Scene 2

...then in prison?
Enter Jailer, with the Gentleman. you not?
For a worthy lady
And one who much I honor. the Queen.
I may not, madam.
To the contrary I have express commandment.

...of them? Emilia?
So please you, madam,
To put apart these your attendants, I
Shall bring Emilia forth.

...her.— Withdraw yourselves.
And, madam, I must be present at your conference.

...’t so, prithee.
Jailer exits.

...As passes coloring.
Enter Emilia with Jailer.

...something nearer.
to Paulina
Madam, if ’t please the Queen to send the babe,
I know not what I shall incur to pass it,
Having no warrant.

...of the Queen.
I do believe it. and danger.
They exit.