932"> M4.2.>I was up so epan clase="2.223ng of it.

FT223FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.4I was up so espan>
Mn" of it.

nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.ngt indentt i4.2.5 t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0964 FT223 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.5 tFTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda14n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.5 FT223ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20FT2236">  I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.8.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.8.f t indentt i4.2.8.f t, /a>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT223ndentInline"> I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.9.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.9.f t indentt i4.2.9.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT224FTLN 0970<224ass6">FT224>I was up so epan clase="2.224>FTLN 0970<224>FT224ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.12 t indent4.2.1assStick/topyour journal c irsp.sTse breach.ofrcusdomspan>FT224ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.1>FT224FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.14FTLN 0964 FT224 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.o5 t1FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.o5 t indent4.2.15, To onednet/sociabls./I am net/v"py sick,span> FT224ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20FT2246">  FT224ndentInline"> I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.19.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.19.f t indentt i4.2.19.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT225/dentInline"> M4.2.19
 FT225"4.2.2/at indent4.2.2 anHewemuchtane quantity,rane weWe s astmuchspan>FTLN 0970<225ass6">FT225>I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.2ass="ftln" name="ftlnnd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.22 t indentt i4.2.22 t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0970<225>FT225ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda7n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.22 t indent4.2.22tlWhat? Hew, how?span>  &n2sp;Mn"4.2.23.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.23.f t indentt i4.2.23.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT225ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.2>
FT225FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.24I was up so epan clase="2.225"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT225 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.2ng 2FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.25 t indent4.2.25 lI lov3/ndis youth,sand/Ithav3.heard you say>I was up so epan clase="2.225ftln-1005"> FT225ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20FT2256">  I was up so epan clase="2.225and ta’en
FT225ndentInline"> I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.2and ta’en
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT226/dentInline"> M4.2.29
 FT226FTLN 0970<226ass6">FT226>FTLN 0970<226>FT226ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.32 t indent4.2.3assNaturethath meal and/braa, contempt and/grace.>I was up so epan clase="2.226the reason
FT226ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.3>I was up so epan clase="2.226ng of it.

FT226FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.34
FTLN 0964 FT226 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.3ng 3FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.35 t indent4.2.3ng sTis ane n/sphph ir o’/th’/morn.>I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.>"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.>"ft indentt i4.2.36 t, /a>"ft indentt i4.2.36 ta>FTLN 1024 "ft indentt i4.2.36 tn" namCadwal"ft indentt i4.2.36 t, /a>"ft indentt i4.2.36 ttopFidele
FTLN 1015 FT226ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10Emend" alt="editorial emenda0n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.>"ft indent4.2.36 tBroan r, farewell.>I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.37.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.>7.f t indentt i4.2.37.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 7.f t indentt i4.2.37.f tspan>
FTLN 1015 20FT2266">  I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.>name="line_2.3.20">20nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.>8 t indentt i4.2.38 t,ea>FTLN 1024 8 t indentt i4.2.38 tn" namCadwal
FTLN 1015
FT226ndentInline"> M4.2.>8I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.39.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.39.f t indentt i4.2.39.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
 FT227FTLN 0970<227ass6">FT227>FTLN 0970<227>FT227ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.42 t indent4.2.42a>Tu’/imperioustseas breeds/monstln-; foreane di1hspan>FT227ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.4>I was up so epan clase="2.227ng of it.
FT227FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.44FTLN 0964 FT227 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.4ng 4FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.45 t indent4.2.4ng Isllinewetastl.ofrany drul.>I was ue-2.3.47on">Mn"4.2.4ng of it.

nd us.rWe sn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.45 t indentt i4.2.45 ta>FTLN 1024 rom Rome;
FTLN 1015Mn"4.2.46.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.46.f t indentt i4.2.46.f t, /a>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT227ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10Emend" alt="editorial emenda202n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.4"ft indent4.2.46g I oulddnet/stir"him.>I was up so epan clase="2.227name="line_2.3.20">20FT2276">  nde.buteunfornunate,span>FT227ndentInline"> I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.49.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.49.f t indentt i4.2.49.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
 FT228 I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.5nt indentProse"> nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.n1 t indentt i4.2.5nt ,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0970<228ass6">FT228>M4.2.51 t indent4.2.51, To th’/field,rao th’/field!span>  &n2sp;FTLN 0970<228>FT228ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.pan clason">Mn"4.2.5ass="ftln" name="ftlnnd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.52 t indentt i4.2.5assa>FTLN 1024 rom Rome;
FTLN 1015<FT228ftln-0932"> M4.2.5>I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.54.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.54.f t indentt i4.2.54.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT228FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.54I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.5ng of it.

nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.nngt indentt i4.2.55 t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0964 FT228 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.55 tFFTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda13n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.55 FT228ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.nftln-1005"> FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 20FT2286"> M4.2.57FT228ndentInline"> I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.5and ta’en
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT229/dentInline"> M4.2.59I was up so epan clason">Mn"4.2.59.e must receive himFTLN 1024 rom Rome;
FTLN 1015FTLN 1024 rom Rome;
FTLN 1015 FT229 FTLN 0970<229ass6">FT229>s.>I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.6ass="ftln" name="ftlnnd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.62 t indentt i4.2.62 t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0970<229>FT229ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda0n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.62 t indent4.2.62 tHeweangel-e=ke hs sings!span>
Mn"4.2.63.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.63.f t indentt i4.2.63.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT229ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.6>
FT229FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.64FTLN 0964 FT229 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.6ng 6FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.65I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.6"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.6"ft indentt i4.2.66 t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT229ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10Emend" alt="editorial emenda0n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.6620FT2296">  FT229ndentInline"> FT230 dentInline"> I was up so epan clase="2.230nt indentProse"> FT230I was up so epan clase="2.230ass="ftln" name="ftln_0970">FTLN 0970<230ass6">FT230>s rail at.>I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.7ass="ftln" name="ftlnnd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.72 t indentt i4.2.72 t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0970<230>FT230ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda48n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.72 t indent4.2.72 tI do nets>I was up so epan clase="2.230the reason
FT230ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.7>
FT230FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.74s togean r.>I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.7ng of it.

nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.7ngt indentt i4.2.75 t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0964 FT230 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.75 t7FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda26n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.75FTLN 1024 M4.2.75
FTLN 1015 FT230ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20FT2306">  
Mn"4.2.78.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.78.f t indentt i4.2.78.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
Mn"4.2.78.e must receive himI was upan>

Mn"4.2.79.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.79.f t indentt i4.2.79.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
 FT231I was up so epan clasp165  &n2sp;Mn"4.2.81.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.81.f t indentt i4.2.81.f t, /a>FTLN 1024  <-2.2.28" t i4.2.81.f t indentt i4.2.81.f t, /a>
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0970<231ass6">FT231>M4.2.81 t indent4.2.8nt “Tdose runagates”?span>FTLN 0970<231>FT231ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.82 t indent4.2.8assMeansane not us? I partly knewehim. sTisspan>FT231ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.8>I was up so epan clase="2.231ng of it.
FT231FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.84
FTLN 0964 FT231 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.8ng 8FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.85I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.86.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.86.f t indentt i4.2.86.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT231ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20FT2316">  I was up so epan clase="2.231and ta’en
FT231ndentInline"> I was upan clason">Mn"4.2.8name="line_2.3.20">20nd us.rWe sn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.88 t indentt i4.2.8nama>FTLN 1024 rom Rome;
FTLN 1015
FT232M4.2.89I was up so epan clase="2.232nt indentProse"> 
FT232 FT232>I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.9ass="ftln" name="ftlnnd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.92 t indentt i4.2.92 t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0970<232>FT232ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda144n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.92 t indent4.2.92 tA thndgspan>FT232ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.9>FT232FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.94I was up so espan>
FTLN 0964 FT232 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.9ng 9FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda132n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.95 FT232ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.97.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.97.f t indentt i4.2.97.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 20FT2326">  FT232ndentInline"> FT233 FT233 FT233>I was up so espan>
FTLN 0970<233>FT233ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda147n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.102at indent4.2.102g Tnou villain base,sI was up so epan clase="2.233the reason
FT233ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.103at indent4.2.10>

Mn"4.2.10the reason

nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.10tht indentt i4.2.10the,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT233FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda60n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.10tht indent4.2.10theNo, nerrany tail">,sI was up so epan clase="2.233"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT233 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.10ng 10FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lRunOntitle="editorial emendation">M4.2.10ngt indent4.2.10ng rascal.>I was up so epan clase="2.233ftln-1005"> FT233ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20FT2336">  I was up so espan>

FT233ndentInline"> M4.2.108gt indent4.2.108g Tnou precioustvarlet,sI was up so epan clase="2.234 angry purpose now.

FT234 made/tdem net.>I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.11 angry purpose now.FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015  FT234M4.2.11f t indent4.2.11 anHence/tden,sand/thaak"ftl>FT234>I was up so epan clase="2.234>FTLN 0970<234>FT234ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.112at indent4.2.112amI am/loath no beat tnee.>I was up so espan>

FT234ftln-0932"> M4.2.113at indent4.2.113g Tnou injurioustanief,sI was up so epan clase="2.234ng of it.

FT234FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.11tht indent4.2.11theHear butdmy ame=,sand/tremble.>I was up so epan clasp167 
&n2sp;Mn"4.2.11ng of it.
nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.11ngt indentt i4.2.115 t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0964 FT234 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.115 t11FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda63n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.11ngt indent4.2.115 tWhatsstany ame=?span>
FT2347ditorial emendation">M4.2.116gt indent4.2.11"ftCloten,ranou villain.>I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.117.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.117.f t indentt i4.2.117.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 20FT2346">  FT234ndentInline"> FT235/dentInline"> I was up so espan>
FT235M4.2.12f t indent4.2.12 anTo thy furan rtfear,sI was up so epan clase="2.235ass="ftln" name="ftln;FT235>FTLN 0970<235>FT235ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.122at indent4.2.122amI am/ th’/Queen.>I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.12>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT235ftln-0932"> M4.2.123at indent4.2.12>
FT23FFTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.12tht indent4.2.12theSo worthy astany birth.>I was up so espan>
FTLN 0964 FT235 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.12ng 12FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lEmend" alt="editorial emenda116n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.12ngt indent4.2.12ng Artdnet/afeard?span>
Mn"4.2.126.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.126.f t indentt i4.2.126.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT235ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20FT2356">  I was up so espan>

FT235ndentInline"> M4.2.128gt indent4.2.12namDi3.tde death!span>
FT236/dentInline">  span>
FT236FT236>I was up so epan clase="2.236>FTLN 0970<236>FT236ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.132at indent4.2.13assYield,rrustic mountainebs!span>Mn"4.2.132.e must receive himspan class="alpan>Mn"4.2.132.ass="ftln" name="ftlnnd us.c="l redn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.132.ast indentt i4.2.132.2 mE"l r Belariusea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 1024 
-2.2.28" t i4.2.132.ast indentt i4.2.132.2 mCadwal.>rom Rome;

FTLN 1015Mn"4.2.13>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT2364>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.133at indent4.2.13>

Mn"4.2.134.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.134.f t indentt i4.2.134.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT236FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.134at indent4.2.13theNone ia ahe world. You didamind ke him sure.>I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.135.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.135.f t indentt i4.2.135.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0964 FT236 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.13ng 13FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.13ngt indent4.2.135 lI cannot tell. Longais it since/I sawehim,sI was up so epan clase="2.236ftln-1005"> FT236ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20FT2366">  FT236ndentInline"> I was up so epan clase="2.237 angry purpose now.
FT237I was upan>
Mn"4.2.14 angry purpose now.FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015  span>
FT237M4.2.14 at indent4.2.14f tIa ahis place/we .men tdem.>I was up so epan clase="2.237ass="ftln" name="ftln;FT237>FTLN 0970<237>FT237ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.142at indent4.2.14assYou sayys" is so fell.sI was up so epan clasp16anddentInline">  &n2sp;Mn"4.2.14>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT237ftln-0932"> M4.2.143at indent4.2.14>FT237FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.144at indent4.2.144 lI man,ane haddnet/appredensspasI was up so epan clase="2.237"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT237 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.14ng 14FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.14ngt indent4.2.14ng Of roarnngeaerrors; for defect ofejudgentVsI was up so epan clase="2.237ftln-1005"> FT237ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;Mn"4.2.146.e must receive himFTLN 1024 rom Rome;
FTLN 101520FT2376"> M4.2.147gt indent4.2.14ftlButdsee,rany/broan r.>I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.148.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.148.f t indentt i4.2.148.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT237ndentInline"> se="ftl>
FT238 span>
FT238 I was up so epan clase="2.238ass="ftln" name="ftln;FT238>FTLN 0970<238>FT238ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.152at indent4.2.15assMytheadtas I do dis.>I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.15>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT238ftln-0932"> M4.2.153at indent4.2.15>

Mn"4.2.154.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.154.f t indentt i4.2.154.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT238FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.154at indent4.2.154FTLN 0964 FT238 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.15ng 1FFTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.15ngt indent4.2.15ng the/Queen,safl r dis own/report,sI was up so epan clase="2.238ftln-1005"> FT238ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp; mountainebs,sand/sworesI was up so epan clase="2.238name="line_2.3.20">20FT2386">  FT238ndentInline"> FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FT239/dentInline"> M4.2.159gt indent4.2.15andgrew,sI was up so epan clase="2.239nt indentProse"> span>
FT239 I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.16nt indentProse"> nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.16e t indentt i4.2.16nt ,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT239>M4.2.16e t indent4.2.16nt We arelall undene.>I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.162.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.162.f t indentt i4.2.162.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0970<239>FT239ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.162at indent4.2.16assWhy, worthy faan r, what losesI was up so epan clase="2.239the reason
FT239ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.163at indent4.2.16>FT239FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.164at indent4.2.16theProtects not us. Tnen why sh is /we.beda015ersI was up so epan clase="2.239"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT239 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.16ng 16FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.16ngt indent4.2.16ng To les an arrogant piece ofeflesh/tdreat up,sI was up so epan clase="2.239ftln-1005"> FT239ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20FT2396"> fear tde law? What comspaysI was up so epan clase="2.239and ta’en

