Scene 1

...Never till then.
Enter a Servant.
One that gives out himself Prince Florizell,
Son of Polixenes, with his princess—she
The fairest I have yet beheld—desires access
To your high presence.

...accident. What train?
But few,
And those but mean., with him?
Ay, the most peerless piece of earth, I think,
That e’er the sun shone bright on.

...seen a better.
Pardon, madam.
The one I have almost forgot—your pardon;
The other, when she has obtained your eye,
Will have your tongue too. This is a creature,
Would she begin a sect, might quench the zeal
Of all professors else, make proselytes
Of who she but bid follow.

...How, not women?
Women will love her that she is a woman
More worth than any man; men, that she is
The rarest of all women. our embracement.
Cleomenes and others exit.