Scene 1

...Come, sir, away.
Enter Hermione, Mamillius, and Ladies.

...’Tis past enduring.
FIRST LADY: Come, my gracious lord,
Shall I be your playfellow?

...none of you.
FIRST LADY: Why, my sweet lord? you better.
SECOND LADY: And why so, my lord?

...with a pen.
SECOND LADY: Who taught this?

...are your eyebrows?
FIRST LADY: Blue, my lord.

...not her eyebrows.
FIRST LADY: Hark ye,
The Queen your mother rounds apace. We shall
Present our services to a fine new prince
One of these days, and then you’d wanton with us
If we would have you.

SECOND LADY: She is spread of late
Into a goodly bulk. Good time encounter her!

...thee swell thus.
A Lady exits with Mamillius.

...our bidding. Hence!
Hermione exits, under guard, with her Ladies.

Scene 2 in court.
Enter Hermione, as to her trial, Paulina, and Ladies.

...To these sorrows.
They exit.