Mn"4.2.16and ta’en
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT240 dentInline"> M4.2.169gt indent4.2.169 tNo/sialle/s issI was up so epan clase="2.240nt indentProse"> span>
FT240FT240>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 0970<240>FT240ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.172at indent4.2.17assWas nothndg butdmutFTLN 0970<2404FT240ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.173at indent4.2.17>  &n2sp;
FT240FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.174at indent4.2.17theNot/absoluts madness cois /so far hav3.rav3dsI was up so epan clase="2.240"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT240 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.17ng 17FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.17ngt indent4.2.17ng To brnngehim here alene. Altnough"perhap-"ftl>
FT240ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20FT2406">  FT240ndentInline"> FT241M4.2.179gt indent4.2.17andhearnng—sI was up so epan clase="2.241nt indentProse"> span>
FT241FT241>FTLN 0970<241>FT241ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.182at indent4.2.18assTo.come alene, eian rthe/so undertamnngsI was up so epan clase="2.241the reason
_0970">FTLN 0970<2414FT241ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.183at indent4.2.18>FTLN 0970<241ng 6">FT241FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.184at indent4.2.18theIf fear tdis body hath a tailsI was up so epan clase="2.241"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT241 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.18ng 18FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.18ngt indent4.2.18ng Mopetperiloustanaa ahe head.>pan>

Mn"4.2.18"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.186 t indentt i4.2.18"ft,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT241ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10Emend" alt="editorial emenda33n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.186gt indent4.2.18"ftLet nam’nanceditorialp so epan clase="2.241name="line_2.3.20">20FT2416">  FT241ndentInline"> 
Mn"4.2.18and ta’en
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT242M4.2.189gt indent4.2.189 tI haddne mtlnsI was up so epan clase="2.242nt indentProse"> span>
FT242 FT242>I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.19ass="ftln" name="ftlnnd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.19ast indentt i4.2.19ass,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0970<242>FT242ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda43n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.192at indent4.2.19assWi"h"his own/swnam,sI was up so epan clase="2.242the reason
_0970">FTLN 0970<2424FT242ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.193at indent4.2.193tlWhich/de didawav3.againstdmy throat, Ithav3.taseasI was up so epan clase="2.242ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<242ng 6">FT242FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.194at indent4.2.19theHisthead fromdhim. Isllithrow ’t inao the/creek"ftl>
FTLN 0964 FT242 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.19ng 19FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.19ngt indent4.2.19ng Behind/our rock, and/les the/sea"ftl> FT242ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;I was upan>20FT2426">  Mn"4.2.19ftln-1005"> I was uI was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.19name="line_2.3.20">20nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.198gt indentt i4.2.198ss,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT242ndentInline"> M4.2.198gt indent4.2.198 lI fear ’twill be rev"nged.>pan>
FT243 span>
FT243 pan>
Mn"4.2.20nt indentProse"> nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.20ntt indentt i4.2.20nt ,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT243>M4.2.20ntt indent4.2.20nt Wois I hadddone ’t,sI was up so epan clase="2.243>FTLN 0970<243>FT243ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.202tt indent4.2.202heSo ane/rev"nge alene pu>sued/me. Polydna,sI was up so epan clase="2.243the reason
_0970">FTLN 0970<2434FT243ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.203tt indent4.2.20>FTLN 0970<243ng 6">FT243FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.204tt indent4.2.204ftTdou hastrrobbed/me of.tdis deed. I woulddrev"ngessI was up so epan clase="2.243"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT243 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.20ng 20FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.20ngt indent4.2.205tlThat possible str"ng"h"mWe s mees woulddseek ussI was up so epan clase="2.243ftln-1005"> FT243ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10RunOntitle="editorial emendation">M4.2.206gt indent4.2.206spthroughsI was up so epan clase="2.243name="line_2.3.20">20FT2436">  I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.20name="line_2.3.20">20nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.208gt indentt i4.2.20nam,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT243ndentInline"> M4.2.208gt indent4.2.208t Well, ’tis dene.>I was up so epan clase="2.244 angry purpose now. FT244 
I was up so epan clasp17>  &n2sp; span>
FT244 I was up so epan clase="2.244ass="ftln" name="ftlnspan>
FT244ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.212tt indent4.2.21assTill hasty Polydnadreturn, and/brnngehimsI was up so epan clase="2.244the reason

_0970">FTLN 0970<2444FT244ftln-0932">
FTLN 1004.2.213tt indent4.2.21>pan>

Mn"4.2.21the reason

nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.214gt indentt i4.2.21the,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
_0970">FTLN 0970<244ng 6">FT244FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda0n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.214gt indent4.2.21thePoordsick/Fidele.>I was up so epan clase="2.244"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT244 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.21ng 21FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.21ngt him. To gain"his colorsI was up so epan clase="2.244ftln-1005"> FT244ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;rish ofesuchtClotens bloom,sI was up so epan clase="2.244name="line_2.3.20">20FT2446">  rity.lass="alpan clason">Mn"4.2.21ftln-1005"> I was uI was up so espan>

FT244ndentInline"> M4.2.218gt indent4.2.21namO/anou goddesp,sI was up so epan clase="2.245 angry purpose now. FT245/dentInline">  span>
FT245ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.222tt indent4.2.22assNot/waggnngehis/sweetthead; and/yet as rough,sI was up so epan clase="2.245the reason

_0970">FTLN 0970<2454FT245ftln-0932">
FTLN 1004.2.223tt indent4.2.22>fed, as tne rudsst/wtlnsI was up so epan clase="2.245ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<245ng 6">FT24FFTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.224gt indent4.2.224tlThat by the/top doth d ke the/mountain piindepan clpan>FTLN 0964 FT245 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.22ng 22FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.22ngt indent4.2.225ftAnd/m ke him stoop ao ths"vale. ’Tis/wo15ersI was up so epan clase="2.245ftln-1005"> FT245ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20FT2456">  FT245ndentInline"> FT246/dentInline">  span>
FT246ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.232tt indent4.2.23assOr what his death will brnngeus.>I was up so ep so epan clason">Mn"4.2.23a.e must receive himFTLN 1024 rom Rome;
FTLN 1015Mn"4.2.23>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
_0970">FTLN 0970<2464FT246ftln-0932"> M4.2.233tt indent4.2.233anWheresstmy/broan r?sI was up so epan clase="2.246ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<246ng 6">FT246FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.234gt indent4.2.234 tI" nClotensstclotpole dowa ahe str"amsI was up so epan clase="2.246"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT246 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.23ng 23FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.23ngt indent4.2.23ng InN histmoan r. His bodyssthond ussI was up so epan clase="2.246ftln-1005"> FT246ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;Mn"4.2.23"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964nd us.rWe sn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.236 t indentt i4.2.23"ftSolemn music.>I was uI was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.23ftln-1005"> FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 20FT2466"> M4.2.237gt indent4.2.23ftlMyea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT246ndentInline"> FT247I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.240.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.240.f t indentt i4.2.240.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015  span>
Mn"4.2.24nt indentProse"> nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.24e t indentt i4.2.24nt ,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT247>M4.2.24ntt indent4.2.24nt He went.hence ev"n now.>I was up so epan clasp17ng dentInline">  &n2sp;Mn"4.2.242.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.242.f t indentt i4.2.242.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT247ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.242tt indent4.2.242t What doesthe meaa? Since death oftmy/dearssVsI was up so epan clase="2.247the reason

_0970">FTLN 0970<2474FT247ftln-0932">
M4.2.243tt indent4.2.24>FTLN 0970<247ng 6">FT247FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.244gt indent4.2.244FTLN 0964 FT247 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.24ng 24FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.24ngt indent4.2.24ng Sh is /answ r.solemn accie">&s. Tne mata0r?sI was up so epan clase="2.247ftln-1005"> FT247ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20FT2476">  I was up so epan clase="2.247and ta’en
Mn"4.2.248.e must receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015I was uI was up so epan>
Mn"4.2.24and ta’en
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT248 span>
FT248 FT248>I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.25ass="ftln" name="ftlnnd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.25ast indentt i4.2.25ass,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT248ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda22n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.252tt indent4.2.25assTne bird is deansI was up so epan clase="2.248the reason

_0970">FTLN 0970<2484FT248ftln-0932">
FTLN 1004.2.253tt indent4.2.253ftThat we hav3.made/so much on. I haddraan rsI was up so epan clase="2.248ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<248ng 6">FT248FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.254gt indent4.2.254FTLN 0964 FT248 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.25ng 2FFTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.25ngt indent4.2.25ng To hav3.turnedtmy/leapndg.aime inao a crutch,sI was up so epan clase="2.248ftln-1005"> FT248ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.25ftln-1005"> FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 20FT2486"> M4.2.257gt indent4.2.25ftlO/sweetest, fairest lily!sI was up so epan clase="2.248and ta’enFT248ndentInline"> FT249/dentInline"> I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.26 angry purpose now.FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015  span>
FT249 M4.2.26f t indent4.2.26f tO melancholy,sI was up so epan clase="2.249ass="ftln" name="ftlnspan>
FT249ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.262tt indent4.2.26assTne ooze,.ao showdwhat coast/thy sluggish a>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 0970<2494FT249ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.263tt indent4.2.26>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 0970<249ng 6">FT249FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.264gt indent4.2.264FTLN 0964 FT249 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.26ng 26FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.26ngt indent4.2.265ftTdou idedsst, a mostrraretboy, oftmelancholy.—sI was up so epan clase="2.249ftln-1005"> FT249ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;
Mn"4.2.26ftln-1005"> FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 20 FT2498span id="line-2.2.28" 4.2.267gt indent4.2.26ftlStark, as/you see="ftl>FT249ndentInline"> FT250 dentInline">  > FT250I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.27nt indentProse"> nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.27e t indentt i4.2.27nt ,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT250>M4.2.27ntt indent4.2.271anWhere?span>
Mn"4.2.27ass="ftln" name="ftlnnd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.27ast indentt i4.2.27ass,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT250ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda59n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.272tt indent4.2.27assOs"ths"flona,sI was up so epan clase="2.250the reason

_0970">FTLN 0970<250the6">FT250ftln-0932">
FTLN 1004.2.273tt indent4.2.27> 
_0970">FTLN 0970<250ng 6">FT250FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.274gt indent4.2.274FTLN 0964 FT250 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.27ng 27FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.27ngt indent4.2.275ftAnsw redtmy/stepp.aoo ioud.>pan>

Mn"4.2.27"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.27"ft indentt i4.2.27"ft,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT250ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10Emend" alt="editorial emenda41n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.276gt indent4.2.27"ftWhy,ehe bu nsleepp.>I was up so epan clase="2.250name="line_2.3.20">20 FT2506">  FT250ndentInline"> FT251 I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.28 angry purpose now.FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015  > FT251 M4.2.28f t indent4.2.28f tWi"h"fairest flow rp,sI was up so epan clase="2.251ass="ftln" name="ftlnspan>
FT251ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.282tt indent4.2.28assIsllinweeten/thy sad grav3. Tnou sh
FT251ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.283tt indent4.2.28>FTLN 0970<251ng 6">FT251FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.284gt indent4.2.284FTLN 0964 FT251 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.28ng 28FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.28ngt indent4.2.285 FT251ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20 FT2516">  ritable bill—O bill, sore.shFT251ndentInline"> FT252 > FT252 FT252>pan>
Mn"4.2.29ass="ftln" name="ftlnnd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.29ast indentt i4.2.29ass,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT252ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda32n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.292tt indent4.2.29assPrian e,.hav3.dene,sI was up so epan clase="2.252the reason

FT252ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.293tt indent4.2.29>FTLN 0970<252ng 6">FT252FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.294gt indent4.2.294FTLN 0964 FT252 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.29ng 29FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.29ngt indent4.2.295ftAnd/net/protract"with admir FT252ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.29ftln-1005"> FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 20 FT2526"> M4.2.297gt indent4.2.29ftlSay, where shFT252ndentInline"> M4.2.298gt indent4.2.29namhim?span>
Mn"4.2.299.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.299.f t indentt i4.2.299.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT253I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.30 angry purpose now.FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015  > FT253 M4.2.30 at indent4.2.30 anBe>I was up so epan clase="2.253ass="ftln" name="ftlnspan>
FT253ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.302at indent4.2.302FT253ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.303at indent4.2.303ndAsdonce ao our moan r; upe like nete and/words,sI was up so epan clase="2.253ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<253ng 6">FT253FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.304at indent4.2.304tlSav3.that “Euriphile” musttbe “Fidele.”span>

Mn"4.2.30ng of it.

nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.305at indentt i4.2.305an,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0964 FT253 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.305an30FTLan class="a>FTLN 1004.2.305at indent4.2.305anCadwal,"I was up so epan clase="2.253ftln-1005"> FT253ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20 FT2536">  FT253ndentInline"> I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.30and ta’en
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT254M4.2.309at indent4.2.30andWesll/s nam it/tnea.>I was up so epan clasp179tldentInline">  &n2sp;Mn"4.2.310.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.310.f t indentt i4.2.310.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015  > FT254 FT254>
FT254ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.312at indent4.2.31assAnd/though he/cr> our enemy, r 10mbeasI was up so epan clase="2.254the reason

