Scene 2

...As passes coloring.
Enter Emilia with Jailer.

...our gracious lady?
As well as one so great and so forlorn
May hold together. On her frights and griefs,
Which never tender lady hath borne greater,
She is something before her time delivered.

... A boy?
A daughter, and a goodly babe,
Lusty and like to live. The Queen receives
Much comfort in ’t, says “My poor prisoner,
I am innocent as you.”

...when speaking fails.
Most worthy madam,
Your honor and your goodness is so evident
That your free undertaking cannot miss
A thriving issue. There is no lady living
So meet for this great errand. Please your Ladyship
To visit the next room, I’ll presently
Acquaint the Queen of your most noble offer,
Who but today hammered of this design,
But durst not tempt a minister of honor
Lest she should be denied.

...shall do good.
Now be you blest for it!
I’ll to the Queen. Please you come something nearer. and danger.
They exit.