Scene 1

...upon my bidding.
Enter Cleomenes and Dion.
The climate’s delicate, the air most sweet,
Fertile the isle, the temple much surpassing
The common praise it bears.

...i’ th’ off’ring!
But of all, the burst
And the ear-deaf’ning voice o’ th’ oracle,
Kin to Jove’s thunder, so surprised my sense
That I was nothing.

...use on ’t.
Great Apollo
Turn all to th’ best! These proclamations,
So forcing faults upon Hermione,
I little like. the issue.
They exit.

Scene 2

...pity, not revenge.
Enter Cleomenes, Dion, with Officers.

...secrets in ’t.
All this we swear.

...To these sorrows.
They exit.

Scene 1

...matter in it.
Enter Leontes, Cleomenes, Dion, Paulina, and Servants.
Sir, you have done enough, and have performed
A saintlike sorrow. No fault could you make
Which you have not redeemed—indeed, paid down
More penitence than done trespass. At the last,
Do as the heavens have done: forget your evil;
With them forgive yourself. but seldom.
Not at all, good lady.
You might have spoken a thousand things that would
Have done the time more benefit and graced
Your kindness better. his oath.
You tempt him over-much.

...Affront his eye.
Good madam— our embracement.
Cleomenes and others exit.

...They are come.
Enter Florizell, Perdita, Cleomenes, and others.

...good my lord.
They exit.