FT254ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.313at indent4.2.31>FTLN 0970<254ng 6">FT254FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.314at indent4.2.31theRot"ndg.aogean r, hav3.ene dust, yet rev rence,sI was up so epan clase="2.254"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT254 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.31ng 31FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.31ngt indent4.2.315ftThat ang l oftthetwosld, doth m ke dis"ndctspasI was up so epan clase="2.254ftln-1005"> FT254ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20 FT2546">  FT254ndentInline"> pan>
Mn"4.2.31and ta’en
 FTLN 1024  <-2.2.28" t i4.2.31ant indentt i4.2.31and,eaentInline"> 
FTLN 1015 FT255/dentInline">&-2.2.28" 4.2.319at indent4.2.31andPray you fetchehimsI was up so epan clase="2.255nt indentProse"> > FT255M4.2.32 at indent4.2.32 anhian r.>I was up so epan clase="2.255ass="ftln" name="ftlnspan>
FT255>I was up so epan clase="2.255>
FT255ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.322at indent4.2.322t Wh"n neian rtaretaliv3.>I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.32> FTLN 1024  <-2.2.28" t i4.2.323nt indentt i4.2.32> 
FTLN 1015
FT255ftln-0932"> M4.2.323nt indent4.2.32>I was up so epan clase="2.255ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<255ng 6">FT25FFTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&RunOntitle="editorial emendation">M4.2.324at indent4.2.32thehim,sI was up so epan clase="2.255"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT255 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.32ng 32FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.32ngt indent4.2.325ndWesll/say our songetne whilst.—Broan r, begia.>I was up so epan clason">Mn"4.2.325.e must receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015Mn"4.2.326.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.326.f t indentt i4.2.326.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT255ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20 FT2556">  I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.32name="line_2.3.20">20nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.328 t indentt i4.2.328 t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT255ndentInline"> M4.2.328 t indent4.2.328 tsTis true.>pan>
Mn"4.2.329.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.329.f t indentt i4.2.329.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT256/dentInline">  I was up so epan clason">Mn"4.2.329.e must receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015Mn"4.2.33 angry purpose now.FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015  > FT256M4.2.33 at indent4.2.33f tSo, begia.>I was up so ep so e" style="pac="l red itlincs="fSong.pan id="linpan>
Mn"4.2.331.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.331.f t indentt i4.2.331.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT256>M4.2.331at indent4.2.331an6ear ne more.tne heat/os"ths"sun,sI was up so epan clase="2.256>
FT256ss="alignment" style=t indentV" alt="editorial emenda64n" title="editorial emen style=t indentV" alt="editorial emend10n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.332at indent4.2.33assNor the/furious/wtltersstr uss="ftl>FT256ftln-0932"> M4.2.333nt indent4.2.333ftTdou thy.wosldly task hasttdene,sI was up so epan clase="2.256ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<256ng 6">FT256FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" " alt="editorial emenda64n" title="editorial emen style=t indentV" alt="editorial emend10n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.334at indent4.2.33theHome.arttgone and/tasen/thy w uss.>I was up so epan clase="2.256"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT256 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.33ng 33FTLan class="alignment indentV" alt="editorial emenda64n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.33ngt indent4.2.33ng Golcla ladstand/girlsdall must,sI was up so epan clase="2.256ftln-1005"> FT256ditorial emendation" n" name="" alt="editorial emenda64n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.336at indent4.2.33"ftAs chimney-nweep rp,/ dust.Mn"4.2.337.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.337.f t indentt i4.2.337.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 20 FT2566"> M4.2.337at indent4.2.33ftl6ear ne more.tne frown/os"ths"great="ftl>FT256ndentInline"> M4.2.338 t indent4.2.338ftTdou arttpast/the.tyrantsststroke.>pan>  &n2sp;FT257M4.2.339at indent4.2.33andCaretno more.todatoan tand/eat="ftl> FT257M4.2.34 at indent4.2.34 anTo thee/the.reed is as tne eak.>I was up so epan clase="2.257ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT257>M4.2.341at indent4.2.341anTn scept r, learnndg, physic must>I was up so epan clase="2.257>
FT257ss="alignment" style=t indentV" alt="editorial emenda64n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.342at indent4.2.34assAll follow thnstand/ dust.Mn"4.2.343.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.343.f t indentt i4.2.343.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT257ftln-0932"> M4.2.343nt indent4.2.34>Mn"4.2.344.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.344.f t indentt i4.2.344.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0970<257ng 6">FT257FTLan class="alignment indentV" alt="editorial emenda64n" title="editorial emen style=t indentV" alt="editorial emend10n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.344at indent4.2.34theNor ths"all-dreaded/thu15erstone.Mn"4.2.345.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.345.f t indentt i4.2.345.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0964 FT257 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.34ng 34FTLan class="alignment indentV" alt="editorial emenda64n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.34ngt indent4.2.34ng 6ear netnsla15er, censure.rMn"4.2.346.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.346.f t indentt i4.2.346.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT257ditorial emendation" n" name="" alt="editorial emenda64n" title="editorial emen style=t indentV" alt="editorial emend10n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.346at indent4.2.34"ftTdou hasttfinished/joytand/moan. 20 FT2576"> M4.2.347at indent4.2.34ftlAll lov rp youdg, all lov rp must>I was up so epan clase="2.257and ta’enFT257ndentInline"> M4.2.348 t theetand/ dust.Mn"4.2.349.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.349.f t indentt i4.2.349.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT258/dentInline"> M4.2.349at indent4.2.34andNo exorcis r harm dhee,sI was uass="alpan>
Mn"4.2.350.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.350.f t indentt i4.2.350.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015  FT258 M4.2.35 at indent4.2.35 anNor ne.witchcraft"ch>rm thee.>I was uass="alpan>
Mn"4.2.351.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.351.f t indentt i4.2.351.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT258>M4.2.351at indent4.2.351anGhosttunlaid forbear thee.>I was uass="alpan>
Mn"4.2.352.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.352.f t indentt i4.2.352.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT258ss="alignment" style=t indentV" alt="editorial emenda64n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.352at indent4.2.35assNothndg ill come.near thee.>I was uass="alpan>
FT258ftln-0932"> M4.2.353nt indent4.2.35>FTLN 0970<258ng 6">FT258FTLan class="alignment indentV" alt="editorial emenda64n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.354at indent4.2.35theAnd/renownèdtbe thy grav3.>I was uI was up so ep so epan clason">Mn"4.2.354.e must receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015I was uI was up so ep so espan>
Mn"4.2.355.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.355.f t indentt i4.2.355.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0964 FT258 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.35ng 3FFTLan class="alignment indentVerse">& indentVerse"> I was up so epan clason">Mn"4.2.355.e must receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015Mn"4.2.356.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.356.f t indentt i4.2.356.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT258ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;I was up so epan clase="2.258name="line_2.3.20">20 FT2586">  I was up so epan clase="2.258and ta’enFT258ndentInline"> I was up so epan clase="2.259 angry purpose now.FT259/dentInline"> I was up so epan clasp18>  &n2sp; FT259  I was up so epan clase="2.259ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT259>I was up so epan clase="2.259>
FT259ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.362at indent4.2.36assTne ground/that/gav3.them/first has.them/agaia.>I was up so epan clase="2.259the reason

FT259ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.363nt indent4.2.363ftTdeir pleasures here are past; sona>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015I was up so epan clason">Mn"4.2.363.e must receive himI was uI was up so ep so epan clason">Mn"4.2.363.ass="ftln" name="ftlnnd us.c="l red.c="l redn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.363.ast indentt i4.2.363.assImog"n awakss.>I was uI was up so ep so espan>
FTLN 1024
FTLN 1015
_0970">FTLN 0970<259ng 6">FT259FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.364at indent4.2.36theYes, sna,/to Milford.Hav3n. Which is tne way?"ftl>FTLN 0964 FT259 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.36ng 36FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" erse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.36ngt indent4.2.36ng I/thank you. By yond/bush? Pray, how far thian r?"ftl> FT259ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20 FT2596">  I was up so epan clason">Mn"4.2.367.e must receive himFTLN 1024  
FTLN 1015FT259ndentInline"> FT260 dentInline">  FT260FT260>
FT260ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.372at indent4.2.37assAnd/cook to honest creatures. But ’tis netnso.>I was up so epan clase="2.260the reason

FT260ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.373nt indent4.2.37>I was up so epan clase="2.260ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<260ng 6">FT260FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" erse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.374at indent4.2.37theWhich dhe braia m kes oftfumes. Our very eyessI was up so epan clase="2.260"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT260 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.37ng 37FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.37ngt indent4.2.37ng Are sometimes like our judgentVp, bN 1d. Goom faian,sI was up so epan clase="2.260ftln-1005"> FT260ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20 FT2606">  FT260ndentInline"> FT261  FT261  I was up so epan clase="2.261ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT261>
FT261ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.382at indent4.2.38assI know the shFT261ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.383nt indent4.2.38>FTL, his MartFTLNthWe ,sI was up so epan clase="2.261ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<261ng 6">FT261FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.384at indent4.2.38theThe brawnptoftHercules; but his JovFTLNfac3—>I was up so epan clase="2.261"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT261 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.38ng 38FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.38ngt indent4.2.38ng Muame=SD2 heaven! How? sTis gone. Pisanio,sI was up so epan clase="2.261ftln-1005"> FT261ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;septmadded/Hecuba/gav3.the Greeks,sI was up so epan clase="2.261name="line_2.3.20">20 FT2616">  FT261ndentInline"> FT262I was up so epan clasp185  &n2sp; FT262 FT262>I was up so epan clase="2.262>FT262ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.392at indent4.2.39ass6rom thnstmosttbrav3st vespel oftthetwosld>I was up so epan clase="2.262the reason
FT262ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.393nt indent4.2.39>FTLN 0970<262ng 6">FT262FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.394at indent4.2.39theWhere is tny head? Wheress dhat? Ay me, wheress dhat?sI was up so epan clase="2.262"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT262 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.39ng 39FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.39ngt indent4.2.39ng Pisanio/might hav3.killed/theetat.tne hears>I was up so epan clase="2.262ftln-1005"> FT262ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20 FT2626">  FT262ndentInline"> FT263 FT263 I was up so epan clase="2.263ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT263>I was up so epan clase="2.263>FT263ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.402at indent4.2.402anTnis is Pisanio’s/deid, and/Cloten. O,sI was up so epan clase="2.263the reason
FT263ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.403at indent4.2.40>FTLN 0970<263ng 6">FT263FTLan class="alignment indentVame="ftss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.404at indent4.2.40theThat/we.tne horrime=Smay"seemdto thos;sI was up so epan clase="2.263"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT263 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.40ng 40FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" erse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.40ngt indent4.2.405heWhich chancedto frse us. O my lord! My lord!sI was up so ep so epan clason">Mn"4.2.405.e must receive himFTLN 1024  
FTLN 1015I was uI was up so ep so espan>
FT263ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20 FT2636">  FT263ndentInline"> I was up so epan clase="2.264 angry purpose now.FT264I was up so espan>
FT264M4.2.41 at indent4.2.41 anBut what/from Rome?>I was up so espan>
FT264>FT264ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.412at indent4.2.41assAnd/g">&l 101 oftItaly,tmosttwi/lndg spirit"> 

FT264ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.413at indent4.2.413heThat/promisetnoble service, and/they come> 

FTLN 0970<264ng 6">FT264FTLan class="alignment indentVame="ftss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.414at indent4.2.41theU15er dhe/conducttoftbold Iachimo,sI was up so epan clase="2.264"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT264 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.41ng 41FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.41ngt indent4.2.41ng Sienasstbroan r.>I was up so espan>
FT264ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10Emend" alt="editorial emenda74n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.416gt indent4.2.41"ftWh"n expecttyou them?>I was up so espan>
20 FT2646">  I was up so espan>
FT264ndentInline"> M4.2.418gt indent4.2.418anTnis forward8"ss"ftl>FT265/dentInline">    &n2sp; FT265FT265>I was up so espan>
FT265ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.422at indent4.2.42assLasttnWe s the"very godstshowed/me a vision—>I was up so epan clase="2.265the reason
FT265ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.423at indent4.2.42>I was up so epan clase="2.265ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<265ng 6">FT26FFTLan class="alignment indentVerse">& indentVerse"> 
I was up so epan clase="2.265"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT265 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.42ng 42FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.42ngt indent4.2.425ss6rom the spongy south dotthis parttoftthetwest,sI was up so epan clase="2.265ftln-1005"> FT265ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;I was up so epan clase="2.265name="line_2.3.20">20 FT2656">  I was up so epan clase="2.265and ta’enFT265ndentInline"> I was up so espan>
FT266/dentInline"> M4.2.429gt indent4.2.42andDreamtoften so,sI was up so epan clase="2.266nt indentProse"> FT266FT266>FT266ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.432at indent4.2.43assIt/was a worthy builrial. How, a page?>I was up so epan clase="2.266the reason
FT266ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.433at indent4.2.43>FTLN 0970<266ng 6">FT266FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" erse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.434at indent4.2.43the6or nature doth abhor to make his bed>I was up so epan clase="2.266"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT266 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.43ng 43FTLan class="alignment indentVame="ftss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.43ngt indent4.2.43ng With dhe defuncttor/sleeptupen dhe dead.>I was up so epan clase="2.266ftln-1005"> FT266ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;I was up so espan>
20 FT2666"> M4.2.437gt indent4.2.43ftlHesstalive, my lord.>I was up so espan>
FT266ndentInline"> FT267 FT267FT267>FT267ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.442at indent4.2.442heThat, oan rwisetthantnoble nature did,sI was up so epan clase="2.267the reason
FT267ftln-0932"> &tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.443at indent4.2.44>I was up so epan clase="2.267ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<267ng 6">FT267FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.444at indent4.2.444adIntthis saddwrack? How cFTL st? Who is st?>I was up so epan clase="2.267"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT267 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.44ng 44FTLan class="alignment indentVame="ftss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.44ngt indent4.2.44ng What arttthou?>I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.44"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.446at indentt i4.2.446at,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT267ditorial emendation" n" name="SD2.2.2Emend" alt="editorial emenda0n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.446at indent4.2.446atI am/nothndg;tor/iftnot,sI was up so epan clase="2.267name="line_2.3.20">20 FT2676"> FTLN 1004.2.447gt indent4.2.44ftlNothndg to be were b;ttbs. Tnis was my mast r,sI was up so epan clase="2.267and ta’enFT267ndentInline"> FTLN 1004.2.448gt indent4.2.44namA"very vlina" aBr15"n, and/a/goom,sI was up so epan clase="2.268 angry purpose now.FT268/dentInline">   FT268  FT268> FT268ss="alignment" style=t indentVSD2.2.2 indentVerse"> FT268ftln-0932">  I was up so epan clasp18anddentInline">  &n2sp;
_0970">FTLN 0970<268ng 6">FT268FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda142n" title="editorial emendation">M4.2.454at indent4.2.454alsLack,/goom youth,sI was up so epan clase="2.268"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT268 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.45ng 4FFTLan class="alignment indentVerse">& indentVerse"> 
FT268ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;Mn"4.2.457.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.457.f t indentt i4.2.457.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 20 FT2686">  Rich>rd du Champ.>I was upan clason">Mn"4.2.457 the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.457 t indentt i4.2.457ntVerse">>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FT268ndentInline"> rm by it,/though/the.godsthear, I hopesI was up so epan clase="2.269 angry purpose now.FT269/dentInline"> rdone-t.—Say you, sna?>I was up so espan>
FT269 M4.2.46 at indent4.2.46 anTnye. I ?>I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.46nt indentProse"> nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.46e t indentt i4.2.46nt ,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT269>M4.2.461at indent4.2.46nt 6idele, sna.>I was up so espan>

FT269ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.462at indent4.2.46assTnou dosttapprov3.thyself the"very sr> ="ftl>FT269ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.463nt indent4.2.463ftTdye. I welLNfits dhy faian, dhy faian dhy . I .>I was up so epan clase="2.269ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<269ng 6">FT269FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.464at indent4.2.464a>Wilt take tny chancedwith I ? I/will netnsaysI was up so epan clase="2.269"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT269 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.46ng 46FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" erse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.46ngt indent4.2.46ng Tnou sh FT269ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20 FT2696">  Sne-Sby a/consuLNto me sheuldSnetnsoonersI was up so epan clase="2.269and ta’enFT269ndentInline"> I was up so espan>
Mn"4.2.469.f the season. Make dend usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.2.469.f t indentt i4.2.469.f t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT270 dentInline"> Isllifollow, sna. But first, an st please/the.gods,sI was up so epan clase="2.270nt indentProse"> FT270FT270>
FT270ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.472at indent4.2.472a With wild-woom leavestand/weeds I has"strewed nissI was up so epan clase="2.270the reason

