Scene 2

...he had one.
Enter Leontes, Hermione, Mamillius, Polixenes, Camillo, and Attendants.

...thou my boy?
Ay, my good lord.

...thou my calf?
Yes, if you will, my lord.

...eggs for money?
No, my lord, I’ll fight.

...not.—How now, boy?
I am like you, they say. honest man.
Mamillius exits.

Scene 1

...Come, sir, away.
Enter Hermione, Mamillius, and Ladies. your playfellow?
No, I’ll none of you. sweet lord?
You’ll kiss me hard and speak to me as if
I were a baby still.—I love you better., my lord?
Not for because
Your brows are blacker—yet black brows, they say,
Become some women best, so that there be not
Too much hair there, but in a semicircle,
Or a half-moon made with a pen.

...Who taught this?
I learned it out of women’s faces.—Pray now,
What color are your eyebrows?

...Blue, my lord.
Nay, that’s a mock. I have seen a lady’s nose
That has been blue, but not her eyebrows.

...’s a tale.
Merry or sad shall ’t be? you will.
A sad tale’s best for winter. I have one
Of sprites and goblins.

...powerful at it.
There was a man—

...down, then on.
Dwelt by a churchyard. I will tell it softly,
Yond crickets shall not hear it. mine ear.
They talk privately.

...thee swell thus.
A Lady exits with Mamillius.