Scene 2 the issue.
Enter Leontes, Lords, and Officers.

...Produce the prisoner.
It is his Highness’ pleasure that the Queen
Appear in person here in court.

Enter Hermione, as to her trial, Paulina, and Ladies.

...Read the indictment.
Hermione, queen to the worthy Leontes,
King of Sicilia, thou art here accused and arraigned
of high treason, in committing adultery with Polixenes,
King of Bohemia, and conspiring with Camillo
to take away the life of our sovereign lord the King, thy
royal husband; the pretense whereof being by circumstances
partly laid open, thou, Hermione, contrary to
the faith and allegiance of a true subject, didst counsel
and aid them, for their better safety, to fly away by
night., his oracle.
Officers exit.

...pity, not revenge.
Enter Cleomenes, Dion, with Officers.
presenting a sword
You here shall swear upon this sword of justice
That you, Cleomenes and Dion, have
Been both at Delphos, and from thence have brought
This sealed-up oracle, by the hand delivered
Of great Apollo’s priest, and that since then
You have not dared to break the holy seal
Nor read the secrets in ’t.

...seals and read.
Hermione is chaste, Polixenes blameless,
Camillo a true subject, Leontes a jealous tyrant,
his innocent babe truly begotten; and the King shall
live without an heir if that which is lost be not

...thou read truth?
Ay, my lord, even so as it is here set down.

...remedies for life.
Paulina exits with Officers carrying Hermione.