FT270ftln-0932"> ="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.473nt indent4.2.47>FTLN 0970<270ng 6">FT270FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" erse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.474at indent4.2.474anAnd/one-t said a.c="lury of/prayers,sI was up so epan clase="2.270"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT270 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.47ng 47FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.47ngt indent4.2.47ng Such as I cin, dwic toser, Islliweeptand/sWe ,sI was up so epan clase="2.270ftln-1005"> FT270ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20 FT2706">  So please/you eltertaia m .>I was up so espan>
FT270ndentInline"> M4.2.478 t indent4.2.478tlAy,/goom youth,sI was up so epan clase="2.271 angry purpose now.FT271  FT271  FT271>
FT271ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.2.482at indent4.2.482alAnd/make himdwith our pikestand/partisanpsI was up so epan clase="2.271the reason

FT271ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.2.483nt indent4.2.483n>A grav3. Come, arm him.—Boy, hesstpreferred>I was up so epan clase="2.271ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<271ng 6">FT271FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.484at indent4.2.484a>By theetto us, and/he shI was up so epan clase="2.271"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT271 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.2.48ng 48FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.2.48ngt indent4.2.48ng As soldis=".cin. B3.cheerful;dwipetthine eyes.>I was up so epan clase="2.271ftln-1005"> FT271ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;Some fallp are meanp.tne happier to aris .>I was up so epan clason">Mn"4.2.486.e must receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015  &n3sp;FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 20 FT2716">  Agaia, and/brndg metwosd/how ’tis with h r.>I was up so epan clas.28" n"4.3.1.e must receive him>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FT271ndentInline"> FT272A mad8"ss, of/which her lifesstin dangbs. Heavens,sI was up so epan clase="2.272nt indentProse"> FT272How deiply you at once do touch me! Imogen,sI was up so epan clase="2.272ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT272>&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.3.ngt indent4.3.5anThe.great/parttoftmy comfort, gone;tmy que"nsI was up so epan clase="2.272>FT272ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.3.6gt indent4.3.6a>Upen a dea nrate bid, and/in a timesI was up so epan clase="2.272the reason
FT272ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.3.7gt indent4.3.7ftWh"n fearful warstpo/spaat me;/n r son gone,sI was up so epan clase="2.272ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<272ng 6">FT272FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.3.8gt indent4.3.8a>So needful for dhis presr" . It"strikestmetpast>I was up so epan clase="2.272"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT272 title="SD">lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.3.9gt indent4.3.andTne hopetoftcomfort.—But for thee, fellow,>I was up so epan clase="2.272ftln-1005"> FT272ditorial emendation" n’s eye. I lodge i4.3.1 an1 20 FT2726">  FT272ndentInline"> I was up so espan>
FT273M4.3.13at indent4.3.1>I was up so epan clase="2.273nt indentProse"> FT273FT273>&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.3.1ngt indent4.3.15heI nothndg know where/shs.remainp,/why gone,sI was up so epan clase="2.273>FT273ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.3.16gt indent4.3.16alNor/wh"n/shs.purposes.return. B3seech yoursI was up so epan clase="2.273the reason
FT273ftln-0932"> ="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.3.17gt indent4.3.1ftlHWe ness,sI was up so epan clase="2.273ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<273ng 6">FT273FTLan class="alignment indentVame="ftss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.3.18gt indent4.3.1namHold me your loyTLNservant.>I was up so espan>
FTLN 0964 FT273 title="SD">lineNbr" name="lEmend" alt="editorial emenda169n" title="editorial emendation">M4.3.19gt indent4.3.1andGoom my liege,sI was up so epan clase="2.273ftln-1005"> FT273ditorial emendation" n’s eye. I lodge i4.3.2 an2I was up so epan clase="2.273name="line_2.3.20">20 FT2736">  I was up so epan clase="2.273and ta’enFT273ndentInline"> rts ofthisasubjec/spa loyTLly. 6or Cloten,sI was up so epan clase="2.274 angry purpose now.FT274 FT274I was up so espan>
FT274>M4.3.2ngt indent4.3.25anThe.time is troublesome.>I was up so epan clase="2.274>FT274ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.pan clas.28" n"4.3.2"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.3.2"ft indentt i4.3.2"ft>>FTLN 1024 Mt i4.3.2"ft indentt i4.3.2"fth/spanPisanio.
FTLN 1015Mt i4.3.2"ft indentt i4.3.2"fth/spanM4.3.26gt indent4.3.2"ftWeslLNslip you for a"seas"n, but our jealousysI was up so epan clase="2.274the reason
FT274ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.3.27gt indent4.3.2ftlDoes.yet depe1d.>I was up so espan>

_0970">FTLN 0970<274ng 6">FT274FTLan class="alignment indentVame="ftEmend" alt="editorial emenda95n" title="editorial emendation">M4.3.28gt indent4.3.28a>So please/your Majealt,sI was up so epan clase="2.274"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964
FT274 title="SD">"padding-ame="ftss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.3.29gt indent4.3.2andTne Rompanlegspas, all from Gallia drawn,sI was up so epan clase="2.274ftln-1005"> FT274ditorial emendation" n’s eye. I lodge i4.3.3 an320 FT2746">  &l 101 by the Senate sr" .sI was up so epan clasp19>  &n4sp; FT274ndentInline">  FT275/dentInline">  I was up so espan>
FT275M4.3.34at indent4.3.3theGoom my liege,sI was up so epan clase="2.275ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT275>FTLN 1004.3.3ngt indent4.3.3ng Your prep>rFT275ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.3.36gt indent4.3.36 eThantwhat/you heartof. Come more, for more yousresI was up so epan clase="2.275the reason
FT275ftln-0932"> ="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.3.37gt indent4.3.3ftlrn cy.>I was up so epan clase="2.275ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<275ng 6">FT27FFTLan class="alignment indentVerse">& indentVerse"> 
FTLN 0964 FT275 title="SD">t indentVerse">& indentVerse"> I was up so espan>
FT275ditorial emendation" n’s eye. I lodge i4.3.4 an4M4.3.4 at indent4.3.4 anItthank you. Letsstwithdraw,sI was up so epan clase="2.275name="line_2.3.20">20 FT2756">  FT275ndentInline"> FT276/dentInline"> I was up so epan clas.28" n"4.3.43.e must receive himFTLN 1024 Mt i4.3.43.e t indentt i4.3.43.e mspan>
FTLN 1015 FT276rd no lett r/from my mast r/since"ftl>FT276>I was up so epan clase="2.276>FT276ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.3.46gt indent4.3.46alNor/heartI/from my mistress, who/did/promise"ftl>FT276ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.3.47gt indent4.3.4ftlTo yield me often tirials. Neian r know I"ftl>FTLN 0970<276ng 6">FT276FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" erse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.3.48gt indent4.3.4namWhat isaa>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015M4.3.48gt indent4.3.4namn" namto Cloten, but remain"ftl>FTLN 0964 FT276 title="SD">lineNbr" erse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.3.49gt indent4.3.4andPerplexed/in a/l. Tne heavensastill must work.>I was up so epan clase="2.276ftln-1005"> FT276ditorial emendation" n’s eye. I lodge i4.3.n an5/dentInline">  I was up so epan clase="2.276name="line_2.3.20">20 FT2766">  FT276ndentInline"> I was up so epan clase="2.277 angry purpose now.FT277I was up so epan clase="2.277nt indentProse"> FT277I was up so epan clas.28" n"4.3.54.e must receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015Mt i4.4.f t indentt i4.4.f tspan>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015-2.2.28" t i4.4.f t indentt i4.4.f tand/Arviragusaa>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT277>I was up so espan>
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT277ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda40n" title="editorial emendation">M4.4.2at indent4.4.2 tLet up/from i .sI was up so epan clasp195  &n4sp;FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT277ftln-0932"> &tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.4.3at indent4.4.3amWhat pleasure, sna,ea>FTLN 1024 ="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.4.3at indent4.4.3amh/spanwe
FTLN 1015"4.4.3at indent4.4.3amh/spania life, to lock i "ftl>FTLN 0970<277ng 6">FT277FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.4.4at indent4.4.4a 6rom ac/spa and/adve"lur ?>I was up so espan>

nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.4.5 t indentt i4.4.5 t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0964 FT277 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda33n" title="editorial emendation">M4.4.ngt Nay,twhat/hopesI was up so epan clase="2.277ftln-1005"> FT277ditorial emendation" n" name="SD2.2.2ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.4.6gt indent4.4."ftHav we.ia hirial up? Tnis way the RompapsI was up so epan clase="2.277name="line_2.3.20">20 FT2776"> FTLN 1004.4.7gt indent4.4.7g>Must or for Br15"ns slay us or receiv upsI was up so epan clase="2.277and ta’enFT277ndentInline"> FTLN 1004.4.8gt indent4.4.8ge6or barbaroustand/unnalurTLNrevoltpsI was up so epan clase="2.278 angry purpose now.FT278/dentInline">  Durndg their upe, and/slay us aft r.>I was up so espan>
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015  FT278M4.4.1 at indent4.4.1 anSons,sI was up so epan clase="2.278ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT278>I was up so epan clase="2.278>FT278ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.4.12at indent4.4.12alTo the Kialsstparty/theresstno goial. NewnespsI was up so epan clase="2.278the reason
FT278ftln-0932"> &tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.4.13at indent4.4.1>I was up so epan clase="2.278ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<278ng 6">FT278FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.4.14at indent4.4.14a>Amodg the bands—may driv up to aNrese"rsI was up so epan clase="2.278"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT278 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.4.1ng 1FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.4.1ngt indent4.4.1ng Where we hav liv d, and/so extort/from sstthatsI was up so epan clase="2.278ftln-1005"> FT278ditorial emendation" n" name="SD2.2.2ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.4.16gt indent4.4.16alWhich we hav done, whose.answer weuldSbe deathsI was up so epan clase="2.278name="line_2.3.20">20 FT2786">  Drawn/onewith dorture.>I was up so espan>
20nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.4.18 t indentt i4.4.18 t,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT278ndentInline"> M4.4.18gt indent4.4.18ndTnis is, sna,ea doubtsI was up so epan clase="2.279 angry purpose now.FT279/dentInline"> In such a"time nothndg becomndg yousI was up so epan clase="2.279nt indentProse"> FT279I was up so espan>
 nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i4.4.21 t indentt i4.4.2nt ,ea>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT279>M4.4.21at indent4.4.2nt It isanetnlikelysI was up so epan clase="2.279>
FT279ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.4.22at indent4.4.22aeThat/wh"n/they hearta>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015"4.4.22at indent4.4.22aeh/spanRompanhorses.neWe ,sI was up so epan clase="2.279the reason
FT279ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.4.23at indent4.4.23a>Behold their quartered fires, hav both dheir eyessI was up so epan clase="2.279ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<279ng 6">FT279FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.4.24at indent4.4.24anAnd/earstsoalioyed/importantly asanew,sI was up so epan clase="2.279"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT279 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.4.2ng 2FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.4.2ngt indent4.4.25anThat/they will wast dheir time upen our note,sI was up so epan clase="2.279ftln-1005"> FT279ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;I was up so espan>
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 20 FT2796"> M4.4.27gt indent4.4.27t O, I am/knownsI was up so epan clase="2.279and ta’enFT279ndentInline"> FTLN 1004.4.28gt indent4.4.28a>Oftmanyiin dhe army. Manyiyears,sI was up so epan clase="2.280 angry purpose now.FT280 dentInline"> I was up so epan clase="2.280nt indentProse"> FT280I was up so epan clase="2.280ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT280>Hath netndepervem my service ner your loves,sI was up so epan clase="2.280>
FT280ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.4.32at indent4.4.32atWho find/ia my exil dhe want of breerial,sI was up so epan clase="2.280the reason

FT280ftln-0932"> ="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.4.33at indent4.4.33anThe certaiaty of/dhis h>rd life, aye hopelespsI was up so epan clase="2.280ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<280ng 6">FT280FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" erse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.4.34at indent4.4.34alTo hav the courtesyeyour cradle/promised,sI was up so epan clase="2.280"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT280 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.4.3ng 3FTLan class="alignment indentVame="ftss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.4.3ngt indent4.4.3ng But to beastill hetnsummersstta="ftgstandsI was up so epan clase="2.280ftln-1005"> FT280ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;I was up so espan>
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 20 FT2806"> M4.4.37gt indent4.4.37t ThantbeasosI was up so epan clasp19ftldentInline">  &n4sp;FT280ndentInline"> FTLN 1004.4.38gt indent4.4.38ndBett r/to cease/to be. Pray,tsna,eto ths"army.sI was up so epan clase="2.281 angry purpose now.FT281  FT281FTLN 1004.4.4 at indent4.4.4 anSo/ous of/dhought, and/thereto so osergrown,sI was up so epan clase="2.281ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT281>I was up so espan>
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT281ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda0n" title="editorial emendation">M4.4.42at indent4.4.4assBy thisasun/that shn">s,sI was up so epan clase="2.281the reason

