Scene 4 with mirth.
Enter Shepherd, Shepherd’s Son, Mopsa, Dorcas, Shepherds and Shepherdesses, Servants, Musicians, and Polixenes and Camillo in disguise.

...her kissing with.
Now, in good time!

...ribbons and gloves.
I was promised them against the feast, but they
come not too late now.

...there be liars.
He hath paid you all he promised you. Maybe
he has paid you more, which will shame you to give
him again.

...a word more.
I have done. Come, you promised me a tawdry
lace and a pair of sweet gloves.

...hast here? Ballads?
Pray now, buy some. I love a ballad in print
alife, for then we are sure they are true.

...and toads carbonadoed.
Is it true, think you?

...carry lies abroad?
to Shepherd’s Son
Pray you now, buy it.

...very pretty one.
Let’s have some merry ones.

...can tell you.
We can both sing it. If thou ’lt bear a part, thou
shalt hear; ’tis in three parts. know. Whither?
O, whither?

... Whither?

It becomes thy oath full well

Thou to me thy secrets tell. go thither.

Or thou goest to th’ grange or mill. to be.

Thou hast sworn it more to me.

Then whither goest? Say whither.

...choice.—Follow me, girls.
He exits with Mopsa, Dorcas, Shepherds and Shepherdesses.