Scene 1

...upon my bidding.
Enter Cleomenes and Dion.

...praise it bears.
I shall report,
For most it caught me, the celestial habits—
Methinks I so should term them—and the reverence
Of the grave wearers. O, the sacrifice,
How ceremonious, solemn, and unearthly
It was i’ th’ off’ring!

...I was nothing.
If th’ event o’ th’ journey
Prove as successful to the Queen—O, be ’t so!—
As it hath been to us rare, pleasant, speedy,
The time is worth the use on ’t.

...I little like.
The violent carriage of it
Will clear or end the business when the oracle,
Thus by Apollo’s great divine sealed up,
Shall the contents discover. Something rare
Even then will rush to knowledge. Go. Fresh horses;
And gracious be the issue.

They exit.

Scene 2

...pity, not revenge.
Enter Cleomenes, Dion, with Officers.

...secrets in ’t.
All this we swear.

...To these sorrows.
They exit.

Scene 1

...matter in it.
Enter Leontes, Cleomenes, Dion, Paulina, and Servants.

...him wed again.
If you would not so,
You pity not the state nor the remembrance
Of his most sovereign name, consider little
What dangers by his Highness’ fail of issue
May drop upon his kingdom and devour
Incertain lookers-on. What were more holy
Than to rejoice the former queen is well?
What holier than, for royalty’s repair,
For present comfort, and for future good,
To bless the bed of majesty again
With a sweet fellow to ’t?

...good my lord.
They exit.