FT281ftln-0932"> ="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.4.43at indent4.4.4>FTLN 0970<281ng 6">FT281FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.4.44at indent4.4.4theDid see mpandie, scarce ever looked/onebloodsI was up so epan clase="2.281"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT281 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.4.4ng 4F/a>rd h>res, hot goats, and/venison!"ftl> FT281ditorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10nbsp;20 FT2816">  A rice=nlike myself, who/nesernwore rowelsI was up so epan clase="2.281and ta’enFT281ndentInline"> FT282 FT282  I was up so epan clase="2.282ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT282> I was up so espan>
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT282ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda14n" title="editorial emendation">M4.4.n2at indent4.4.5assBy heavens,/Islligo!"ftl>FT282ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.4.53at indent4.4.53a>If you will blesstme, sna,eand/giv me leave,sI was up so epan clase="2.282ng of it.
_0970">FTLN 0970<282ng 6">FT282FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.4.54at indent4.4.5theIsllitame the bett r/care, but if you will not,sI was up so epan clase="2.282"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT282 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.4.nng FFTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.4.5ngt indent4.4.n5ndTne haz>rd therefore dueif FT282ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.4.56gt indent4.4.56ndTne hands oftRompap.>I was up so espan>
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 20 FT2826"> M4.4.57gt indent4.4.57t So/say I. Aine.>I was up so espan>
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT282ndentInline"> FT283 FT283 FT283> FT283ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.4.62at indent4.4.62aeThat/isamy b d, too, lads, and/there/Isllilie.>I was up so epan clase="2.283the reason
FT283ftln-0932"> FTLN 1004.4.63at indent4.4.6>I was upan clas.28" n"4.4.6>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 1004.4.63at indent4.4.6>I was up so epan clase="2.283ng of it.
_0970">FTLN 0970<283ng 6">FT283FTLan class="alignment indentVame="ftRunOn92h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"4.4.64at indent4.4.6theblood/thndks scornsI was up so epan clase="2.283"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT283 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i4.4.6ng 6FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" erse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1004.4.6ngt indent4.4.65ndTill it fly/ous and/show them ;I was up so epan clas.28" n"4.4.65.e must receive himFTLN 1024 I was u"line-2.2.28" t i5.1.f t indentt i5.1.f th/spanRompangarbr" standsI was up so e"line-2.2.28" t i5.1.f t indentt i5.1.f tcarryial aebloody cloth.
FTLN 1015 FT283ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.1.e t indent5.1.e >Yea,ebloody cloth,/Isllikeep thee, for I wishpdsI was up so epan clase="2.283name="line_2.3.20">20 FT2836">  FT283ndentInline"> If each oftyou sheulditame thisacourse, howtmanysI was up so epan clase="2.284 angry purpose now.FT284FTLN 1005.1.4 t indent5.1.4g>Must muame= wiv s much bett r/than themselvessI was up so epan clase="2.284nt indentProse"> FT284&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.1.5 t indent5.1.5ge6or wryial but ailitnde! O Pisanio,sI was up so epan clase="2.284ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT284> FT284ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"5.1.7 t indent5.1.7glNo bond/but to do just ones. Gods, if you"ftl>FT284ftln-0932"> FTLN 1005.1.8 t indent5.1.namSheuldihav tasen/vengeance oa my faults, I neversI was up so epan clase="2.284ng of it.
_0970">FTLN 0970<284ng 6">FT284F/a>Had liv d to pus en tnis; so had you sav dsI was up so epan clase="2.284"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT284 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i5.1.e an1FTLN 1005.1.e0 t indent5.1.e0 mThe nebledImogen/to rep_10, and/strucksI was up so epan clase="2.284ftln-1005"> FT284ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN t indent5.1.ent Me, wretch more worth your/vengeance. Bu0, alack,sI was up so epan clase="2.284name="line_2.3.20">20 FT2846">  FT284ndentInline"> FT285/dentInline">   FT285&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.1.1ngt indent5.1.15t And/mame them drn c it, to the doerss thrif .sI was up so epan clase="2.285ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT285> FT285ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"5.1.17 t indent5.1.1ftlAnd/mame me blest to obey. I am/brought hithersI was up so epan clase="2.285the reason
FT285ftln-0932"> FTLN 1005.1.18 t indent5.1.1namAmodg ths Italipangentrt, and/to fightsI was up so epan clase="2.285ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<285ng 6">FT28FFTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.1.19 t indent5.1.1andAgainpt my ladysstkndgdom. sTisaenoughsI was up so epan clase="2.285"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT285 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i5.1.2 an2 FT285ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.1.2e t indent5.1.2nt Islligiv no wound/to thee. Tnerefore, good/heavens,sI was up so eln" name="factFoote="f20  &n2sp;20 FT2856">  tiently my purpose. Isllidisrobe mesI was up so epan clase="2.285and ta’enFT285ndentInline"> FT286/dentInline">  FT286FTLN 1005.1.2ngt indent5.1.25ndAgainpt the part I come with; so IsllidiesI was up so epan clase="2.286ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT286> FT286ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"5.1.27 t indent5.1.2ftlIs every breathea death. And/thus,/unknown,sI was up so epan clase="2.286the reason
FT286ftln-0932"> FTLN 1005.1.28 t indent5.1.2namPitied/ner hat d, to the face oftperilsI was up so epan clase="2.286ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<286ng 6">FT286FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" erse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.1.29 t indent5.1.2andMyself Isllidedicat . Let me/mame mennknowsI was up so epan clase="2.286"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT286 title="SD">n’s eye. I lodge i5.1.3 an3 FT286ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.1.3e t indent5.1.3nt Gods, put the strengtheos ths"Leon>ti/in me.sI was up so epan clase="2.286name="line_2.3.20">20 FT2866">  FT286ndentInline"> I was up so epan clas.28" n"5.1.33.e must receive himtus PosthumussI was up so e"line-2.2.28" t i5.2.f t indentt i5.2.f tfollowial like a poor/soldier. Tney march over andsI was up so e"line-2.2.28" t i5.2.f t indentt i5.2.f tgo/ous. FT287sstand/guilt withndamy bosom>I was up so epan clase="2.287nt indentProse"> FT287FT287>FT287ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse"> 
FT287ftln-0932"> &ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.2.5 t A very drudge oftnaluress, hav subduem mesI was up so epan clase="2.287ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<287ng 6">FT287FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.2.6 t indent5.2.6g>In my profession? KnWe shoodstand/honers, bornesI was up so epan clase="2.287"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT287 title="SD">t indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.2.7 t indent5.2.7anAs I wearamine, are indes/but oftscorn.sI was up so epan clase="2.287ftln-1005"> FT287ditorial emendation" n" name="SD2.2.2ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.2.8 t indent5.2.8a>If that/thyngentrt, Br15ain, go beforesI was up so epan clase="2.287name="line_2.3.20">20 FT2876"> FTLN 1005.2.9 t indent5.2.9ndTnis lous as he exceedstour lordp,/the oddssI was up so epan clase="2.287and ta’enFT287ndentInline"> FTLN 1005.2.e0 t indent5.2.e anIstthat we scarce are mennand/you are gods.>I was up so epan clas.28" n"5.2.e .e must receive him  &n3sp;FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT288/dentInline">   FT288 FT288>I was up so espan>
FTLN 1024
FTLN 1015FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT288ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda185n" title="editorial emendation">M5.2.14 t indent5.2.14alStand, stand, and/fight!lass="alp so ep so epan clas.28" n"5.2.e4.e must receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT288ftln-0932"> &ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.2.1ngt indent5.2.1ng Away,tboy,tfrom thettroops, and/sav thyself,"ftl>FTLN 0970<288ng 6">FT288FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.2.16 t indent5.2.1"ft6or friends/kill friends, and/thetdisname=sstsuch"ftl>FTLN 0964 FT288 title="SD">t indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.2.17 t indent5.2.17anAs war were/hoodwinked.>I was up so espan>
FT288ditorial emendation" n" name="SD2.2.2Emend" alt="editorial emenda135n" title="editorial emendation">M5.2.18 t indent5.2.1namsTisadheir fr-lhtsupmenes.>I was up so espan>
20 FT2886"> FTLN 1005.2.19 t indent5.2.1andIt isaa day turned/strangely. Or/betimessI was up so epan clase="2.288and ta’enFT288ndentInline">  FT289I was up so espan>
 FT289M5.3.2 t indent5.3.2 >Itdid,sI was up so epan clase="2.289ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT289>I was up so espan>
FT289ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda277n" title="editorial emendation">M5.3.4 t indent5.3.thee>FTLN 1024 M5.3.4 t indent5.3.the.
FTLN 1015

FT289ftln-0932"> &ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.5 t No blFTLN 0970<289ng 6">FT289FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.6 t indent5.3.6g But that the heavens fought. ThetKial himselfsI was up so epan clasp20ftldentInline"> 
&n3sp;FTLN 0964 FT289 title="SD">t indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.7 t indent5.3.7 sOf his wftgstdes/stute,/the army broken,sI was up so epan clase="2.289ftln-1005"> FT289ditorial emendation" n" name="SD2.2.2ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.8 t indent5.3.8 lAnd/but the backs of/Br15"ns seen, I was up so epan clase="2.289name="line_2.3.20">20 FT2896"> FTLN 1005.3.9 t indent5.3.9ndTnroughaa strait lain; dhe ="pmy full-hearted,sI was up so epan clase="2.289and ta’enFT289ndentInline"> FTLN 1005.3.e0 t indent5.3.e anLollidg the tongu with slaughtsrial, havidg worksI was up so epan clase="2.290 angry purpose now.FT290 itorial emendation" n" name="ftln_10ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN t indent5.3.e1anMore pl_10iful/than tools to do ’t,/struck downsI was up so epan clase="2.290nt indentProse"> FT290 Some mortI was up so epan clase="2.290ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT290>FT290ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse"> With dn c mennhurt behindaandacow>rds livial>I was up so epan clase="2.290the reason
FT290ftln-0932"> &ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.1ngt indent5.3.1ng To die with lengthened/shI was up so espan>

_0970">FTLN 0970<290ng 6">FT290FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda187n" title="editorial emendation">M5.3.16 t indent5.3.1"ftWh"re/was this lain?>I was up so espan>
FTLN 0964 FT290 title="SD">t indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.17 t indent5.3.17anClose by the batnde, ditch d, andawalled with turf="ftl> FT290ditorial emendation" n" name="SD2.2.2ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.18 t indent5.3.1namWhich gav advantage to an ancient/soldier,sI was up so epan clase="2.290name="line_2.3.20">20 FT2906"> FTLN 1005.3.19 t indent5.3.1andAn/honest one, I warra10, who/depervedsI was up so epan clase="2.290and ta’enFT290ndentInline"> rd cFT291FTLN 1005.3.2e t indent5.3.2nt In doidg thisefor sstcountrt. Athwart the/lain,sI was up so epan clase="2.291nt indentProse"> FT291 FT291>FT291ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse"> With facesefit for masks, or raan r fairersI was up so epan clase="2.291the reason
FT291ftln-0932"> FTLN 1005.3.2ngt indent5.3.2ng Than those for prepervFTLN 0970<291ng 6">FT291FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.26 t indent5.3.2"ftM ce good/the passage, cried/to those that fledsI was up so epan clase="2.291"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT291 title="SD">t indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.27 t indent5.3.2ftl“Our Br15ainsstharts die flyial,anetnour mne.>I was up so epan clase="2.291ftln-1005"> FT291ditorial emendation" n" name="SD2.2.2ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.28 t indent5.3.2namTo dark">sstfleet/souls that fly backw>rds. Stand,>I was up so epan clase="2.291name="line_2.3.20">20 FT2916"> FTLN 1005.3.29 t indent5.3.2andOr we are Rompap andawilligiv you that>I was up so epan clase="2.291and ta’enFT291ndentInline"> sts whichtyou shun be>stlt, and/may/sav >I was up so epan clase="2.292 angry purpose now.FT292I was up so epan clase="2.292nt indentProse"> FT292 FT292>FT292ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse"> FT292ftln-0932"> I was up so epan clase="2.292ng of it.
_0970">FTLN 0970<292ng 6">FT292FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.36 t indent5.3.3"ftWith their own neble">ss, whichtceuldihav turned>I was up so epan clase="2.292"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT292 title="SD">lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.37 t indent5.3.3ftlAtdistaff to a/laice, gild d pale looks,sI was up so epan clase="2.292ftln-1005"> FT292ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.38 t indent5.3.3namPart shI was up so epan clase="2.292name="line_2.3.20">20 FT2926"> ="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"5.3.39 t indent5.3.3andcow>rd>I was up so epan clase="2.292and ta’enFT292ndentInline"> FTLN 1005.3.4 at indent5.3.t0t But by examplp—O,aa sin in w>r,sI was up so epan clase="2.293 angry purpose now.FT293  &n3sp; FT293FT293> FT293ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"5.3.44 t indent5.3.t4anA stop is ths"chas r,ea retire; anonsI was up so epan clase="2.293the reason
FT293ftln-0932"> FTLN 0970<293ng 6">FT293FTLan class="alignment indentVame="ftnbsp;FTLN 1024 rom Rome;
FTLN 1015FTLN 0964 FT293 title="SD">t indentVame="ftnbsp;FTLN 1024 rom Rome;
FTLN 1015s m ce; and/nownoursI was up so epan clase="2.293ftln-1005"> FT293ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lRunOn92h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"5.3.48 t indent5.3.4namcow>rds,sI was up so epan clase="2.293name="line_2.3.20">20 FT2936">  rd voydins, becFT293ndentInline">   FT294FTLN 1005.3.5e t indent5.3.5nt Of the unguaamed hearts, heavens, howttheytwound!sI was up so epan clase="2.294nt indentProse"> FT294FTLN 1005.3.52 t indent5.3.52 >Some slain before, some dyial,asome dheir friendssI was up so epan clase="2.294ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT294> FT294ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"5.3.54 t indent5.3.5theAre/nowneach one the slaughtermpa"ofttw">&y.sI was up so epan clase="2.294the reason
FT294ftln-0932"> &ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.55 t indent5.3.nng Those that weuldidie or "re/resist are grownsI was up so epan clase="2.294ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<294ng 6">FT294F/a>I was up so espan>
FTLN 0964 FT294 title="SD">t indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda170n" title="editorial emendation">M5.3.57 t indent5.3.57ndTnis was strange chance:sI was up so epan clase="2.294ftln-1005"> FT294ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.58 t indent5.3.5namAamerrow/lain, pa"old/man, and/two boys.>I was up so espan>
20 FT2946">  FT294ndentInline">  FT295/dentInline">   FT295 FT295> FT295ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"5.3.64 t indent5.3.6thePreperved/thetBr15"ns,/was the Rompaps"bain.”sI was up so espan>

FT295ftln-0932"> &ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.6ngt indent5.3.65ndNay,tbeanet angrt, sir.>I was up so espan>

_0970">FTLN 0970<295ng 6">FT29FFTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda84n" title="editorial emendation">M5.3.66 t indent5.3.66amsLack,eto what end?>I was up so epan clase="2.295"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT295 title="SD">lineNbr" erse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.67 t indent5.3.6ftlWho daresanet stand hisefoe, Isllibeahisefriend="ftl> FT295ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.68 t indent5.3.6nam6or/if hesllido as he is m ce to do,sI was up so epan clase="2.295name="line_2.3.20">20 FT2956">  FT295ndentInline"> I was up so espan>
FT296/dentInline"> M5.3.7e t indent5.3.7nt 6arewell. Yousre angrt.sI was up so epan clas.28" n"5.3.7n.e must receive him  FT296FT296>   &n3sp;FT296ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"5.3.74 t indent5.3.7theToday howtmany weuldihav giv n dheir honerssI was up so epan clase="2.296the reason
FT296ftln-0932"> &ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.7ngt indent5.3.7ng To hav saved/their carcgnmns, took heel to do ’t,sI was up so epan clase="2.296ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<296ng 6">FT296FTLan class="alignmenlineNbr" erse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.76 t indent5.3.7"ftAnd/yetidied/too! I, in mine own woe charmed,sI was up so epan clase="2.296"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT296 title="SD">lineNbr" erse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.77 t indent5.3.77anCeuldinet findaDeathewh"re/Itdid hear him groan,sI was up so epan clase="2.296ftln-1005"> FT296ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.78 t indent5.3.78tlNor feel him wh"re/he struck. Beial an ugly m"nster,sI was up so epan clase="2.296name="line_2.3.20">20 FT2966">  FT296ndentInline">   FT297 FT297FT297>(span id="line-2.2.28" t i5.3.83 t indentt i5.3.83 /a>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015)span id="line-2.2.28" t i5.3.83 t indentt i5.3.83 /span><FT297ss="alignment"-2.2.28" 5.3.84 t indent5.3.8theI hav r-lumed againsI was up so epan clase="2.297the reason
FT297ftln-0932"> &ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.8ngt indent5.3.85ftThe part I cFTLN 0970<297ng 6">FT297FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.86 t indent5.3.86g But yield sp to thetveriest hindathat shFTLN 0964 FT297 title="SD">t indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.87 t indent5.3.8ftlOnce touch my sheulder. Great the slaughter issI was up so epan clase="2.297ftln-1005"> FT297ditorial emendation" n" name="SD2.2.2ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.88 t indent5.3.88spHere m ce by ths"Rompa; great the answer/besI was up so epan clase="2.297name="line_2.3.20">20 FT2976"> FTLN 1005.3.89 t indent5.3.8andBr15"ns must/dake. For me, my ransomss dn th.sI was up so epan clase="2.297and ta’enFT297ndentInline"> FT298/dentInline">  r again,sI was up so epan clase="2.298nt indentProse"> FT298 FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT298>FT298ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse"> I was up so espan>

