Scene 2

...he had one.
Enter Leontes, Hermione, Mamillius, Polixenes, Camillo, and Attendants.

...her allowing husband!
Exit Hermione, Polixenes, and Attendants.

Scene 1

...They talk privately.
Enter Leontes, Antigonus, and Lords.

...Camillo with him?
Behind the tuft of pines I met them. Never
Saw I men scour so on their way. I eyed them
Even to their ships.

...So easily open?
By his great authority,
Which often hath no less prevailed than so
On your command.

...our bidding. Hence!
Beseech your Highness, call the Queen again.

...queen, your son.
For her, my lord,
I dare my life lay down—and will do ’t, sir,
Please you t’ accept it—that the Queen is spotless
I’ th’ eyes of heaven, and to you—I mean
In this which you accuse her.

...Hold your peaces.
Good my lord—

...Lack I credit?
I had rather you did lack than I, my lord,
Upon this ground. And more it would content me
To have her honor true than your suspicion,
Be blamed for ’t how you might.

...I done well?
Well done, my lord.

...truth were known.
They exit.

Scene 3

...within my power.
Enter Paulina, carrying the baby, with Servants, Antigonus, and Lords.
You must not enter. in ’t.
LORDS: We can, my royal liege.
He is not guilty of her coming hither.

...You’re liars all.
Beseech your Highness, give us better credit.
We have always truly served you, and beseech
So to esteem of us. And on our knees we beg,
As recompense of our dear services
Past and to come, that you do change this purpose,
Which being so horrible, so bloody, must
Lead on to some foul issue. We all kneel. th’ court.
to Leontes
So please you, sir, their speed
Hath been beyond account.

...upon my bidding.
They exit.

Scene 2 the issue.
Enter Leontes, Lords, and Officers. my judge.
This your request
Is altogether just. Therefore bring forth,
And in Apollo’s name, his oracle. not found.
LORDS: Now blessèd be the great Apollo!, Break too!
What fit is this, good lady?

...dropped down yet.
The higher powers forbid! their bitt’rest.
to Paulina
Say no more.
Howe’er the business goes, you have made fault
I’ th’ boldness of your speech.

...To these sorrows.
They exit.

Scene 3

...thy good masters.
Enter Leontes, Polixenes, Florizell, Perdita, Camillo, Paulina, and Lords.

...Hastily lead away.
They exit.