Scene 2

...must needs be.
Enter another Gentleman.

...The news, Rogero?
Nothing but bonfires. The oracle
is fulfilled: the King’s daughter is found! Such a
deal of wonder is broken out within this hour that
ballad makers cannot be able to express it.

Enter another Gentleman.
Here comes the Lady Paulina’s steward. He can
deliver you more.—How goes it now, sir? This news
which is called true is so like an old tale that the
verity of it is in strong suspicion. Has the King
found his heir?

...the two kings?
No. do it.
What, pray you, became of Antigonus,
that carried hence the child?

...intend to sup.
I thought she had some great
matter there in hand, for she hath privately twice or
thrice a day, ever since the death of Hermione,
visited that removed house. Shall we thither and
with our company piece the rejoicing?

...knowledge. Let’s along.
The Three Gentlemen exit.