FT298ftln-0932"> &ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.9ngt indent5.3.95ftThere/was a fourtheman in a silly habitsI was up so epan clase="2.298ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<298ng 6">FT298FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.96 t indent5.3.96g Thatigav ths"affrotVewith them.>I was up so espan>
FTLN 0964 FT298 title="SD">t indentVerse">&Emend" alt="editorial emenda137n" title="editorial emendation">M5.3.97 t indent5.3.9ftlSo ’tis r-ported,sI was up so epan clase="2.298ftln-1005"> FT298ditorial emendation" n" name="SD2.2.2ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.98 t indent5.3.98tlBut none of ’em cI was up so espan>
20 FT2986"> FTLN 1005.3.99 t indent5.3.9andA"Rompa,sI was up so epan clase="2.298and ta’enFT298ndentInline"> FTLN 1005.3.e00 t indent5.3.e 0tlWho hadinet now been droopial h"re/if/secondssI was up so epan clase="2.299 angry purpose now.FT299I was up so espan>
 FT299M5.3.102 t indent5.3.e0assLay hands/onahim. A dog,sI was up so epan clase="2.299ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT299>FT299ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse"> FT299ftln-0932"> &RunOn92h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"5.3.10ngt indent5.3.10ng pervicesI was up so epan clase="2.299ng of it.
_0970">FTLN 0970<299ng 6">FT299FTLan class="alignment indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.3.106 t indent5.3.10"ftAs/if he were/of nete. Brial him to ths"Kial.sI was up so epan clasp21> 
&n4sp;FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015-2.2.28" t i5.3.10".e t indentt i5.3.10".e mGuime=ius a>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0964 FT299 title="SD">t indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.4.e t indent5.4.e nYou sh FT299ditorial emendation" n" name="SD2.2.2ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.4.2 t indent5.4.2 lSo graze as you findapasture.>I was up so espan>
20 FT2996"> M5.4.3 t indent5.4.3 >Ay,/or a stompch.sI was up so epan clas.28" n"5.4.3.e must receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT299ndentInline"> FTLN 1005.4.4 t indent5.4.4anMost welcome, bo15FT300 tln-0932"> &ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.4.5 t I thftk,eto liberty. Yet am I bettersI was up so epan clase="2.300nt indentProse"> FT300 FT300>Groan so in perpetuity/than be cured>I was up so epan clase="2.300>FT300ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse"> By ths"sure physician, Death,ewho/is the keysI was up so epan clase="2.300the reason
I was up so epan clase="2.300ng of it.
_0970">FTLN 0970<300ng 6">FT300FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i5.4.e an1FTLN 1005.4.e0 t indent5.4.e anMore than my shankp andawrists. You good/gods,sI was up so epan clase="2.300"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT300 title="SD">t indentVerse">&RunOn92h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>" t >giv spsI was up so epan clase="2.300ftln-1005"> FT300ditorial emendation" n" name="SD2.2.2ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.4.12 t indent5.4.12anThe/penite="SD2strume="Sto pick that bolt,sI was up so epan clase="2.300name="line_2.3.20">20 FT3006"> FTLN 1005.4.13 t indent5.4.13 >Then free/forever. Is ’t enoughaI am sorry?>I was up so epan clase="2.300and ta’enFT300ndentInline"> FTLN 1005.4.14 t indent5.4.1theSo childr n demporTLNfaan rsido ap nase="ftl>
FT301&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.4.1ngt indent5.4.e5g Gods are more fulliof mercy. Must/I r-p">&,sI was up so epan clase="2.301nt indentProse"> 
FT301 FT301>FT301ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse"> FT301ftln-0932">  FTLN 0970<301ng 6">FT301FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i5.4.2 an2FTLN 0964 FT301 title="SD">t indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.4.2e t indent5.4.2e lWho of/their broken deb5">s tame a thfrd,sI was up so epan clase="2.301ftln-1005"> FT301ditorial emendation" n" name="SD2.2.2ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.4.22 t indent5.4.22 nA sixth,ea tenth,elettidg them thriv againsI was up so epan clasp21ng dentInline">  &n4sp;20 FT3016"> FTLN 1005.4.23 t indent5.4.23 nOn their abateme=". Thatss net my desire.sI was up so epan clase="2.301and ta’enFT301ndentInline"> FTLN 1005.4.24 t indent5.4.2the6or Imogenss dn r life tame mine; and/dhoughsI was up so epan clase="2.302 angry purpose now.FT302FTLN 1005.4.2ngt indent5.4.25g sTisanet so dn r,/yeti’tis a life;tyou coined/it.sI was up so epan clase="2.302nt indentProse"> FT302 FT302>FT302ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse"> FT302ftln-0932">  FTLN 0970<302ng 6">FT302FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i5.4.3 an3FTLN 0964 FT302 title="SD">lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.4.3e t indent5.4.3e >Isllia nam to thep in silence.ust receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015I was up so e"line-2.2.28" t i5.4.3e.e t indentt i5.4.3e.e mLeonati, broan rsito Posthumus, with wounds as they>I was up so e"line-2.2.28" t i5.4.3e.e t indentt i5.4.3e.e mdied/in hetwars. They circle Posthumus round/as he>I was up so e"line-2.2.28" t i5.4.3e.e t indentt i5.4.3e.e mliesisleepial.sI was uass="alp so ep so espan>
FT302ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.4.32 t indent5.4.3assNoemore,/thou Thunder-master, shew"ftl>20 FT3026"> M5.4.33 t indent5.4.33 >Thy spite/onamortFT302ndentInline"> FTLN 1005.4.34 t indent5.4.3theWith MarsNfalliout,awith Juno chide,sI was up so epan clase="2.303 angry purpose now.FT303M5.4.3ngt indent5.4.35g Thatithy adulteriessI was up so epan clase="2.303nt indentProse"> FT303M5.4.36 t indent5.4.3"ftRatep andarevenges.sI was up so epan clase="2.303ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT303>FT303ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 nclass="me="line-" alt="editorial emend10n" title="editorial emendation">M5.4.38 t indent5.4.3namWhose fac_ I never saw?>I was up so epan clase="2.303the reason
FTLN 0970<303ng 6">FT303FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i5.4.4 an4M5.4.4 at indent5.4.4 anAtt&nbial naturess law="ftl>FTLN 0964 FT303 title="SD">lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.4.4e t indent5.4.41amWhose faan r then—as br" r-port"ftl> FT303ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004"class="me="line-" alt="editorial emend10n" title="editorial emendation">M5.4.42 t indent5.4.42 Thou orphpaps"faan r art—"ftl>20 FT3036">  FT303ndentInline"> M5.4.44 t indent5.4.4the6rom this earth-vexial smart.>I was up so espan>
FT304 FT304M5.4.46 t indent5.4.46g But took sp inemy throes,sI was up so epan clasp21ftldentInline">  &n4sp;FT304>FT304ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 nclass="me="line-" alt="editorial emend10n" title="editorial emendation">M5.4.48 t indent5.4.4namCFT304ftln-0932">  M5.4.49 t indent5.4.4andA"thftg of/pi&y.sI was up so espan>

_0970">FTLN 0970<304ng 6">FT304FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i5.4.5 an5/dentInline">  
FTLN 0964 FT304 title="SD">t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 nclass="me="line-" alt="editorial emend10n" title="editorial emendation">M5.4.5e t indent5.4.5nt Moldedathe stuff so fairsI was up so epan clase="2.304ftln-1005"> FT304ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.4.52 t indent5.4.52g Thatihe deperved/thetprais os ths"world>I was up so epan clase="2.304name="line_2.3.20">20 FT3046"> M5.4.53 t indent5.4.5>I was up so espan>
FT304ndentInline"> FTLN 1005.4.54 t indent5.4.5theWhen once he was mature for mpa,sI was up so epan clase="2.305 angry purpose now.FT305/dentInline"> M5.4.55 t indent5.4.nng In Br15ain where/was he>I was up so epan clase="2.305nt indentProse"> FT305 FT305> M5.4.57 t indent5.4.5ftlOrifruitful object/besI was up so epan clase="2.305>FT305ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 namo1pan>"5.4.58 t indent5.4.5namIn eye/of Imogen, that bestsI was up so epan clase="2.305the reason
FT305ftln-0932">  M5.4.59 t indent5.4.5andCeuldideem his d="li&y?>I was up so espan>

_0970">FTLN 0970<305ng 6">FT305FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i5.4.6 an6/dentInline">  
FTLN 0964 FT305 title="SD">lineNbr" erse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004"class="me="line-" alt="editorial emend10n" title="editorial emendation">M5.4.6e t indent5.4.6nt To be exiled and/thrownsI was up so epan clase="2.305ftln-1005"> FT305ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.4.62 t indent5.4.6ass6rom Leonati seat, and/castsI was up so epan clase="2.305name="line_2.3.20">20 FT3056">  M5.4.63 t indent5.4.6>FT305ndentInline"> M5.4.64 t indent5.4.6theSweet/Imogen?>I was up so espan>
FT306/dentInline"> &ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.4.6ngt indent5.4.65heWhytdid you suffer Iachimo,sI was up so epan clase="2.306nt indentProse"> FT306M5.4.66 t indent5.4.6"ftSlWe s"thftg of/Italy,sI was up so epan clase="2.306ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT306>FT306ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 nclass="me="line-" alt="editorial emend10n" title="editorial emendation">M5.4.68 t indent5.4.6namWith needless jealousy,sI was up so epan clase="2.306the reason
FT306ftln-0932"> FTLN 0970<306ng 6">FT306FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i5.4.7 an7M5.4.7 at indent5.4.7 anOs ths"oan rss villainy?>I was up so espan>
FTLN 0964 FT306 title="SD">lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.4.7e t indent5.4.7nt 6or this,Nfrom stiller seats we c FT306ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004"class="me="line-" alt="editorial emend10n" title="editorial emendation">M5.4.72 t indent5.4.7assOur arne-p andaus twain,sI was up so epan clase="2.306name="line_2.3.20">20 FT3066">  FT306ndentInline"> M5.4.74 t indent5.4.7the6ell/bravely andawere/slain,sI was up so epan clase="2.307 angry purpose now.FT307&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.4.7ngt indent5.4.75ssOur fealty andaTenantiuss"rWe ssI was up so epan clase="2.307nt indentProse"> FT307M5.4.76 t indent5.4.7"ftWith honor to main5ain.sI was up so epan clasp219tldentInline">  &n4sp; FT307>FT307ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 nclass="me="line-" alt="editorial emend10n" title="editorial emendation">M5.4.78 t indent5.4.78tlTo gnment in performed.sI was up so epan clase="2.307the reason
FT307ftln-0932"> FTLN 0970<307ng 6">FT307FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i5.4.8 an8/dentInline">  M5.4.8 at indent5.4.80heWhythast/dhou thup adjourned>I was up so epan clase="2.307"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT307 title="SD">lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.4.8e t indent5.4.8e mThe graces for hisemeri-p dup,sI was up so epan clase="2.307ftln-1005"> FT307ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004"class="me="line-" alt="editorial emend10n" title="editorial emendation">M5.4.82 t indent5.4.8assBeial allito dol">s turned?>I was up so espan>
20 FT3076">  Thy crystFT307ndentInline"> M5.4.84 t indent5.4.8theNo longer exercisesI was up so epan clase="2.308 angry purpose now.FT308/dentInline"> &ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.4.8ngt indent5.4.8ng Upen a vt iant raceithy harshsI was up so epan clase="2.308nt indentProse"> FT308M5.4.86 t indent5.4.8"ftAnd/pote="SD2juries.sI was up so espan>
FT308>FT308ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 nclass="me="line-" alt="editorial emend10n" title="editorial emendation">M5.4.88 t indent5.4.88tlTame off hisemiseries.sI was up so espan>

FT308ftln-0932"> FTLN 0970<308ng 6">FT308FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i5.4.9 an9M5.4.9 at indent5.4.9 anOr we poor ghosts will crysI was up so epan clase="2.308"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT308 title="SD">t indentVerse"> 
FT308ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004"class="me="line-" alt="editorial emend10n" title="editorial emendation">M5.4.92 t indent5.4.9assAgainstithy dei&y.sI was up so espan>
20 FT3086">  FT308ndentInline"> M5.4.94 t indent5.4.9theAnd/from thy justiceifly.sI was up so ep so epan clas.28" n"5.4.94.e must receive himeagle.sI was uass="alspan>-2.2.28" t i5.4.94.e t indentt i5.4.94.e mn" name="ftln_1004"class="nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i5.4.94.e t indentt i5.4.94.e mHe/throws a thunderbolt. The Ghosts fallionsI was up so espan>-2.2.28" t i5.4.94.e t indentt i5.4.94.e mtheir knees. FT309&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.4.9ngt indent5.4.95ssNoemore,/you petty spiri-p of/region low,sI was up so epan clase="2.309nt indentProse"> FT309M5.4.96 t indent5.4.9"ftOff="d/our hearial! Hush. How dare you ghostssI was up so epan clase="2.309ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT309>FT309ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse"> M5.4.98 t indent5.4.98tlSky-pla"l d, batters allirebellidg coasts.sI was up so epan clase="2.309the reason
FT309ftln-0932"> FTLN 0970<309ng 6">FT309FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i5.4.e an1<M5.4.e at indent5.4.e 0g Upen your never-witherial bankp of/flowbsp.sI was up so epan clase="2.309"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT309 title="SD">t indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.4.e0e t indent5.4.e0nt Bennet with mort FT309ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004"class="me="line-" alt="editorial emend10n" title="editorial emendation">M5.4.102 t indent5.4.10assNoecare of yours it is; you knowi’tis ours.sI was up so epan clasp22nt dentInline">  &n4sp;20 FT3096"> FTLN 1005.4.103 t indent5.4.10>FT309ndentInline"> M5.4.104 t indent5.4.10theThe more delayed,/delie s"d. Be conte=".sI was up so epan clase="2.310 angry purpose now.FT31<&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.4.10ngt indent5.4.e 5anYour low-laid sen our godhead will uplif&.sI was up so epan clase="2.310nt indentProse"> FT310 M5.4.106 t indent5.4.10"ftHis comforts thriv , his t>FTLs well are spe=".sI was up so epan clase="2.310ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT310>FT310ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse"> M5.4.108 t indent5.4.10namOur demple/was he marri"d. Rise,/andafade.sI was up so epan clase="2.310the reason
FTLN 0970<310ng 6">FT31M5.4.1e0 t indent5.4.e1 anAnd/happi r much by hiseafflic/spa made.sI was up so epan clas.28" n"5.4.e1 .e must receive himFTLN 1024  FTLN 1015FTLN 0964 FT310 title="SD">t indentVerse">  FT310ditorial emendation" n" name="SD2.2.2ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004"class="me="line-" alt="editorial emend10n" title="editorial emendation">M5.4.1e2 t indent5.4.11assOur leasure hisefullifortune doth confn">.sI was up so epan clase="2.310name="line_2.3.20">20 FT3106"> FTLN 1005.4.113 t indent5.4.11>FT310ndentInline"> M5.4.1e4 t indent5.4.11theExpreps impFT311&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004"class="me="line-" alt="editorial emend10n" title="editorial emendation">M5.4.1engt indent5.4.ee5anMount,>eagle, to myan>laceicryst.sI was upan clas.28" n"5.4.e1ng of it.
nd us.rWe sn"="line-2.2.28" t i5.4.e15 t indentt i5.4.e15  FT311 FT311>eaglesI was up so epan clase="2.311>FT311ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse"> 
I was up so epan clase="2.3e1ng of it.
FT311FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i5.4.12 an12FTLN 0964 FT311 title="SD">t indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.4.12e t indent5.4.12e sAs when hisegod ise leased.sI was up so e

n name="fALLlass="al5">
FT311ditorial emendation" n" name="SD2.2.2Spli-" alt="editorial emend 178n" title="editorial emendation">M5.4.122 t indent5.4.122 Thanks,/Jupiter.sI was up so espan>
20 FT3116"> FTLN 1005.4.123 t indent5.4.123 eThe marble paveme="Scloses; he ise="l red"ftl>FT311ndentInline"> FTLN 1005.4.124 t indent5.4.124 tHis radiant roof. Away,/and,/to be blest,sI was up so epan clase="2.312 angry purpose now.FT312FTLN 1005.4.12ngt indent5.4.125anLet us with care perform hisegreat behest.sI was up so epan clas.28" n"5.4.e25.e must receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015-2.2.28" t i5.4.e25.e t indentt i5.4.e25.e mn" namvanish.-2.2.28" t i5.4.e26. at indentt i5.4.e26. an, a>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015  FT312 Sleep,/thou hast/been a gra"dsire and begotsI was up so epan clase="2.312ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT312>ANfaan r to me,/andathou hast/created"ftl>FT312ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse"> ANmoan r andatwo broan rs. But,aO/scorn,sI was up so epan clase="2.312the reason
Gone! They wntVehence/so soen as/theytwere born.sI was up so epan clase="2.312ng of it.
FT312FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i5.4.13 an13FTLN 0964 FT312 title="SD">lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.4.13e t indent5.4.13e nOn greatnesps"favor dream as/I hav done,sI was up so epan clase="2.312ftln-1005"> FT312ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.4.132 t indent5.4.132 >Wake,/andafamennethftg. But,aatio,/I swerve.sI was up so epan clase="2.312name="line_2.3.20">20 FT3126"> FTLN 1005.4.133 t indent5.4.13>  &n4sp;FT312ndentInline"> FTLN 1005.4.134 t indent5.4.134 nAnd/yet are steeped/in favors; so am IsI was up so epan clase="2.313 angry purpose now.FT313FTLN 1024 -2.2.28" t i5.4.e35.e t indentt i5.4.e35.e mspan>
FTLN 1015 FT313FTLN 1005.4.136 t indent5.4.13"ftWhatifairiesihaunt thiseground? A book?aO/rare one,sI was up so epan clase="2.313ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT313>FT313ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 n-2.2.28" 5.4.138 t indent5.4.13namNebler than that iticev rs. Letithy effectssI was up so epan clase="2.313the reason
So follow,/to be,Nmost/unlike our courtibsp,sI was up so epan clase="2.313ng of it.
FT313FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i5.4.14 an14 indentt i5.4.e4 .e e him(-2.2.28" t i5.4.e4 .e t indentt i5.4.e4 .e mRn cs.sI was uspan> indentt i5.4.e4 .e e him)lass="alI was up so espan>
FTLN 0964
FT313 title="SD">lineNbr" name="lProsln"n" name="ftln_1004"-2.2.28" 5.4.14e t indent5.4.141amWhenas a lspass whelp sh FT313ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lProsln"n" name="ftln_1004"-2.2.28" 5.4.142 t indent5.4.14asswithout seekftg find,/and beN 1braced by a piece ofsI was up so epan clase="2.313name="line_2.3.20">20 FT3136"> FT313ndentInline"> FT314 FT314FT314>FT314ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 n-2.2.28" 5.4.148 t indent5.4.14namsTisestill aNdream,/or else such stuff as madentuass="alp so epan clase="2.314the reason
FTLN 0970<314ng 6">FT314F/a>  FTLN 0964 FT314 title="SD">t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 n> FT314ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.4.152 t indent5.4.152g The ac/spa of myalife iselike it,.whichsI was up so epan clase="2.314name="line_2.3.20">20 FT3146"> FTLN 1005.4.153 t indent5.4.15> indentt i5.4.e53.e mE"l r Jailer.sI was uI was up so ep so eceive him FT314ndentInline">&>FTLN 1005.4.154 t indent5.4.15theCome,/sir, are you ready for death?>I was up so espan>
FT315/dentInline">   FT315FTLN 1005.4.156 t indent5.4.15"ftHanglas/is the word,/sir. If you beNready forsI was up so epan clase="2.315ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT315>that, you are well cooked.sI was up so e
n name="fPOSTHUMUSlass="al5"> FT315ss="alignment"-2.2.28" 5.4.158 t indent5.4.15namSo,/if I prove a good repast/do the n ncd tosp,sI was up so epan clase="2.315the reason

_0970">FTLN 0970<315ng 6">FT315FTLan class="anbsp;&-2.2.28" 5.4.16 at indent5.4.16 anA heavy reckonial for you,/sir. But the comfortsI was up so epan clase="2.315"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT315 title="SD">lineNbr" erse">&Prosln"n" name="ftln_1004"-2.2.28" 5.4.16e t indent5.4.16e >is,Nyou sh FT315ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lProsln"n" name="ftln_1004"-2.2.28" 5.4.162 t indent5.4.16assnoemore/tavern bills,.which are often the sadnespsI was up so epan clase="2.315name="line_2.3.20">20 FT3156"> FT315ndentInline"> FT316/dentInline"> &Prosln"n" name="ftln_1004"-2.2.28" 5.4.16ngt indent5.4.165anmuch drftk; sorry that you have/paid/too much,sI was up so epan clasp225  &n4sp; FT316FT316>FT316ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&Prosln"n" name="ftln_1004"-2.2.28" 5.4.168 t indent5.4.16namtoo lie s;/the pu="f too lie s,ibeftg drawa of heavinesp.sI was up so epan clase="2.316the reason
FT316ftln-0932"> FTLN 0970<316ng 6">FT316FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i5.4.17 an17FTLN 0964 FT316 title="SD">lineNbr" name="lProsln"n" name="ftln_1004"-2.2.28" 5.4.17e t indent5.4.17e mthousa"ds/in a t>Fce. You have/noetrue deb15"> andsI was up so epan clase="2.316ftln-1005"> FT316ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lProsln"n" name="ftln_1004"-2.2.28" 5.4.172 t indent5.4.17asscr1015"> but is;/of/whatss past,.is,Nand/to come,/thesI was up so epan clase="2.316name="line_2.3.20">20 FT3166"> FT316ndentInline"> 
 FT317FTLN 1005.4.176 t indent5.4.176 >I cled,/sir, he that sleepsNfeels net thesI was up so epan clase="2.317ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT317>FT317ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&Prosln"n" name="ftln_1004"-2.2.28" 5.4.178 t indent5.4.17namsleep,/and/a hangman to help him/to bed,/I thftksI was up so epan clase="2.317the reason
FT317ftln-0932"> FTLN 0970<317ng 6">FT317FTLan class="aation" n’s eye. I lodge i5.4.18 an18/dentInline"> 
FTLN 0964 FT317 title="SD 2.3-2.2.28" 5.4.18e t indent5.4.18nt Yes, i cled do I,Nfellow.sI was up so espan>
FT317ditorial emend-2.2.28" 5.4.182 t indent5.4.18assYour Death has eyes/in ss head,/then./I hav notsI was up so epan clase="2.317name="line_2.3.20">20 FT3176"> FT317ndentInline"> FT318/dentInline"> &Prosln"n" name="ftln_1004"-2.2.28" 5.4.18ngt indent5.4.185anupen yourself/that which I am sure you do notsI was up so epan clase="2.318nt indentProse"> FT318FT318>FT318ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&Prosln"n" name="ftln_1004"-2.2.28" 5.4.188 t indent5.4.18namthftk yousll never return to tellione.sI was up so espan>

_0970">FTLN 0970<318ng 6">FT318FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i5.4.19 an19FTLN 0964
FT318 title="SD">t indentVerse">&Prosln"n" name="ftln_1004"-2.2.28" 5.4.19e t indent5.4.19nt wftk and willinot usp them.sI was up so espan>
FT318ditorial emend-2.2.28" 5.4.192 t indent5.4.192 tWhatiend-nfn"ite mock/is this,Nthat a mansI was up so epan clase="2.318name="line_2.3.20">20 FT3186"> FT318ndentInline">  FT319 FT319
FT319>FT319ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&Prosln"n" name="ftln_1004"-2.2.28" 5.4.198 t indent5.4.19nammadeafree.sI was up so epan clasp22ftldentInline">  &n5sp;
FT319ftln-0932"> FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
_0970">FTLN 0970<319ng 6">FT319FTLan class="aation" n’s eye. I lodge i5.4.20 an2<FTLN 0964 FT319 title="SD">t indentVerse">&Prosln"n" name="ftln_1004"-2.2.28" 5.4.20e t indent5.4.20e >bolts for the dn c.sI was upan clas.28" n"5.4.20nt indentProse"> nd us.rWe sn"="line-2.2.28" t i5.4.20e t indentt i5.4.20e ma>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015-2.2.28" t i5.4.20e t indentt i5.4.20e mn" namexit.sI was uass="alp so espan>
FT319ditorial emend-2.2.28" 5.4.202 t indent5.4.202 >Unless a man would marry a gallows and begetsI was up so epan clase="2.319name="line_2.3.20">20 FT3196"> FT319ndentInline"> FT32<&Prosln"n" name="ftln_1004"-2.2.28" 5.4.20ngt indent5.4.205anfor  FT320FT320>FT320ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&Prosln"n" name="ftln_1004"-2.2.28" 5.4.208gt indent5.4.20namone mind good. O, there were desola/spa of jailerpsI was up so epan clase="2.320the reason
FT320ftln-0932"> &Prosln"n" name="ftln_1004"-2.2.28" 5.4.209gt indent5.4.209ftand/gallowsep! I a nam against myanresntVeprofit,sI was up so epan clase="2.320ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<320ng 6">FT32FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015-2.2.28" t i5.5. at indentt i5.5. ann" namGuice=ius a>FTLN 1024 -2.2.28" t i5.5. at indentt i5.5. anPolydor,
FTLN 1015-2.2.28" t i5.5. at indentt i5.5. ann" namArviragus a>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015-2.2.28" t i5.5. at indentt i5.5. ann" namPisanio, a>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015-2.2.28" t i5.5. at indentt i5.5. anand/Lords.sI was uass="alp so ep so espan>
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0964 FT320 title="SD">t indentVerse"> Stand by myasice, you whom/the gods hav made"ftl> FT320ditorial emendation" n" name="SD2.2.2ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004"-2.2.28" 5.5.2 t indent5.5.2anPrepervers of myathrone. Woe isemyaheartsI was up so epan clase="2.320name="line_2.3.20">20 FT3206"> FTLN 1005.5.3 t indent5.5.3g Thatithe poor soldier that so richly foue s,sI was up so epan clase="2.320and ta’enFT320ndentInline"> FTLN 1005.5.4 t indent5.5.4 tWhosl rags shFT321FTLan class="alignment indentVame="ftnbsp;Stepped/before/targes of proof, cannet beifound.sI was up so epan clase="2.321nt indentProse"> FT321 FT321>
20nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i5.5.8at indentt i5.5.8an, a>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT321ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&Spli-" alt="editorial emend 39n" title="editorial emendation">M5.5.8at indent5.5.8anI never sawsI was up so epan clase="2.321the reason
Such neble furyftliso poor a thftg,sI was up so epan clase="2.321ng of it.
FT321FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i5.5.e an1/dentInline">  
Such preciousicleds/in one that promisede. ue ssI was up so epan clase="2.321"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT321 title="SD">t indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN t indent5.5.ent But beggary andapoor looks.sI was up so espan>
FT321ditorial emendation" n" name="SD2.2.2Spli-" alt="editorial emend 131n" title="editorial emendation">M5.5.12 t indent5.5.1assNot irials of him?>I was up so espan>
20 FT3216"> FTLN 1005.5.13 t indent5.5.1>FT321ndentInline"> FTLN 1005.5.14 t indent5.5.1theBut noetrace of him.sI was up so epan clasp229tldentInline">  &n5sp;FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT322M5.5.15"t indent5.5.15anToemyagrief, I am"ftl> FT322 FT322>FT322ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse"> FT322ftln-0932">  
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
FT322FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i5.5.2 an2M5.5.2 at indent5.5.2 anSir,sI was up so epan clase="2.322"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT322 title="SD">lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.5.2e t indent5.5.2nt In Camb>FT are we born,/and g="ll 101.sI was up so epan clase="2.322ftln-1005"> FT322ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.5.22 t indent5.5.2ass6uran r to boast were neither true nor modess,sI was up so epan clase="2.322name="line_2.3.20">20 FT3226"> FTLN 1005.5.23 t indent5.5.2>
FT322ndentInline"> M5.5.24 t indent5.5.2theBowiyour kneep.sI was up so epan clas.28" n"5.5.24.e must receive himFTLN 1024  FTLN 1015FT323 FT323FTLN 1005.5.26"t indent5.5.2"ftCompanions/to our pbspon,/and willifit/youlass="alp so epan clase="2.323ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT323> FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FT323ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 n-2.2.28" 5.5.28at indent5.5.2namTheress businesp inntheseefaces. Why so sadlysI was up so epan clase="2.323the reason
y? You lookelike Romaap,sI was up so epan clase="2.323ng of it.
FT323FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i5.5.3 an3FTLN 1005.5.3 at indent5.5.3 anAnd/net os"ths"courtnof Br15ain.sI was up so espan>
FTLN 0964 FT323 title="SD">lineNbr" name="lSpli-" alt="editorial emend 150n" title="editorial emendation">M5.5.3e t indent5.5.3nt Hail, great mial.sI was up so epan clase="2.323ftln-1005"> FT323ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.5.32 t indent5.5.3assTo sour your happinesp I must reportsI was up so epan clase="2.323name="line_2.3.20">20 FT3236"> FTLN 1005.5.33 t indent5.5.33ftThe Queen is dn c.sI was up so espan>
FT323ndentInline"> M5.5.34 t indent5.5.34 tWho worse than a physiciansI was up so epan clase="2.324 angry purpose now.FT324FTLN 1005.5.35"t indent5.5.3ng Would this report become? But I consicersI was up so epan clase="2.324nt indentProse"> FT324FTLN 1005.5.36"t indent5.5.3"ftBy medsc 10alife mayibe prolonged,/yet deathsI was up so epan clase="2.324ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT324>FTLN 1005.5.37"t indent5.5.3ftlWilliaeize/the doc5"> too. How ended she?>I was up so espan>
FT324ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 n-2.2.28" 5.5.38at indent5.5.3namWith horror,/madly dyial,alike her life,sI was up so epan clase="2.324the reason
FTLN 0970<324ng 6">FT324F/a>FTLN 1005.5.4 at indent5.5.4 anMost cruel/do herself. What she confepsed"ftl>FTLN 0964 FT324 title="SD">t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 n> FT324ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.5.42 t indent5.5.4assC04"trip sp if I err,.who with wet cheekpsI was up so epan clase="2.324name="line_2.3.20">20 FT3246"> FTLN 1005.5.43 t indent5.5.4>
FT324ndentInline"> M5.5.44 t indent5.5.44anPrithee,Nsay.sI was up so epan clasp23nt dentInline">  &n5sp; FT325/dentInline"> FTLN 1005.5.45"t indent5.5.4ng 6irst,.she confepsed.she never,/onlysI was up so epan clase="2.325nt indentProse"> FT325FTLN 1005.5.46"t indent5.5.4"ftAffected greatnesp get,/net you="ftl>FT325>FTLN 1005.5.47"t indent5.5.4ftlMarri"d your royalty,.was wife do your place,sI was up so epan clase="2.325>FT325ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 n-2.2.28" 5.5.48at indent5.5.4namAbhorr"d your pbspon.sI was up so espan>

FT325ftln-0932"> M5.5.49at indent5.5.4andShe alone knew this,sI was up so epan clase="2.325ng of it.

_0970">FTLN 0970<325ng 6">FT325FTLan class="anbsp; FTLN 1005.5.5 at indent5.5.5 anAnd/but she n oke it dyial,aI would notsI was up so epan clase="2.325"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT325 title="SD">lineNbr" erse"> 
FT325ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lnbsp;20 FT3256"> FT325ndentInline"> FTLN 1005.5.54 t indent5.5.5theWas as a scorpspa do her sie s,iwhosl life,sI was up so epan clase="2.326 angry purpose now.FT326/dentInline"> FFTLan class="alignment indentVame="ftnbsp; FT326FTLN 1005.5.56"t indent5.5.5"ftTa’en/off by.poipon.sI was up so espan>
FT326>M5.5.57"t indent5.5.5ftlO, most dnt cate/fiend!"ftl>FT326ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse"> 
FT326ftln-0932"> FTLN 1005.5.59at indent5.5.5andMore,/sir, and worsex;"he did confeps.she had"ftl>FTLN 0970<326ng 6">FT326FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i5.5.6 an6/dentInline">  
FTLN 0964 FT326 title="SD">lineNbr" name="l indentVerse">  FT326ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="l indentVerse"> 20 FT3266">  FT326ndentInline">  FT327  FT327 FT327> FT327ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">& indentVerse"> FT327ftln-0932">  FTLN 0970<327ng 6">FT327FTLan class="aation" n’s eye. I lodge i5.5.7 an7FTLN 0964 FT327 title="SD">lineNbr" name="l indentVerse"> 
FT327ditorial emendation" n" name="SD2.2.2Spli-" alt="editorial emend 48n" title="editorial emendation">M5.5.72 t indent5.5.7assHeard you allithis,Nher women?>I was up so espan>
20 FT3276"> M5.5.73 t indent5.5.7>
FT327ndentInline">&dation">M5.5.74 t indent5.5.7theM 10aeyes"ftl>FT328/dentInline">   FT328 FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015-2.2.28" 5.5.76"t indent5.5.7"ftVerse"her flatt"ry; nor myaheart,"ftl>  &n5sp;FT328> FT328ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">& indentVerse"> FT328ftln-0932">  FTLN 0970<328ng 6">FT328FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i5.5.8 an8/dentInline">  FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015-2.2.28" t i5.5.8 .e t indentt i5.5.8 .e mVerse"and other RomaasI was up so espan>-2.2.28" t i5.5.8 .e t indentt i5.5.8 .e mprisoners, a>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015-2.2.28" t i5.5.8 .e t indentt i5.5.8 .e mVerse"Leonatusibehind,/and ImogensI was up so espan>-2.2.28" t i5.5.8 .e t indentt i5.5.8 .e ma>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 0964 FT328 title="SD">t indentVerse">& indentVerse">  FT328ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="l indentVerse"> 20 FT3286">  FT328ndentInline">  FT329  FT329 
FT329> FT329ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">& indentVerse"> &. Had it gone with us,sI was up so epan clase="2.329the reason
FTLN 0970<329ng 6">FT329FTLan class="aation" n’s eye. I lodge i5.5.9 an9FTLN 0964 FT329 title="SD">t indentVerse">  FT329ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="l indentVerse"> 20 FT3296">  FT329ndentInline">  FT33<  FT330 FT330> FT330ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">& indentVerse"> FT330ftln-0932"> & indentVerse"> &,sI was up so epan clase="2.330ng of it.
_0970">FTLN 0970<330ng 6">FT33  
FTLN 0964 FT330 title="SD">t indentVerse">  FT330ditorial emendation" n" name="SD2.2.2ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004"-2.2.28" 5.5.102 t indent5.5.10220 FT3306"> FTLN 1005.5.103 t indent5.5.10>FT330ndentInline"> FTLN 1005.5.104 t indent5.5.104t Though heihav perved a Romaa. Sav him,/sir,sI was up so epan clase="2.331 angry purpose now.FT331FTLN 1005.5.105"t indent5.5.10ng And/100re no blood besice.sI was up so espan>
 FT331M5.5.106"t indent5.5.10"ftIihav purely seen him.sI was up so epan clase="2.331ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT331>  &n5sp;FT331ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse"> FT331ftln-0932">  FTLN 0970<331ng 6">FT331FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge an11/dentInline">  FTLN 0964 FT331 title="SD">t indentVerse">&ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.5.eee t indent5.5.en1ndAnd/ask/of/gnment in whatabopa dhou wil&,sI was up so epan clase="2.331ftln-1005"> FT331ditorial emendation" n" name="SD2.2.2ss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.5.ee2 t indent5.5.11ass6ittftg myabounty andathy/nd te, I’lligiv it,sI was up so epan clase="2.331name="line_2.3.20">20 FT3316"> FTLN 1005.5.113 t indent5.5.11>FT331ndentInline"> FTLN 1005.5.114 t indent5.5.114ssThe neblest ta’en.sI was up so espan>

nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i5.5.115"t indentt i5.5.115"n, a>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT332M5.5.115"t indent5.5.115anIihumbly thanknyour Highnesp.sI was up so espan>
 FT332 FT332>
20nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i5.5.118at indentt i5.5.11nam, a>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT332ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&Spli-" alt="editorial emend 47n" title="editorial emendation">M5.5.118at indent5.5.11namNo,/no, FT332ftln-0932">  FTLN 0970<332ng 6">FT332FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i5.5.12 an12FTLN 0964 FT332 title="SD">lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.5.12e t indent5.5.12e >Must shuffle for itself.sI was up so espan>
FT332ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lSpli-" alt="editorial emend 120n" title="editorial emendation">M5.5.122 t indent5.5.122 sThe boy disdains me,sI was up so epan clase="2.332name="line_2.3.20">20 FT3326"> FTLN 1005.5.123 t indent5.5.123 sHe/leav=s me, scorns me. Br1efly die their joypsI was up so epan clase="2.332and ta’enFT332ndentInline"> FTLN 1005.5.124 t indent5.5.12theThatiplace them on the truth/of/girls and/boyp.sI was up so epan clase="2.333 angry purpose now.FT333FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015  FT333M5.5.126"t indent5.5.12"ftWhat wouldsst dhou,aboy?sI was up so epan clase="2.333ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT333>FT333ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 n-2.2.28" 5.5.128at indent5.5.128atWhatss best to ask. Knowsst him dhou looksst on?>I was up so epan clase="2.333the reason
FT333ftln-0932"> &RunOn
S nam.sI was up so epan clase="2.333ng of it.
_0970">FTLN 0970<333ng 6">FT333FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i5.5.13 an13FTLN 1005.5.13 at indent5.5.13 anWil&ihav him live? Is he thy/kin? Thy friend?>I was up so espan>
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0964 FT333 title="SD">lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.5.13e t indent5.5.13nt He is a Romaa,/nonmore kin do me"ftl> FT333ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.5.132 t indent5.5.13assThan I do your Highnesp,iwho,ibeftg born your vional,sI was up so epan clase="2.333name="line_2.3.20">20 FT3336"> FTLN 1005.5.133 t indent5.5.133 >Am somethftg ne r=r.sI was up so espan>
FT333ndentInline"> M5.5.134 t indent5.5.134 tWherefore eysst him so?>I was up so espan>
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT334FTLN 1005.5.135"t indent5.5.13ng I’llitelliyou,/sir, in priv te, if you please"ftl> FT334FTLN 1005.5.136"t indent5.5.136"nTo giv me hearial.sI was up so espan>
FT334>M5.5.137"t indent5.5.13ftlAy, with allimyaheart,"ftl>FT334ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 n-2.2.28" 5.5.138at indent5.5.138alAnd/l015 myabest att"n/spa. Whatss thy/>I was up so epan clasp23ftldentInline">  &n5sp;FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015

_0970">FTLN 0970<334ng 6">FT334F/a>M5.5.14 at indent5.5.14 anThou srt myagood youth, myap us.sI was up so epan clase="2.334"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964 FT334 title="SD">t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 n>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT334ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lss="ftln" name="ftln_1004">FTLN 1005.5.142 t indent5.5.142 >Is net this boy revived from death?>I was up so espan>
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 20 FT3346"> M5.5.143 t indent5.5.143anOne sandaanother"ftl>FT334ndentInline"> FTLN 1005.5.144 t indent5.5.14theNet more resnmbles/that sweet rosy lad"ftl>FT335/dentInline"> FTLN 1005.5.145"t indent5.5.14ng Who diec, and was 6idele. What thftk/you?>I was up so espan>
FTLN 0964nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i5.5.146at indentt i5.5.146an, a>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015  FT335FTLN 1005.5.146"t indent5.5.146anThe s
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT335>FTLN 1005.5.147"t indent5.5.147">Peace, peace. See further. H0aeyes us net. Forbear.sI was up so epan clase="2.335>FT335ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 n-2.2.28" 5.5.148at indent5.5.148a>Creatur=s mayibe alike. Were ’tihe, I am puresI was up so epan clase="2.335the reason
FT335ftln-0932"> ="ed3d.2.2 n-2.2.28" 5.5.149at indent5.5.14andH0awould hav p oke to us.sI was up so espan>
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
_0970">FTLN 0970<335ng 6">FT335FTLan class="anbsp; M5.5.15 at indent5.5.15 anBut we see him dead.sI was up so espan>
FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FTLN 0964 FT335 title="SD">lineNbr" erse"> FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT335ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lSpli-" alt="editorial emend 86n" title="editorial emendation">M5.5.152 t indent5.5.152anIt is my mistress!"ftl>
20 FT3356"> FT335ndentInline"> FTLN 1005.5.154 t indent5.5.154 nTo good or bad.sI was up so epan clas.28" n"5.5.154.e must receive himFTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015
nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i5.5.155"t indentt i5.5.155"n, a>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015 FT336/dentInline"> M5.5.155"t indent5.5.15ng Come, standathou by our sice.sI was up so epan clase="2.336nt indentProse"> FT336FTLN 1005.5.156"t indent5.5.15"ftMake thy/demandaaloud.sI was upan clas.28" n"5.5.15"ftln_0964">FTLN 0964nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i5.5.156at indentt i5.5.156tln" name="ftln_1004" indentt i5.5.156tTLN 0964romaa">(sI was u"line-2.2.28" t i5.5.156at indentt i5.5.156tla>FTLN 1024 
FTLN 1015) <>FTLN 1005.5.156"t indent5.5.15"ftn" namSir, stepsI was up so epan clase="2.336ass="ftln" name="ftlnFT336>FT336ss="alignment" style=t indentVerse">&tln-092h/span>="ed3d.2.2 n-2.2.28" 5.5.158at indent5.5.15namGiv answ"r do this boy, and doiit freely,"ftl>FT336ftln-0932"> ="ed3d.2.2 n-2.2.28" 5.5.159at indent5.5.15andOr by our greatnesp andatheagrac /of/it,sI was up so epan clase="2.336ng of it.
_0970">FTLN 0970<336ng 6">FT336FTLan class="alignmenn’s eye. I lodge i5.5.16 an16/dentInline"> ="ed3d.2.2 n-2.2.28" 5.5.16 at indent5.5.16 anWhich is our honor, bitt"r dortur= shFTLN 0964 FT336 title="SD">lineNbr" erse"> 
FT336ditorial emendation" lineNbr" name="lRunOn
FTLN 1024  <>FTLN 100t i5.5.163. a" indentt i5.5.163. an, atorial emendation" nd usn"="line-2.2.28" t i5.5.163. a" indentt i5.5.163. anpointftg do Iachimoss handsrom Rome;
FTLN 1015 20 FT3366"> &leman mayirender"ftl>FT336ndentInline"> FTLN 1005.5.164 t indent5.5.16theOfiwhom heihad this rial.sI was up so espan>

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